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OVMS Movie Reviews

  1. 1. By Nathan Feather
  2. 2. Get Smart Summary: The best analysis for a secret government spy agency get promoted to a spy after their secret office is attacked. Then he and agent 99 go to Russia and explodes a nuclear facility. The most respected agent turns against the agency and not only almost kills our spy but almost explodes an opera house. Our spy saves himself and the people in the opera house.
  3. 3. Get Smart • Rating: Pg-13 • My Rating: 6/5 Stars • Main Characters: Steve Carell as Maxwell Smart Anne Hathaway as Agent 99 • Other: One of my favorites.
  4. 4. Up • Summary: Carl Frederickson is an old man who travels to his dream spot with young wilderness explorer Russell by tying thousands of balloons to his house. He meets up with his childhood hero who tries to kill him for his discovery of a bird.
  5. 5. Up • Rating: PG • My Rating: 4.5/5 stars • Main Characters: Edward Asner as Carl Jordan Nagai as Russell • Other: It’s sad 
  6. 6. Field of Dreams • Summary: An Iowa corn farmer hears a voice in his field instructing him to build a baseball field. He does and the Chicago Black Sox come and play on the field.
  7. 7. Field of Dream • Rating: PG-13 • My Rating: 5/5 Stars • Main Characters: Kevin Costner as Ray Cinsella Amy Madigan as Annie Cinsella
  8. 8. Night at the Museum • Summary: A man struggling in life gets a job as a night guard at the museum. In the night though the animals come to life. He has to save the museum from disaster.
  9. 9. Night at the Museum • Ra : P ting G • My Ra :2 /5s rs ting .5 ta • Ma C ra te : in ha c rs Be Stille a La Da n r s rry ily Dic Va Dykea C c k n s e il Othe Se n it W to r: e AY o m ny tim s a e
  10. 10. Harry Potter • Summary: A young boy finds out he is a wizard and gets sent off to a wizarding school where he finds friends enemies and battles the most evil wizard ever.
  11. 11. Harry Potter • Rating: PG • My Rating: 3.5/5 Stars • Main Characters: Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter Richard Harris as Dumbledore
  12. 12. Shrek • Summary: An ogre goes on a long journey to get back his swamp from many fairy tale people. He must save Princess Fiona for the king.
  13. 13. Shrek • Ra : P ting G • My Ra : 3 /5s rs ting .5 ta • Ma C ra te : in ha c rs MikeMye a Shre rs s k Ed ieMurp a d hy s Do y nke
  14. 14. Coraline • Summary: A little girl moves into a new house and finds a portal to a parallel dimension. The “Mom” is evil and tries to trick her into staying there where she can eat her.
  15. 15. Coraline • Rating: PG • My Rating: 1/5 Stars • Main Characters: Dakota Fanning as Coraline Jones • Other: So Bad Its Funny