Social film and inside experience conclusion


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Social film and inside experience conclusion

  1. 1. By Emma ThompsonP10513061
  2. 2. After researching The Inside Experience andSocial Film in General fornine weeks I have drawn some conclusions.
  3. 3. Inside and social film is different to traditional cinemaThe Inside Experience and socialfilm is different to traditionalcinema as the audience has acompletely different viewingexperience. Whilst Web 2.0 hasbrought about online communitieswhere fans can collaborate andshare their views about cinema,with traditional cinema this onlyhappens after the film has beenviewed. With the Inside Experiencefans can share their experience andtheories whilst the mystery is stillunsolved in real time.
  4. 4. To experience Social Film as it was meant to be experienced you need to participate whilst it is happening in real time.Looking back over the Inside Experience now is a differentexperience to me as it was to audience members participating in it atthe time it was live. I personally watched all of the episodescombined and did not feel the same kind of suspense and audiencemembers would have done. The Facebook group “I was at Inside”shows audience members felt more of a connection as theyexperienced it in real time.I have also discovered it is difficult to fully experience Social Film likeThe Inside Experience in a transmedia format as it is quite easy tomiss something. A good example of this is Killcam Live where theexperience is spread across Live chat, Twitter, Facebook and theKillcam forum. The audience needs to dedicate a lot of their owntime to keep up and if they are viewing live may need to watch atunsociable hours depending on what part of the world they are in.Because of this I feel social film is often impractical.
  5. 5. Inside shares similarities with other types of online media.After looking at other types of online media like WebDrama it is clear the Inside Experience shares similaritieswith these. My comparison between Kate Modern andInside shows there are various elements similar such asARG elements. I think Social Film has naturally evolvedfrom these types of media, The Inside Experience beingone of the first social films. To me it seems Inside was anexperiment by Toshiba and Intel to see how much interestthey could generate from online news articles and fromaudience members.
  6. 6. Inside was created as a platform to promote Toshiba and Intel ProductsWhilst The Inside Experience was hailed asthe first social film on closer inspection itseems that was not the only reason why thefilm was made. Toshiba and Intel funded thefilm and as a result those companies play ahuge part in the actual film, with the Toshibalaptop being almost like a main character. It isalso possible for audience members topurchase the laptop online on the Insidewebsite. I think Toshiba and Intel weresuccessful to a degree as there is a hugeamount of publicity on the web about both ofthe companies and it shows them in a positivelight by them trying to advertise in innovativeand new ways. As a result I feel The Insideexperience is partially advertainment as itadvertises the sponsors whilst entertainingthe audience and the same time.
  7. 7. I think as Social Film is still a fairly new concept topeople it needs more time to take off and gatherwider audiences. From the response people gaveto The Inside Experience it is obvious there is aninterest in Social Film and the need for people tofeel involved. The audience participation aroundThe Inside Experience is very similar to onlineparticipation with other types of media such aslong running television programmes and I thinkthis type of social element is where Social Filmoriginated from.
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