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Creating a bibliography in RefWorks


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How to create a bibliography from your imported references in RefWorks.

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Creating a bibliography in RefWorks

  1. 1. Creating a bibliography with RefWorks http:// / study / library Photo:
  2. 2. Once you have some references, you can create a bibliography Click on ‘Bibliography’ and select ‘Create’
  3. 3. Select Output style Check your module handbook for preferred referencing style for your School, or look at our Library Subject Guide on Plagiarism and Referencing
  4. 4. Now select ‘File type’ and ‘references to include’ Select ‘Create Bibliography’
  5. 5. A bibliography of your references is created Cut and paste the bibliography into your essay, project etc
  6. 6. Need further help? If you need further help then have a look here ... ......or contact : Vanessa Hill: Make an appointment: