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1st EIP Water Conference: Action Group WaterCoRe 21 Nov 2013


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The EIP Water Action Group WaterCoRe on regional governance of water scarcity and drought issues centres around the implementation of Regional Action Plans that are intended to improve water governance in practice, with a focus on connecting institutions in different domains and on different levels of scale (multilevel governance).

The Action Group supports creating a sense of urgency and drivers for change (leadership), design and implementation of new arrangements for cooperation (including public-private partnerships and business opportunities) and will provide a knowledge exchange and best practices network, consisting of administrations and other representatives of seven European regions.

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1st EIP Water Conference: Action Group WaterCoRe 21 Nov 2013

  1. 1. EIP Water Action Group WaterCoRe: Regional governance of water scarcity and drought issues 21 November 2013 EU Parliament, Brussels
  2. 2. Who we are – I
  3. 3. Who we are – II WaterCoRe is an open network of regions, water authorities and knowledge institutes. The Action Group consists of: • Regional governments and water authorities (partners of the former Interreg IVC project WaterCoRe) • Knowledge Institutes (supporting a learning approach to regional water management)
  4. 4. Our ambitions • Strengthen our cooperation: Set-up of networking routines • Find political backup: Implement regional actions • Create a pool of information: Share knowledge and experiences • Long term perspective: Push new initiatives • Shape reality: Contribute to European policies and actions
  5. 5. What we do • Implement regional action plans • Monitor progress (learning by doing) • Introduce/improve governance tools • • • • Organise yearly event Share experiences (marketplace) Transfer lessons learned Start new initiatives • Innovate water governance (improved) Implementation of Regional Action Plans on Water Scarcity and Drought Yearly event: Platform of Ministers Workshop for professionals Monitoring and evaluation of Regional Action Plans (progress and process) Yearly report: Action Group Report Ongoing activity: Dissemination of information
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