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OVMS Information Technology Syllabus


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7th Grade Information Technology Syllabus

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OVMS Information Technology Syllabus

  1. 1. Oak Valley Middle School Information Technology INSTRUCTOR: Ms.Adery CLASS DESCRIPTION: The primary focus of this project-based course is to provide students with a hands-on approach to working with computers while using Microsoft Office suite. ATTENDANCE: Students are expected to be on time for every class every day. If a student is repeatedly tardy to class, the following progressive steps are used to assist in alleviating the problem: 1st level: Clear reminder of expectations and consequences 2nd level: Conference with student individually 3rd level: Parent contact to discuss the seriousness of the situation 4th level: Referral and student is sent to the office for administrative intervention CLASS GUIDELINES: 1. Respect your teacher, peers, school property and yourself. Any inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated, and will be result in the appropriate consequences as stated by the classroom guidelines and the OVMS code of conduct. 2. Arrive on time and prepared for class. 3. You are responsible for having the proper materials and completed assignments on a daily basis. 4. Never leave the class without permission 5. Wait for your teacher to dismiss you at the end of class. 6. Abide by the OVMS code of conduct 7. Students are not permitted to wear hats 8. Students must be dressed according to school expectations 9. NO food or drink allowed in the classroom (exception: water, at teacher discretion) 10. Zero tolerance on cell phones in the classroom 11. Zero tolerance on the use of ipods and MP3 players in the classroom. 12. Handheld video style games (i.e., PSP, Gameboys, etc.) are not permitted in the classroom.
  2. 2. EXPECTATIONS: All students are expected to participate in daily activities. The majority of projects in this class will require the use of computers and the internet. As such, students are expected to follow the acceptable use policy they each filled out at the start of their 6th grade year at Oak Valley. “The use of the internet is specifically for educational research. Students should not be checking or sending email from school. This also means they should not be “instant messaging” or chatting from the school computers.” If students are using the school e-mail system to chat during class they will lose all e-mail privileges for the remainder of the class. CLASS PROCEDURES: The first TEN minutes of class will be devoted to typing. Students will use typing games, such as Typing Tutor 10, in order to develop and improve their proficiency. Following, students will work on the given project-based assignment. **NOTE** If you are having any problems completing a project or do not understand an assignment make sure that you come to me for help as soon as possible. GRADING: A = 100 - 93 C = 76 – 73 A- = 92 - 90 C- = 72 - 70 B+ = 89 - 87 D+ = 69 - 67 B = 86 - 83 D = 66 - 63 B- = 82 - 80 D- = 62 – 60 C+ = 79 – 77 E = 59 - 0 The syllabus is subject to changes, as needed, under the discretion of Ms. Adery. Any changes will be brought to the student’s attention in a prompt manner. If you have any type of disability that may affect your classroom performance, please inform Ms. Adery as soon as possible, so that the appropriate accommodations can be made to ensure your success. Please feel free to contact me anytime you have a problem, question, or concern!  The best way to reach me is via e-mail CONTACT INFORMATION: E-mail