Residents Hq An Overview


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ResidentsHQ: An overview, presentation by Asesh Sarkar at Be2camp 2008, London, 10 October

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Residents Hq An Overview

  1. 1. COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE © ResidentsHQ 2008 An overview of our proposition Building vibrant, sustainable and efficiently managed communities October 2008
  2. 2. Contents 1. Background 2. Benefits of joining ResidentsHQ 3. Demonstration 4. Case Study 5. Press coverage 2 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  3. 3. 1. ResidentsHQ background 3 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  4. 4. Our vision, services and the market context Our Vision Our vision is to help modern residential developments transition into vibrant, sustainable and efficiently managed communities. Our Services We host a private, password-protected ResidentsHQ social networking website for each development that registers with us. This website makes it easy for residents to interact with each other and their development’s management. The Market Context ResidentsHQ has been founded in response to two market trends: 1) the desire to build vibrant communities in the growing number of high density dwellings; and 2) the increasing complexity of managing communications to residents in ever larger developments. 4 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  5. 5. 2. Benefits of joining ResidentsHQ 5 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  6. 6. Why join ResidentsHQ? Benefits to Residents Benefits to Residents’ Committees We make it easy for residents to interact We make it easy for residents’ committees with each other and form communities, by: to communicate with residents, by: • Viewing personal profiles of other residents • Posting announcements to residents • Organising clubs and events • Sharing important documents (eg minutes) • Sharing reviews of local businesses • Allowing residents to easily get in touch • Listing goods in the local marketplace We make it easy for residents’ committees • Discussing news in an online forum to consult with residents, by facilitating • Arranging car sharing online surveys and discussions. Benefits to Management Companies Benefits to Developers We support management companies, by: We support developers, by: • Proving an efficient channel for • Providing an efficient communication (and communicating with residents marketing) channel with residents • Quantitatively assessing the performance of • Improving resident satisfaction & addressing services provided to residents through online the Calcutt Review recommendations surveys • Increasing sales by demonstrating • Reducing the overhead of managing in- community spirit/vibrancy in developments house built residents’ websites 6 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  7. 7. 3. ResidentsHQ demonstration 7 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  8. 8. Log-in page Each development has its own private ResidentsHQ website Access is restricted to residents only, with passcodes provided by post to ensure authenticity 8 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  9. 9. Profile page Residents can add a personal profile to help neighbours with common interests get in touch Residents can contact each other via secure internal e-mail 9 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  10. 10. Clubs and events page Residents can organise one-off or recurring clubs and events and view which residents will be attending 10 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  11. 11. Reviews page Residents can review local businesses in a range of categories Reviews help residents pick businesses who have been recommended by their neighbours 11 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  12. 12. Estate management page Estate management* can post announcements for residents to view Residents can easily get in contact with estate management Estate management can gauge residents opinions through online surveys * Estate management includes the management company or the residents’ committee 12 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  13. 13. Forum page Residents can add or participate in online forum threads - residents disclose real names to help keep the discussion constructive 13 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  14. 14. Today’s news page Each day residents are provided with a personal ‘today’s news’ update with the latest ‘resident generated content’ to keep them coming back to the website 14 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  15. 15. 4. Case Study 15 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  16. 16. ResidentsHQ at Royal Arsenal ResidentsHQ launched at Royal Arsenal in June 2008 – a flagship Berkeley Homes development with 1,000 properties. We have achieved some outstanding results: • 480+ residents have signed-up to ResidentsHQ already • 80 residents on average log-in to ResidentsHQ each day • Residents are initiating a range of community activities, including: a running club, football club, mothers/toddlers group, poker night and party in the local park • The Residents’ Committee and Management Company are able to engage residents in a much more effective and convenient manner • Applications to join the Residents’ Committee have increased 16 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  17. 17. 5. Press coverage 17 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  18. 18. ResidentsHQ in the press ResidentsHQ launched to the press at the start of January 2008 and continues to be featured in the national, property and technology media. Home on the web February 1, 2008 You've bought your nice new-build flat in a spanking- new development, so the next thing is to meet the neighbours. In this modern age it is not as simple as knocking on doors and asking for a spoonful of sugar. No, the new way to meet the neighbours is via the internet. is a social networking service aiming to help residents in large developments by making it easy for them to meet each other and build local communities. You can view personal profiles of fellow residents or set up clubs. Residents' associations can use the site to post announcements or minutes of meetings and generally keep in touch with members. … 18 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE