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Presentation International Film Festival Rotterdam


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What should the film industry do *now* to prevent going the same way as the music and publishing industry because of internet, filesharing, piracy and digitalization?

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Presentation International Film Festival Rotterdam

  1. 1. budget: € 53,10 80.000+ 15.000 150.000 5.000.000
  2. 2. And share with others!
  3. 3.  Music, film, books, bricks & mortar: it’s all the same…  Never outsmart or hinder your audience and customers; Somewhere in the world there’s always 1 smart hacker.  Go with the flow. See what works.  Simple and convenience are Key.  People will pay for service, convenience, curation, speed, choice, mobile, quality and/or social elements.  Be a drug dealer: first shot for free.  Always those damn (copy)rights…
  4. 4. Thank you.