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Installing Write-N-Cite


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How to install Write-N-Cite

Published in: Education, Technology
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Installing Write-N-Cite

  1. 1. Installing Write-N-Cite http:// / study / library
  2. 2. Write-N-Cite enables you to cite references in your work at the click of a button. You will need to download Write-N-Cite from the ‘Tools’ menu in RefWorks
  3. 3. Start the process by……. …choosing Write-N-Cite for either Windows or a Mac Write-N-Cite for MS Word is not yet available. Select ‘Previous versions’ for other options
  4. 4. Select ‘Download’ to begin installing Help is available here
  5. 5. Firstly save the file……. …..The file will be saved to your Download folder. Find it, and double click to open Select ‘Run’ to start the download
  6. 6. Follow the prompts
  7. 7. Then choose from the installation options Write-N-Cite might work better if you uncheck this box Click on ‘Next’ to continue You can make Write-N-Cite available for all users of a computer or just yourself
  8. 8. You can now start installing Write-N-Cite Select ‘Next’ to start installation Installation in progress Select ‘Finish’
  9. 9. You have now installed Write-N-Cite on your computer This window will appear once you have finished installation. A Write-N-Cite icon will appear on your desktop. Use this to open Write-N-Cite in future If you wish to start using Write-N-Cite straight away, click ‘Yes’
  10. 10. Need further help? If you need further help then have a look here ... ......or contact : Vanessa Hill: Make an appointment: