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EENA2019: Track3 session5 _Emergency response service in the province of Uttar Pradesh_Aditya Mishra


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The structure, challenges and strategies affecting the emergency services differ in each country, as does the approach to the work of the emergency services and public authorities. This session will outline how some countries approach these challenges and you will hear them share their experiences.

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EENA2019: Track3 session5 _Emergency response service in the province of Uttar Pradesh_Aditya Mishra

  1. 1. Emergency Response Service in the Province of Uttar Pradesh
  2. 2. UP100 – A glimpse
  3. 3. Uttar Pradesh – Basic Stats • Population: 250 Million Approx. • Area: 240,948 • Districts: 75 • Towns and Cities: 689 • Villages: 107,452 • Police Stations: 1526
  4. 4. Police Response Vehicles (PRVs) in field ❑ PRVs: 3200 Cars; 1600 Motorcycles ❑ 50000 officers on the streets ❑ Connected to all emergency services 2500 Rural PRVs 700 Urban PRVs 1600 2-Wheelers
  5. 5. 0 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000 30000 35000 Events Attended by UP 100 24513 Diwali’17 24259 Holi’17 32424 Holi’18 (7th January 2017 to 7th March 2019) 26518 Diwali’18
  6. 6. • Responded to about 11m events between 7th Jan, 2017 and 07th Jan,19 • Around 110,000 calls answered daily • Statewide average response time is 12.27 minutes • Average 20000 events every day • prevented 1317 attempts to suicide • Persons arrested and handed over to the police stations: about 2100 daily • Victims/Persons rushed to trauma centers: average 120 daily Outcomes: Transforming Police Effectiveness Handled at Spot 84.26% Handed over at PS 12.49% Handed over site to PS 3.24%
  7. 7. Major issues • Integration with stand alone services • Language issues • GIS data collection • Officers’ training • Smart phones problem and Cyber security • Data Analysis
  8. 8. UP 100 Integration with Fire Service
  9. 9. Monitor & Chase GRP HQ GRP PS PRV/Medical/Fire If needed SRP Control DCRAny rail passenger may reach UP100 through Phone, SMS and Social Media Calls processed at UP100 and transferred to CO CO captures important information like incident location and incident details and creates an event DO validates the event and assesses the event and dispatches it to necessary agencies GRP staff reaches event location PRV / Ambulance / Fire Tender reach as per need GRP staff communicates with distressed caller Takes action as per SOP Event Updated and Closed to GRP PS GRP PS Event Closes and Agencies become Available again UP100 Database Feedback taken from caller Feedback shared with GRP MDTDesktop Monitor SENSE REACH SECURE UP 100 Integration with Railway Police UP 100 Integration with Railway Police
  10. 10. UP100 Integration with public transport buses UPSRTC BUS FITTED WITH PANIC BUTTON UPSRTC HQ UP100 Dispatch Desk SMS Bus Conductor UPSRTC Interceptor UP100 PRV Notification
  11. 11. Integration of 112 and 112 India APP with UP100
  12. 12. Call flow Post Integration of UP100 with 112 Citizens 100 112 Integration Platform API manager Calls processed at UP100 and transferred to CO CO captures important information and creates an event DO validates the event assesses it and dispatches it to necessary agencies Police Response Vehicle FIRE Vehicle Ambulance GRP Feedback taken from caller ATR Filled by respective agencies
  13. 13. Messengers with multi- lingual support • 22 important languages • Uttar Pradesh is a major tourism destination • 300 registered volunteers • Offline captive software for translation • Multi lingual support
  14. 14. Rich Map Details: District, Police Station and Village Boundaries
  15. 15. 2616839 1717433 996295 809318 680542 543432 468035 425792 256795 212558 24,26 15,92 9,24 7,50 6,31 5,04 4,34 3,95 2,38 1,97 DISPUTE DOM_VIOLENCE PROPERTY_DISPUTE ACCIDENT FEM_HARSMT THEFT ATTEMPTED_MURDERTHREAT_IN_PERSON ASLT_RIOT_COMM GAMBLING Top Events Property Dispute Accident Female Harassment (7th January 2017 to 07th March 2019) Total Cases Reported: 10,786,122
  16. 16. 2125924 250919 67671 56065 38417 20753 15533 12654 9442 6452 4835 2756 1694 1216 907 764 477 303 0 500000 1000000 1500000 2000000 2500000 Disputes Total Cases Reported: 26,16,839 (7th January 2017 to 07th March 2019)
  17. 17. Training : Capacity Building Communication Officer Dispatch Officer Field Staff & Pilot General Training (Soft Skills, Language, Behavioural Training) Functional Training (Software Technical Training, Technology aspects Hands On) PRV Maintenance, Road Safety, Driving skills, Traffic Rules adherence ▪ 100% Fresher and 25% Refresher training ▪ Emphasis on soft skills, technical skills and behavioral skills ▪ Improvise Policing Actions ▪ Continuous training for more than 25,000 employees every year ▪ Also conduct training by external experts for behavioural and motivational skills ▪ Training done last year: 66,960 till March 2018 ▪ Training in current year: 26,150 from April 2018 to till now at UP 100 & Zonal HQs
  18. 18. Call Trends Period: 01 April – 22 Oct ‘17; Time: 0000hrs to 2400hrs 1550391 1436817 113574 828780 200000 400000 600000 800000 1000000 1200000 1400000 1600000 1800000 Calls received at PBX and queued (total dropped + Calls answered) Total Calls dropped before answer Calls answered by COs Total Unanswerable Calls
  19. 19. Analytics and Research Centre Analytics and Research Centre (ARC) with a vision to use advanced analytical techniques for the improvement of efficiency UP100 system. Forecasting Crime Trends Predictive Analytical Modelling Case Based Approach Reducing Response Time of PRVs Fuel Pattern Consumption Resource Optimization Strategic and Operational Planning PRV Redistribution Modelling Better Preventive Mechanism Prescriptive Analytics
  20. 20. 4 Accurate Assignment of PRVs • Finding reason for cases of wrong assignment of PRVs across the state • Analysed above 500 cases of distant PRV assignment on daily basis • Comprehensive report submitted in order to improve operational efficiency 1 PRV Redistribution Model • Developing Mathematical Model and Statistical Model for the deployment of PRV across the state • Establishing relationship between deployed no. of PRV with Event count, Response time, Population and Area • Creating simulator for what-if analysis Festival Analysis • Case Study of last year’s Dussehra related events to identify potential incidental areas • Subsequently, incident analysis report submitted for releasing advisory to all the district and Police stations • Similar study conducted for Muhharrum Fuel Optimization Analysis • Analyzing the fuel consumption pattern of PRVs in order to gain insights on fuel consumption. • Recommendation on the basis of statistical outputs to optimize fuel consumption and save on fuel expenditure Call Center Performance Analysis • Analysis of call received and call offered patterns in UP100. • Improvement in response time of event registrations and PRV dispatch. • Recommendation for improvement in capturing events more accurately and assign nearest available PRVs. Feedback Analysis • Analyzing the reasons behind negative feedback by citizens • Proper recommendation to improve emergency services in order to improve citizen satisfaction • Analyzing feedback mechanism to capture accurate informations Understanding Problem •Collaborating with UP100 Management to define specific objectives •Determine key requirements for research and requirements Approach for Analytics •Set methodology for analytical approach •Access Databases •Fetch data and records Performing Analytics •Decide for suitable analytical technique •Preform Statistical Analysis using various tools Delivering Actionable Insights •Analyse results of analysis •Develop insights on the basis of outputs. •Synthesizing information that aims to discover research insights Results •Draw conclusions on the basis of results •Generate detailed reports on the same •Share with management for necessary actions 2 3 5 6 APPROACH Problem Statements
  21. 21. 21 Predictive Analysis: Predict the PRV distribution and deployment spatially on the basis of event density at any particular area.
  22. 22. 22 Trend Analysis: Tool helps in analysis of major event type or sub type taking place in any particular district.
  23. 23. Reaching UP100 Digitally Website: 112 App: Google Play store WhatsApp: +91-7570000100 SMS: +91-7233000100 Email: Twitter: Facebook: