Sustainability in Action as a Sponsor: Coca Cola


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As one of the London 2012 Olympic Sponsors, with a strong focus on sustainability, this session will outline some case study examples from the view point of the sponsor of a major international event.

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  • So just to sum up I wanted to share with you again the four main elements which were the key to our success. For me personally I really hope what was achieved in London will raise the Game and inspire others both within Coca-Cola and the wider events industry to do more when it comes to sustainability. If there’s time, I’m happy to answer any questions, all of the reports are available at the website you can see here, and I’ve also got a handful of copies of our main report for any of you who are interested. Thanks very much.
  • Sustainability in Action as a Sponsor: Coca Cola

    1. 1. London 2012: Delivering a sustainable sponsorship & legacyOlivia Knight-AdamsEIBTM Conference, Barcelona: 28 November 2012
    2. 2. Outline• Background• Our objectives & role as a sponsor• Our sustainability achievements• How we made sustainability a success• What next…..?• Key messages Classified - Internal use
    3. 3. Background to a truly sustainable Games
    4. 4. Our objectives and role as a sponsor1. To grow our business responsibly2. To use the Games to demonstrate integrity, build credibility and win recognition of our leadership on sustainability3. To deliver our most ambitious sustainability programme that echoes and reinforces our wider sustainability commitments whilst leaving a lasting legacy for the business Classified - Internal use
    5. 5. Classified - Internal use
    6. 6. Reduce carbon & compensate for all emissionsGames-time delivery• Most ambitious carbon reduction programme• Reduction efforts resulted in 12% overall carbon reduction• HFC free, energy efficient coolers, state of art warehouse, low carbon delivery vehicles cut London 2012 distribution system by 1/3Legacy• Long term investment & carbon savings from Voltaic warehouse• Biogas truck and coolers redeployment• Lasting benefit of Gold Standard offset projects• Best practice carbon footprinting methodology Classified - Internal use
    7. 7. Help to deliver a zero waste GamesGames-time delivery• Most sustainable packaging yet• Developed innovative new waste system• Transformed our uniforms and merchandise• Inspired others to develop zero waste events• Created innovative ways to encourage recycling• Continuum Recycling Plant put bottles back on shelf within 6 weeksLegacy• £15m Continuum investment: • Doubled amount of bottle- grade plastic available in GB • Allowed us to hit 2012 target of 25% rPET in all packaging • Provided means to significantly reduce landfill & long term CO2 emissions• New efficient waste and recycling model developed• Clothing donated to Oxfam and StreetGames Classified - Internal use
    8. 8. Promote health and wellnessGames-time delivery• Provided widest range of drinks ever. 73% of all drinks consumed were low & no-calorie, water, juice & smoothies• StreetGames partnership provided improved sporting experience to over 110,000 young people: • 65 StreetGames torchbearers • £50,000 athlete bursary • Global Ambassador day • Paid work experience for 49 young peopleLegacy• StreetGames contract renewal until 2015• £100k donated to StreetGames from licensed merchandise profits Classified - Internal use
    9. 9. Classified - Internal use
    10. 10. How we made sustainability a success• Seek expert advice and build strategic partnerships• Integrate sustainability across all work streams• Embed sustainability into everyday business processes• Communicate and celebrate sustainability successes Classified - Internal use
    11. 11. Strategic sustainability partnerships “Coca-Cola has shown real leadership in the way it has pursued its sustainability agenda. The work it has undertaken to reduce its impact at the Games, and the lengths to which it has gone to use the power of its brand to engage others and ensure its actions have a lasting impact is to be commended and sets a standard for future corporate sponsorship of international events.” David Nussbaum Chief Executive WWF UK
    12. 12. Integrating and embedding sustainability 2012 1
    13. 13. Embedding Sustainability Internally• Function specific sustainability objectives• Quarterly “Implementation Meetings”• Personal performance objectives• Function Director AND Sustainability Champion• Function specific training materials• Communicating and celebrating successes Classified - Internal use
    14. 14. Embedding Sustainability Externally• Only as sustainable as our suppliers• Sustainability Guide for Suppliers• Integrated into procurement process – Demonstrate how objectives met – Sustainability scoring – Contractually obliged• Positively engaging with suppliers Classified - Internal use
    15. 15. What next….?• Future host city handover• DEMOS study• Sustainability legacy series• ISO 2012-1 case study, workbook Classified - Internal use
    16. 16. Key Messages • Integrate sustainability across System & Functions • Embed sustainability into everyday business processes • Seek expert advice and build strategic partnerships • Communicate and celebrate sustainability successes Thank you! Classified - Internal use