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Briefing Australian Water Association on EIP Water


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On 15 July 2015 the EIP Water briefed members of the Australian Water Association (AWA) on water challenges in Europe, the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and the activities, priorities and objectives of the EIP Water as well as the role of innovation in the EU water sector.

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Briefing Australian Water Association on EIP Water

  1. 1. EIP Water European Innovation Partnership on Water Boosting opportunities Innovating water Webinar with the Australian Water Association AWA, 15 July 2015
  2. 2. EIP Water Structure 1. Introduction: Name and Background- 5 min 2. The Water Framework Directive (WFD) and Europe’s main water challenges: 10 min 3. What is the EIP Water? Background, achievements, working groups, who else is involved/who else can be involved? 15 min 4. Water Innovation on the web and Water Innovation Matchmaking: 15 min introduction to the Online Marketplace and its features 5. Q & A / Moderated discussion: 15 min
  3. 3. EIP Water What’s in it for Australia? • Global tools & information • Global (though EU-centered) partnerships • Global markets & info requests • Specific AUS experiences and solutions (e.g. MDB)
  4. 4. EIP Water What is the EIP Water and its objectives? 1. EIP Water is an initiative within the so-called “EU 2020 Innovation Union” - the European Union strategy to create an innovation-friendly environment that makes it easier for great ideas to be turned into products and services that will bring our economy growth and jobs 2. EIP Water aims to identify, test, scale up, disseminate and stimulate the uptake of innovative solutions by the market and society for ten major water related challenges by 2020. 3. EIP Water supports the creation of market opportunities for these innovations, both inside and outside of Europe. It also identifies and addresses barriers and bottlenecks to water innovation.
  5. 5. EIP Water Role in Innovation Chain
  6. 6. EIP Water Water Framework Directive (WFD) • Directive 2000/60/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing a framework for the Community action in the field of water policy
  7. 7. EIP Water Water Framework Directive (WFD) - I
  8. 8. EIP Water Water Framework Directive (WFD) - II
  9. 9. EIP Water WFD Challenges • Assessment of Pressures and Impacts; Monitoring; Status assessment; Solid basis for developing Programme of Measures; Permitting/ licensing; Pollution control; Agricultural diffuse pollution; Urban wastewater; Pollution caused by industrial activities; Priority substances; Over- abstraction; Hydromorphology; Water pricing; Funding and policy integration • content/EN/TXT/?uri=CELEX:52015DC0120
  10. 10. EIP Water Water sector in market size terms Source: GWI, 2013 Other dimensions:  Hydrological cycle  Societal impact  Employment  Environment  Economy
  11. 11. EIP Water Water sector challenges and opportunities Large and complex sector. Very brief overview: 1. Supply side – rethinking infrastructure & enhancing asset management & WFD 2. Demand side – reliability & affordability & WFD 3. Re-use and resource recovery – breakthroughs 4. Distribution and treatment – scale, extremes in climate & automation, revenue models 5. Sectorial: Agriculture – largest & precision agro 6. Sectorial: Industry and energy – bulk usage & diversified streams 7. Sectorial: Onshore oil and gas – environmental impact & desalination, re-use and WWT
  12. 12. EIP Water Water innovation sector conclusions • Major challenges for society and economy. • Paradigm shift from linear model to interconnected grid of stakeholders. • Bring all relevant stakeholder groups together in a forum to drive innovation forward. • Climb out of silos and link with other resource challenges (energy, agro, chemical, land use) and society (eco-system services, green economy, WFD). • Strengthen interregional and international innovation (in- outside EU).
  13. 13. EIP Water In response: Strategic Implementation Plan EIP Water Priorities
  14. 14. EIP Water Water innovation barriers & bottlenecks • Financing • Procurement • Partnerships • Regulation • Information, showcases, demosites
  15. 15. EIP Water Organization and structure Steering Group – Task Force – Expert Groups – Action Groups Water policy recommendations Addressing barriers & bottlenecks Practice based 29 Action Groups, 11 FP7 INNO-DEMO + H2020 Projects: • Development of innovative solutions involving the entire innovation value chain • Application, implementation, commercialization and dissemination of innovative solutions • Identification of barriers to innovation (practise based) translated into policy recommendations • Support implementation of water policy • Connect with relevant/adjacent initiatives
  16. 16. EIP Water Action Groups in EIP W Priority Areas Note relevance of secondary priorities
  17. 17. EIP Water Online Marketplace • Match-making between innovation demand and supply • Aggregated information from news streams • Single Point of Access for information on water innovation in Europe & Worldwide • Meeting point for Europe / worldwide; large / small in water innovation value chain (water users, financiers, technology companies, innovation supporters, promoters, knowledge providers, legal facilitators)
  18. 18. EIP Water Online Marketplace Searches • A people and competences search- machine which bridges the gap(s) between innovation demand and supply • A semantic layer describing and analyzing the water innovation sector and used for foot- printing and filtering
  19. 19. EIP Water Online Marketplace – what does it offer? • 2000 people, 250 projects, 500 organisations, 100 products & services
  20. 20. EIP Water Online Marketplace Projects
  21. 21. EIP Water Online Marketplace Projects
  22. 22. EIP Water Communication and dissemination • Regular EIP Water Newsletter • Personalized news streams via Marketplace • Social media and EIP Water (global audience) • EIP Water Conferences (major sector event)
  23. 23. EIP Water Questions and Answers