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1st EIP Water Conference: China-EU Water Platform on CHINA as world’s single largest market in 2016


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A sustained cooperation on management of water as a crucial natural resource is of strategic importance to China and Europe to avert a future global water crisis and its potential impacts on social and economic development and stability, especially achieving water supply security, food security and ecological security including the ability to sustain a sound vegetation cover mitigating climate change.

The China Europe Water Platform (CEWP) is intended to promote policy dialogue, joint research and business development in the water sector. It opens a new chapter in the cooperation between China and Europe based on mutual interest, benefit and funding, thus emphasising that it is a cooperation between equal partners.

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1st EIP Water Conference: China-EU Water Platform on CHINA as world’s single largest market in 2016

  1. 1. China – The World’s single largest market in 2016 (GWI) Henrik Dissing CEWP European Secretariat 21 November 2013 EU Parliament, Brussels
  2. 2. Drivers • Økonomisk udvikling • Urbanisering, Fødevaresikkerhed, Energiforsyning • Sundhed, Miljø, Natur • Vand!
  3. 3. SIDE 4
  4. 4. Water vs growth GNP growth and water availability by person and province, 2009 SIDE 5 5
  5. 5. Dry North, Wet South Water availability per person, 2009 SIDE 6 6
  6. 6. China’s water targets 2015 # 1
  7. 7. China’s water targets 2015 # 2
  8. 8. Increasing investment plans # 1 Kilde: Global Water Intelligence, 2014
  9. 9. Increasing investment plans # 2 Kilde: Global Water Intelligence, 2014
  10. 10. Increasing investment plans # 3 Kilde: Global Water Intelligence, 2014
  11. 11. Increasing investment plans # 4 Kilde: Global Water Intelligence, 2014
  12. 12. . Annual high-level meeting & overall policy dialogue, facilitated by CEWP Secretariat Theme-focused dialogue, technical sessions & study tours facilitated by co-leaders Concrete partnerships on specific issues, Involving research, business, public, organisations, organised by active CEWP participants
  13. 13. Work Areas Work Areas and Programs Chinese Partner European Country Groundwater Management Shandong Province Denmark Irrigation Water Quality TBD Austria Irrigation efficiency and management TBD Portugal Small scale hydropower International Institute of Small Scale Hydropower Austria Desalination Tianjin Municipality Spain Water – Energy – Food Security Nexus Nanjing Hydrology Research Institute Sweden Water Quality Hai River Basin Commission? France Water Quality TBD Austria Urban Water – Energy Efficiency Qingdao Municipality UK Flood risk management Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research Netherlands IWRM, River Basin Planning, Water Quality Hai River Basin Commission France Water Reuse Tianjin Municipality Spain Rural Water Challenges Urban Water Challenges River Basin and Flood Risk Management
  14. 14. The key to the market SIDE 15
  15. 15. New website launched • Overview articles on CEWP • Key information, e.g funding opportunities • News and events • Knowledge Center, incl RBMP doc’s •
  16. 16. Contacts EU Secretariat: Henrik Dissing Danish Nature Agency Haraldsgade 53 DK 2100 København Ø Hao Zhao Ministry of Water Resources 2 Lane 2, Baiguang Road Beijing CN-100053 Phone: +45 41 78 20 30 Mail: Web: 17 Chinese Secretariat Phone: +86 (10) 6320 2387 Mail: Web: