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Smart water - a key building block for the smart city


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Presentation hold during EIP Water Conference in Porto, as part of the Porto Water Innovation Week in Session 8a “Water and the circular economy, part 3 – cities and water”

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Smart water - a key building block for the smart city

  2. 2. SMART WATER a key building block for smart cities Diane d'Arras, VP Global Professional Relations, Suez
  3. 3. Megatrends reshaping the world: Smart will have huge economic impact EIP WATER SUEZ Smart Cities3 I Up to $2.5 Trillions Potential economic impact from continued adoption of mobility services by 2025 Up to $3 Trillions Wages potentially affected if machine learning gains better capacities 2X Growth in the volume of data expected every 3 years 40X Increase in processing power between 2010 and today
  4. 4. Reduce Operating Cost The water sector is going DIGITAL Improve Sustainability Enhance Customer experience Optimise Asset Utilisation Drivers/expected impact for smart water utilities 4 I EIP WATER SUEZ Smart Cities
  5. 5. 5 I EIP WATER SUEZ Smart Cities a world leader in environmental services 5 |5 I 15.3 BILLION€ total revenues in 2016 (50% water, 50% waste) 400,000 industrial and business customers 74 MILLION€ in research & development 83,000 employees world wide 1,130drinking water plants 2,300 wastewater treatment plants 16.9 MILLION tons of waste recovered
  6. 6. Figures for Rhône-Alpes Auvergne area : 27,495 kms of remotely monitored networks 3,308 sites monitored 24/7 763 municipalities served 6 Advanced Solutions Factories Smart Metering, Smart Water, Asset Management, Revenue Management, Environmental Quality Monitoring, Smart Building Digital at the core of our to-day operational activities >3000 fully equipped plants Automated and operated by SUEZ 10 Visio Centers deployed in France in 2017 3M sensors monitored real time for SUEZ’ water networks in Europe 8,6M inhabitants protected from flooding by predictive models & automated systems in Paris area as of 2016* * Figures for Paris area only; stormwater management systems also installed in Barcelona, Dijon, Saint-Etienne and Bordeaux EIP WATER SUEZ Smart Cities6 I
  7. 7. Long range radio frequency protected and regulated by a European directive Simple and fast to deploy for a high level of reliability Minimised recurring investments and costs focus on long range 169 MHz an industrial IoT solution with 10 years of proven reliability Transmitter on the meter ON’connect From sensors to services transmission Communication network VHF/GPRS UHF/GPRS GSM/GPRS transmission IT system for data collection and treatment Portals for data visualisation data services & publication 7 I EIP WATER SUEZ Smart Cities 3 million on line smart meters
  8. 8. 8 I 4 Data repository Data Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning 2 IOT Network Collect data within shared communication networks SMART systems 5 Services Open Data Web portals, mobile apps 1 Industrial connected devices On-board or fixed devices A connected city is a new set of skills & Technologies 3 Business IT system Existing IT management systems EIP WATER SUEZ Smart Cities
  9. 9. AQUADVANCED® Water Networks Real time performance of the drinking water distribution network Monitor water quality in real time Optimise the operation They put their trust in us: Barcelona , Castelldefels (Spain) , SMG SEVESC (Versailles, France), SEPG (Nanterre, France), SUEZ Eau France networks, Macao (China), Casablanca (Morocco), Westchester (USA) Control communication and inform consumers in real time Reduce water losses
  10. 10. AQUADVANCED® Energy Predictive and optimised real time management of drinking water systems Rationalise operational costs Optimise the management of drinking water production They put their trust in us: Eau du Sud Parisien (France), Eastern municipal water district (USA), Peel region, Ontario (Canada), Northumbrian (UK), Tarragona (Spain), Unity water (Australia), etc. Reduce the environmental impact of the service
  11. 11. AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage Early warning and dynamic management of stormwater systems Protect consumers from flood risks Preserve the natural environment from pollution risks They put their trust in us: SIAAP, Bordeaux (France), SERAM (Marseille, France) , SIAHVY (France), Stéphanoise des Eaux Saint Etienne town council (France), Dijon city council (France), Biarritz city council (France), PUB Singapore Optimise the economic performance of the wastewater treatment system
  12. 12. information Communicate and inform stakeholders in real time Improve the understanding of on- going operations Reinforce control over operator commitments environment Reduce water losses Preserve the quality of the natural environment Commit to an energy performance economy Optimise the output from plants or network installations Rationalise operational costs and investments Increase the value of existing assets safety Forecast natural or accidental events (floods and pollution) Improve reliability of operations on a daily basis and during a crisis Comply with regulatory requirements Securing the drinking water supply Value of smart water operations 12 I EIP WATER SUEZ Smart Cities
  13. 13. 13 I EIP WATER SUEZ Smart Cities LESSONS LEARNED Digitalisation as a transformation journey • Interoperability  Security & Data privacy  Uncertain Return On Investments  Technology Immaturity  Lack of skilled workers ISSUES / BARRIERS
  14. 14. 14 I EIP WATER SUEZ Smart Cities LESSONS LEARNED Digitalisation as a transformation journey  Orchestrate digital ecosystems, data sharing  Develop new security frameworks for the entire physical stack  Develop the business cases with synergies of uses  Develop pathfinder projects for Proof of Concept  Develop programmes to support adoption RECOMMENDATIONS
  15. 15. 15 EIP WATER SUEZ Smart Cities Thank you for your attention