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Good Two presentation with Bill


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Good Two presentation with Bill

  1. 1. goodtwo™<br />Good Deal. Good Cause.℠<br />EFACTOR - Social Entrepreneurs Doing Good Business | 6.21.11<br />Bill Yucatonis, CEO<br />
  2. 2. Born from “Groupon”<br />CoupMe – New England deal-a-day site, formed July 2009<br />ROI challenges on shoestring budget<br />Market blew-up from a handful of competitors to hundreds overnight<br />Merchants like good customers. Period.<br />Need to find a way to differentiate that’s market-moving and meaningful<br />Need to find a way to reduce the negatives of running a Groupon-like business (i.e. sales force and list)<br />
  3. 3. <ul><li>13+ Years VP/CMO-level marketer with international experience
  4. 4. Domain expertise: BiddingForGood
  5. 5. Early/co-Founder of four start-ups</li></ul>Bill Yucatonis, CEO<br />The Team<br />KhashSarrafi, CTO<br /><ul><li>Managing Director of CastleRock, Inc 500/5000 recognized
  6. 6. Global IT Timex; E-Business Carrier
  7. 7. Adjunct Professor, UCONN</li></ul>Kristen Elworthy, MKTG<br /><ul><li>Marketing and publicity consultant for high-tech with startup focus; Former Journalist
  8. 8. Board Member and pro bono consultant for non profits</li></li></ul><li>GoodTwo is an online fundraising platform where nonprofits, community organizations and individuals raise money by rewarding their donors with deals from brands they love. <br />Brands get Cause Association<br />Causes get Donor Incentives<br />Brands get Customers<br />Donors get Deals<br />Causes get DonationsDonors feel Rewarded<br />
  9. 9. Give and Get<br />Raise Money by Rewarding Donors with Deals<br />BRANDS:<br />Local, Regional and National deals from top brands.<br />CAUSES:<br />No up-front fee, choose deals, promote to donors, share profits.<br />DONORS:<br />Gets a good deal, and supports their cause.<br />
  10. 10. Good Deal. Good Cause.<br />
  11. 11. Target Market <br />Charitable Giving is a $300 Billion Industry<br />RUN. WALK. RIDE. ‘ATHONS<br />OTHER CAUSES<br />80k+ school PTO and PTA groups generate $2billion annually.<br />Animal Welfare and Environmental causes raise $6.5billion combined <br />Complimentary base of products and services that market to their supporters.<br /><ul><li>Top 30 Run/Walk/Ride ‘athon events generate $1.62billion in 2010 through 11.3 million participants.
  12. 12. Event Participation Up. Funds Raised Down.
  13. 13. Average individual raises $146, down $1 per YoY</li></li></ul><li>How it Works<br />Any size cause, in any sector can run a fundraiser.<br />– individual racers, community groups, or clubs of any size.<br />Dynamic Fundraiser Page.<br />Register for Free.<br />Promote.<br />Choose up to 3 Deals.<br />
  14. 14. Business Model<br />Revenue Share<br />GOODTWO:<br />Deal Acquisition<br />Processing and Platform<br />MERCHANT:<br />Paid for each Voucher<br />Promotional Budget<br />FUNDRAISER:<br />Incremental DonationRewards Donor<br />
  15. 15. Run/Walk/Ride Model<br />Event Sponsors<br />Pan Mass Challenge5,100 Riders<br />Local and National Deals<br />Potential Impact<br />Participants: 5,100<br />Average Revenue: $50<br />Average Deals Sold: 5-8<br />Cause Profit : $255,000 <br />
  16. 16. Partnerships and Pipeline<br />CURRENT PARTNERSHIPS<br />KEY FUNDRAISER PROSPECTS<br />
  17. 17. Advantages to Fundraiser<br />Advantages to Merchant<br />Free, incremental and rewarding way to raise money towards fundraising goal.<br />Easy to implement: Choose deals and promote.<br />Deals sell themselves and reward donors, which helps the awkwardness and fatigue of just asking for money.<br />Deal-based (performance) marketing without the rigidity of a Groupon-like structure.<br />Direct cause association that boosts brand but hides negative discounter image<br />2010 Cone Cause Marketing Survey: 85% shaped brand, 41% purchased<br />
  18. 18. In Closing<br />Don’t underestimate the power of nonprofits and schools<br />Don’t disrespect the donor relationship<br />Don’t always think that being a good corporate citizen or having a cause-based model equals a loss of profits. <br />
  19. 19. goodtwo™<br />Good Deal. Good Cause.℠<br />Bill Yucatonis, CEO+1 617-945-8565<br /><br />