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EENA2019: Track3 session4 Boosting the emergency services modernization_Bertrand Casse


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In this session, companies will provide an overview of solutions and expertise that they can offer to emergency services.

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EENA2019: Track3 session4 Boosting the emergency services modernization_Bertrand Casse

  1. 1. PEMEA, GHALE Boosting the Emergency Services modernization! Bertrand Casse 11 April 2019
  2. 2. PEMEA, GHALE - Boosting the Emergency Services modernization Apps PSAPs HELP! • PEMEA (ETSI standard) interoperability between emergency Apps and emergency services across Europe. • GHALE by Deveryware.
  3. 3. A CHANGING WORLD! Apps• Upcoming obsolescence of legacy • Emergence of new behavior … • People are travelling more and more • At the same time, ES is still facing the same challenges…
  4. 4. CHALLENGES ARE STILL THERE! Mobile Firefighter Ambulace Disabilities Apps Internet / Telephony Police Landline 112 What’s going on? • Where the caller is, what his condition is and state of his surroundings. Situation awareness is key! • Improve accessibility for people with disabilities. • OTT providers are still unable to direct emergency calls.
  5. 5. DEVERYWARE‘S PEMEA ANSWER : GHALE • Implements all aspects of the PEMEA standard. • Allows Applications and PSAPs to interwork to providing core and advanced services to help keep people safe. PEMEA NETWORK AppsEU 112 Apps PSAP-BO YOUR PSAP PEMEA NETWORK YOUR App AP EU 112 CENTERS A B
  6. 6. ACCURATE LOCATION AND USER INFORMATION • Javi a Spanish teenager hurt inside a building in Milan. – Provide location and updates to the Italian call-taker – Because Javi is a minor, ICE contact details are used to contact the person’s mother so that proper treatment can be arranged. HELP! Mobile App
  7. 7. BETTER ACCESS FOR ALL • Alain has trouble hearing and prefers to use text. – Using PEMEA chat: • His messages are instantly translated into Portuguese for the Call-Taker • The call-taker’s messages are translated into French for Alain • Beth is Mute and uses sign language to communicate. – Using PEMEA she is able to indicate this and the PSAP can initiate a video call with her using everyday Web technology. – This works on her smart-phone or her laptop so she can always have access to emergency services. App 112 Are you in danger? Help there is a fire Are you in danger? What is the problem? Help there is a fire Disabilities in all forms affect one person out of six in the EU.
  8. 8. OVER-THE-TOP VOICE PROVIDERS • OTT often have trouble knowing where the caller is, and where to send the call in an emergency. • The GHALE : SIP-PEMEA Interworking Function (SPIF) allows OTT phone applications to get to the correct PSAP. Get the PSAP address HELP! PEMEA, GHALE SPIF Internet / Voice Service Provider PSAP PSAP ESINET
  9. 9. GHALE IN A NUTSHELL! EASY TO IMPLEMENT Interoperability thanks to a Standard! Whole or solution or components On-premises or as a Cloud service High-availability and adhere to GDPR rules Easy to deploy 4-5 weeks
  10. 10. PEMEA,GHALE IS AVAILABLE! Affordable Trustful Accessible Scalable
  11. 11. THANKS! Please come to see us at Deveryware stand (#13) for demos.