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Jodie's PK presentation

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Pecha Kucha

  1. 1. Jodie Miners Presented at Be2Camp Pecha Kucha Session London, October 10, 2008
  2. 2. I was born in Sydney Image: 'Harbour Bridge in Fog'
  3. 3. In 1973 the Sydney Opera House was opened I was here
  4. 4. My Mum and Dad bought this piece of Artwork / history at the opening It’s a Batik on fabric, and it has wild 70’s colours It now hangs in my lounge room
  5. 5. So the Sydney Opera House has Significance to me Image: 'Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge -+B&W'
  6. 6. In 1974 we moved to Canberra
  7. 7. I learned about the history of Canberra and Walter Burley Griffin
  8. 8. And that Marion Mahoney Griffin Produced the drawings of Canberra
  9. 9. And Marion Mahoney Griffin Was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright
  10. 10. I was in Canberra for the construction of The New Parliament House In Fact I got a tour of the building before completion as a 21’st Birthday Present
  11. 11. So Canberra has some significance too
  12. 12. When I was studying construction we were shown a movie of the construction of the Sydney Opera House
  13. 13. It was simply called “Job No 1112” It was about the company Ove Arup and Their challenges as there were very few drawings produced for the construction
  14. 14. Of course the Architect for the SOH Is Jorn Utzon Utzon worked with Frank Lloyd Wright*
  15. 15. Utzon’s work was inspired by the Mayan Temples (the platform and steps) and Gaudi (Gothic Cathedrals) Frank Lloyd Wright hated Utzon Ludwig Mies van der Rohe turned his back when introduced to Utzon Frank Gehry praised Utzon’s work Harry Seidler loved the Opera House Louis Kahn was inspired by Utzon
  16. 16. Eero Saarinen was on the Jury for the Design of the Opera House Utzon * used to work for Saarinen Saarinen designed the JFK Terminal (I also have a huge interest in JFK) IM Pei Designed the JFK Memorial Library in Boston (Saarinen also designed cool chairs and I have a huge interest in chair design)
  17. 17. So Utzon and all the associations With his architecture are very significant To me.
  18. 18. In 1998 I went to the USA I spent 3 months travelling around I looked at lots of Architecture * * * * * * * * * * * These are just some of the states I visited
  19. 19. Chicago Frank Lloyd Wright Frank Lloyd Wright House Including the Desk where Marion Mahoney Griffin * Sat Oak Park Houses Robie House
  20. 20. Chicago Ludwig Mies van der Rohe * Illinois Institute of Technology Lake Shore Drive Apartments
  21. 21. Chicago John Hancock Tower Designed by Bangladeshi Structural Engineer Fazlur Khan
  22. 22. New York Frank Lloyd Wright * Guggenheim Museum, New York Image: 'Guggenheim apostrophe' Image: 'F.L.Wright from below'
  23. 23. New York Museum of Modern Art Just to see Blue Poles that was on loan from the Australian National Gallery in Canberra * And the Chair * exhibition featuring Charles and Ray Eames’ chairs And the Impressionists paintings that I had also seen in Canberra * Impressionist art is also another interest of mine
  24. 24. Other Places / Things I Saw JFK * Washington DC – JFK’s Grave JFK Library in Boston * Dallas, Texas, including the site of the JFK Assassination Kennedy Space Centre in Florida Including a Rocket Launch (The history of Space travel is another area I am very interested in) Construction National Building Museum in Washington DC Including a fantastic photo exhibit of the decay of the buildings on Ellis Island
  25. 25. So Frank Lloyd Wright and the buildings I saw in the USA have a great deal of significance also
  26. 26. After USA I moved to Sydney and one As part of my work I’ve had the Opportunity to work on building office Fitouts in a few Harry Seidler * Buildings Grosvenor Place Australia Square Plus I have been to Rose Seidler House (a fantastic house, still in it’s original format) And, Harry Seidler himself travelled the world to look at architecture
  27. 27. So that brings me to this trip, October 2008 – travelling the world to Look at architecture London Bilbao Barcelona Paris Dubai
  28. 28. London Not sure what the links are yet... But I’m sure to find some Developing and interest in archaeology (love watching Time Team) Very interested in the modernist architecture. Eg Want to see the Lord Foster’s Gherkin building and the Richard Rogers’ Lloyds Building Was fascinated by the series “The Buildings that shaped Britain” Love watching Grand Designs
  29. 29. Bilbao Frank Gehry * The Guggenheim * Museum, Bilbao Also the fascinating movie “Sketches of Frank Gehry”
  30. 30. Barcelona Antonio Gaudi * All of his works, but especially the Güell Crypt in the Colònia Güell Image: 'Outside Column and Vault 1'
  31. 31. Barcelona Mies van der Rohe * Barcelona Pavilion (replica) Including the Barcelona Chair *
  32. 32. Barcelona Picasso Museu Picasso I am fascinated by Picasso’s works and travelled to Melbourne a few years ago to see the Picasso exhibit And first saw Picasso’s at the Australian National Gallery in Canberra *
  33. 33. So since I am going all the way to Barcelona to see Gaudi’s work mostly, Gaudi is significant to me also
  34. 34. Paris IM Pei * The Pyramids at the Louvre Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers * Centre Georges Pompidou Johann Otto von Spreckelsen (also a Danish architect *) Arche de la Défense Harry Seidler Australian Embassy, Paris
  35. 35. Paris Others The Eiffel Tower It was originally planned to be built in Barcelona for the same exhibition that the Barcelona Pavilion * was constructed And Some Art Musée d'Orsay The impressionist paintings there were on loan to the Australian National Gallery * when I first saw them Musée National Picasso Another Picasso Museum
  36. 36. Dubai Just Because ! Burj Al Arab The Palm Atlantis, The Palm The World Burj Dubai (under construction)
  37. 37. What’s Next Other places and things that are on my “must see” list Fallingwater Frank Lloyd Wright Parliament Buildings, Bangladesh Louis Kahn – from the film “My Architect” Mayan Pyramids As they inspired Jorn Utzon * Anything by any of the Modernist movement artists and architects
  38. 38. The End! This whole series of links around travel and architecture was inspired by the Sydney Architecture Walk I went on in 2005 about the Sydney Opera House And Utzon. If you are in Sydney this is a MUST DO!)