SolutionS for your Student recruitment, marketing,   branding, media and communicationS needS  in the dynamic chineSe educ...
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industry leadership achieved through integrity, investMent, speedto Market and a coMMitMent to our        clients and part...
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EIC Profile Brochure


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The EIC Group is China's leading student recruitment agency. We offer solutions to universities, colleges and schools for student recruitment in the complex and competitive Chinese education market.

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EIC Profile Brochure

  1. 1. SolutionS for your Student recruitment, marketing, branding, media and communicationS needS in the dynamic chineSe education market with unparalleled experience, reach and depth.
  2. 2. Who we are What our Partners and what we do… say about us… Mission: to be the leading service provider in international education Jody Lehr EIC are one of the most professional T Graduate and International education agents that we have he EIC Group is a private or- and global profile, we moved our our Training Center network deliv- Outreach had the pleasure to work with. Our ganization focused on the national headquarters to Beijing ering English language and exam University has worked with EIC for a Chinese education market in 2010. preparation training for Chinese Rochester Institute number of years and has found them with significant expertise in With 25 years of experience students looking to study abroad. of Technology to provide honest, accurate and student recruitment. EIC has grown in student recruitment and a na- The successful outcomes of our professional advice to the students into the largest and leading com- tional office network reaching deep students who are better prepared they counsel. Their staff are very pany nationally with a network of into each regional market, the EIC for the rigors and challenges of aca- knowledgeable about our courses 20 branch offices across China in all Group has the resources to bring demic study abroad are obvious. In and entry requirements and send us leading regional markets. The EIC our partners brands directly to the 2010, 25,000 students undertook high quality students. EIC staff are Group is now the industry leader, hundreds of thousands of students English language and exam prepa- also very efficient in handling paper- with a significant market share, a who attend our events, our offices ration training with EIC Training. work and following our procedures. robust fully-owned national office or who encounter our extensive We have also expanded into other I thoroughly recommend EIC and network and the best attended online presence. foreign language and academic Exceptionally well organized and UEA is fully committed to supporting events and exhibitions of any agen- Beyond student recruitment, preparation training with courses obviously well publicized, given then them for the forseeable future. cy in China. In recognition of our the EIC Group aims to be a full in French, German, Korean and strong participant numbers and national industry leading position international education solutions Japanese. focused interest. The interpreters have and seeking a stronger national provider. In July 2003, we launched strong ESOL skills and quickly come up Our partnering to speed on the myriad details of the University. I will definitely continue to participate in as many EIC loca- Victoria Isherwood tion education fairs as possible in the International Officer philosophy future and look forward to receiving information on upcoming events. University of East Anglia Commenting on EIC Education Fairs. Chris Harvey We care about the integrity and enhanceMent of our Regional Program Manager partners brands and deploy those brands only Within the Marketing and Recruitment Offshore guidelines provided by our partners. The University We’ve been in the recruitment business for of Melbourne T more than a decade and have worked with many agencies, both US-based and foreign. he EIC Group understands contact with students during their ties, academic programs and stu- We have found EIC to be second to none. the power of partnership time abroad. dent success. They are professional, student-centered, which is the core of our Our philosophy towards our in- Moving forward, with our new friendly, organized, and able to draw qual- business proposition. Our stitutional partners is unique in the Partner Services division, we will ity students to their fairs. If you’re looking EIC’s commitment to providing quality objective is to recommend our industry. The EIC Group focuses on provide our partners even great- for a recruitment fair option in China, look educational advice has assisted many student clients to the partner in- highlighting our partners’ brands er opportunities to control their no farther than EIC. students to identify the University of stitution that best suits them. The and bringing accurate, timely in- brands in the competitive Chinese Melbourne as the destination of choice for best interest, welfare and academic formation sourced directly from marketplace through in-country those seeking a high quality internation- success of our students are para- our extensive stock of partner ma- Dedicated Representatives, Me- ally recognized degree. EIC is a value rep- mount and we provide extensive terials direct to students. We care dia Services, Print Communica- resentative of the University of Melbourne pre-departure and post-arrival about the integrity and enhance- tions and Distribution and other and we look forward to our relationship services. We work closely with our ment of our partners brands and services. With a very high degree Michael A. Brzezinski. Ed.D prospering well into the future. student clients and their parents deploy those brands only within of autonomy, our Partners will be Associate Dean, and liaise closely with our partner the guidelines provided by our able to deliver key messages across International Programs Director, institutions on issues of concern. partners. We provide platforms on- a range of channels to Chinese International Students and Schools Our dedicated Student Services line and in print for our partners to students and support and service Department maintains on-going showcase their institutions, facili- those students. Purdue University2 3
  3. 3. Our values Our Results and Achievements people. The EIC Group places the interests, rights and responsibilities, welfare and success of our student clients at the time studying abroad until they achieve successful academic out- comes. We also focus on the success, ues with which we manage and in- spire our people. We provide our staff with appropriate income, welfare, 17,100 students core of our approach to counseling and service. We service our students development and well-being of our staff with staff satisfaction, success medical insurance, pensions and va- cation benefits and ensure they work sent abroad through eic services in 2010. from initial counseling, though their and achievement being the core val- in a safe and pleasant environment. 12,000 students students visit our Website daily. integrity. We deliver timely, accurate and integrity in admissions and enrol- developed systems to monitor and 1st honest information to our students ments processes and deliver high control risk across the Group. and carefully map out academic quality application documentation one of the first organizations (of a total of 9) authorized by programs and pathways and ad- vise students honestly on the risks to our partner institutions. We are ever vigilant against fraud. We take australian iMMigration authorities to use the e-visa systeM. and challenges ahead. We maintain compliance very seriously and have APPROved international education service organization by Ministry of professionalism. education, Ministry of public security and saic . We support and seek the highest levels of quality assurance and match or exceed industry standards esses with memberships of all key industry bodies, including the AIRC. We were the first PRC agency to Counselors actively participate in industry training in China and abroad and seek industry level AuthORized and Codes of Practice. We actively achieve e-Visa status with the Aus- qualifications. one of 27 ielts testing centers authorized by british eMbassy. participate in industry standards, tralian Government, a recognition recognition and accreditation proc- we have maintained. Our Student AuthORitAtive one of the largest and authoritative ielts training centers in service. china. We monitor and improve our serv- ice standards for both students and partners with a philosophy of to complaints promptly. We have a Service Charter and a transparent complaints and customer feedback OveR 100,000 students continuous improvement. We pro- system. We survey our customers attended eic education expos in 2010. vide an efficient and professional regularly and identify needs, con- service and monitor and respond cerns and improvements.4 5
  4. 4. Partner services Our events Our events are the best in the in- counseling, course and admissions dustry and partners book early requirement information. Students Marketing materials design, printing, to avoid disappointment as they are frequently booked out up to 4 and partners alike value and enjoy the experience and the opportunity freight and logistics services. months in advance. The EIC Group invests heavily in attracting inter- to discuss individual student’s inter- ests and study plans. ested students to our three rounds Since 2005, we have held 10 of Education Exhibitions usually cycles of Education Exhibitions in held in March, July and October. total attracting over 300,000 inter- Enquiries and conversion support and Our events give our partner institutions the opportunity and ested students. 2010 was our best year ever with almost 100,000 stu- management. platform to communicate directly with students, providing advice, dents attending our national Educa- tion exhibitions and events. Media and online marketing services. In country representation. F or EIC, partnership is much nels. ating and maintaining Blogs, Wiki more than agency represen- Chinese language marketing pages, Chinese language Websites tation. Our Partners have a materials are powerful tools to di- that will reinforce your brand im- range of objectives for the rectly communicate with parents age in China. PR China market well beyond agen- and students. With international Many partner institutions are cy representation. In 2011, the EIC freight now costing considerably no longer able to respond to the Group launched a new, independ- more than print and customs tar- vast number of incoming enquiries ent business unit to deliver a suite iffs and duties holding up incoming to their Websites, many of which of services to our Partners. materials, now is the best time to require sustained interactions Though in country representa- consider localizing the production before converting (if at all). All tion, with dedicated staff, partners of print and marketing materials. institutions are continually disap- can provide support to applicants, EIC Partner Services offers design, pointed by non-arrivals and non- channels, alumni, staff travelling in localization, translation, print, conversions. EIC Partner Services country and Chinese higher edu- freight and logistics services in sa offers enquiry management and cation institutions efficiently and total, integrated service. conversion support services spe- directly. Our partners will be more The Chinese media and online cifically designed to improve the directly in control of in country marketing environments are criti- outcomes from Chinese student branding in the complex Chinese cal tools for reaching savvy, digital enquiries and applications. marketplace and better able to youth markets. EIC Partner Services scrutinize and supervise all chan- can assist your institution with cre- To discuss any of the services above, contact EIC Partner Services: 7
  5. 5. industry leadership achieved through integrity, investMent, speedto Market and a coMMitMent to our clients and partnersBeijing: Guangzhou:EIC National HQ EIC, 2F, Guangzhou Library,F12-15, Building A, JianWai SOHO 42, Zhongshan Si Rd., Guangzhou39 East 3rd Ring Road, 510055, P.R. China.Chaoyang District, Beijing, P.R. Tel: +86 20 28339966China 100022.Tel: +86 10 5781616