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OVMS Jeopardy Game Tutorial


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OVMS Jeopardy Game Tutorial

  1. 1. Ms. Adery SLIDE 1: TITLE SLIDE Jeopardy Game By: YOUR NAME SLIDE 2: GAME BOARD • Slide Layout (other layouts) o Choose Title/Table (double click) o Title this slide: JEOPARDY GAMEBOARD Columns: 5 Rows: 6 5 Topics across the top: Ex: History, Art, Movies, Video Games, Music (24 pt font) Go down the first column and assign $ values Highlight and center: topics and $ values
  2. 2. To save time: Highlight and Copy column 1 $ values (right click copy) and paste into columns 2,3,4 and 5 SLIDE 3: QUESTION SLIDE Title this slide: QUESTION • Add Action o Slideshow  Action Buttons  Choose “forward and next”  Draw on bottom right corner • Hyperlink to: next slide
  3. 3. SLIDE 4: ANSWER SLIDE Title this slide: ANSWER • Add Action o Slideshow  Action Buttons  Choose “home”  Draw on bottom right corner • Hyperlink to: slide…. o JEOPARDY GAME BOARD THEN: Select slides 3 and 4 Control C (copy) and Right click Paste.. till you have 52 slides 1 Title slide 1 Game Board slide 25 Question slides 25 Answer slides 52 slides total
  4. 4. HYPERLINK $ VALUES TO QUESTION SLIDES: • Highlight value o Insert Hyperlink (or Control K) o Place in this document  select correct slide  EX: $100 column 1  link to slide 3  NOTE: $ values link to ODD number QUESTION slides NOTE: ** The numbers next to the $ value: indicate what question slide each should be linked**