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EENA2019: Track3 session4 The power of volunteers (...)_David Fredman & Bjorn Skoglund


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In this session, companies will provide an overview of solutions and expertise that they can offer to emergency services.

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EENA2019: Track3 session4 The power of volunteers (...)_David Fredman & Bjorn Skoglund

  1. 1. The Heartrunner system - the power of volunteers David Fredman Operations Manager Ph.D Heartrunner Sweden Björn Skoglund Business Developer Service owner SOS Alarm Sweden
  2. 2. • Early CPR and use of AED can increase survival • Millions are trained in CPR • Hundreds of thousands AEDs are available • The Heartrunner system connects CPR trained volunteer and AEDs with the victims Cardiac arrest kill 350 000 in Europe, annually
  3. 3. © Elsevier 2015.
  4. 4. The chain of survival The chain of survival as described in the European Resuscitation Council guidelines 2015. © Elsevier 2015.
  5. 5. The ”real” chain of survival Deakin C. Resuscitation 2018:126 p 80-82 © Elsevier 2018
  6. 6. • Publicly owned company formed in 1972 • Answers all emergency calls on single emergency number 112 by agreement with the Swedish state • Handles interview/dispatch for most FRS/EMS • Appx 3,2 millions 112-calls answered in 2018 • 14 PSAPS • Collaborating with Heartrunner since 2009 • Distributes the Heartrunner system to Swedish regions SOS Alarm AB
  7. 7. © Elsevier 2015.
  8. 8. The most important factor – the volunteers Anton Isak Anton 32, Nurse Isak 27, No previous medical experience Learned CPR as manager at a restaurant First on scene, performed CPR for 6 minutes. until fire brigade arrived with an AED 2 shocks delivered, patient breathing with spontanous circulation when ambulance arrives after +10 minutes
  9. 9. • We have the system and you have the volunteers! ✓Over 200 000 CPR courses annually in Sweden – most never get to use their skill Bridging the gap
  10. 10. • We have the platform – do you have the AEDs? ✓Tens of thousands of AEDs are installed in Europe, every year But they are seldom used Bridging the gap
  11. 11. • MissionServer • App • Volunteers, the most important component The Heartrunner System
  12. 12. • The brain of the system! • Handles geographic locations of volunteers and incoming alerts from PSAP • Cloud based, built on Azure and any CAD software can integrate and send data to trigger Heartrunner Alarms Heart Runner MissionServer Emergency Centre EMS iOS API Android API The MissionServer
  13. 13. Configurable team size and distance MLR1- CPR MLR2 - AED Cardiac arrest AED Example: Max 15 x MLR2 Max 5 x MLR1 Candidate pattern: 12222122221…etc Example: 11 candidates inside inside selection criteria of cutoffTTT and cutoffTVP TTT: Time to target TVP: Time Via Poi CutoffTVP CutoffTTT
  14. 14. Existing dashboards in Heartrunner
  15. 15. Existing dashboards in Heartrunner
  16. 16. Sweden Denmark Existing dashboards in Heartrunner
  17. 17. Sweden • Covers over 3.8 million inhabitants • Each region fund implementation and yearly operation • Covers over 3.1 million inhabitants • TrygFonden is funding implementation and first 2 years of operation Denmark
  18. 18. Results from 12 months in Denmark
  19. 19. Results from 12 months in Denmark
  20. 20. Easy to integrate to existing PSAP
  21. 21. Use existing resources
  22. 22. To learn more visit or the Heartrunner team in booth 16 Contact