Imagine the resultImproving the value of energy investmentsStatement of Qualifications Power & Energy
Improving the value of energy investments                                                  Improving the value of energy i...
Improving the value of energy investments                                                                                 ...
Improving the value of energy investments                                                                                 ...
Improving the value of energy investments                                                                                 ...
Improving the value of energy investments                                                                                 ...
Improving the value of energy investments                                                                                 ...
Improving the value of energy investments                                                                                 ...
Improving the value of energy investments                                                                                 ...
Improving the value of energy investments                                                                                 ...
Improving the value of energy investments                                                                                 ...
Improving the value of energy investments                                                                                 ...
Improving the value of energy investments                 Improving the value of energy investmentsStatement of Qualificat...
Improving the value of energy investmentsStatement of Qualifications Power & Energy                                       ...
ARCADIS is an international company providingconsultancy, design, engineering and management servicesin infrastructure, wa...
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Arcadis' Qualifications Power & Energy 2012 Power Gen Europe Edition


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ARCADIS improves the value of your energy investments. Read how...

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Arcadis' Qualifications Power & Energy 2012 Power Gen Europe Edition

  1. 1. Imagine the resultImproving the value of energy investmentsStatement of Qualifications Power & Energy
  2. 2. Improving the value of energy investments Improving the value of energy investmentsStatement of Qualifications Power & Energy Statement of Qualifications Power & Energy Contents Let us help you diversify 5 Matching the Life Cycle of your business activities 7 Planning 9 Engineering 11 Progress without Surprises 12 Securing Optimal Revenue 13 Sustainability Services 15 ARCADIS A Real Commitment, A Daily Issue: Safety 17 Sustainability Stewardship 19 Energy services 20 Renewable Energy services 21 Why ARCADIS? 22 Where can you find us? 24 How to contact us? 27 Imagine the Result4 3
  3. 3. Improving the value of energy investments Statement of Qualifications Power & Energy Let us help you diversify The times we could rely on fossil fuels alone are over Finding new ways of generating sufficient energy for the earth’s current and future populations is one of the biggest challenges we face. In the developed world alone, continued population growth will result in an increase of more than 200 million private customers a year. This growing demand for energy confronts utility companies and private developers with the challenge of investing in generation and transmission systems. Energy resources often located far from the end user, demand costly transportation or transmissions systems while in parallel, privatization processes compel energy producers to globalize and discover new sources and markets. In addition to these developments, more and more organizations are recognizing the need to understand their contribution to climate change. Most international organizations have already made commitments in this area while others are concerned about their stakeholder demands for accountability and action. The public relations focus on putting forward sincere efforts to reduce emissions is not to be underestimated and some organizations have already begun to recognize the strategic impact that fluctuating carbon prices can have on the competitive position of their entire value chain. In this socio-economic, regulatory climate, renewable energy offers many possibilities to diversify your energy portfolio. ARCADIS offers the experience, knowledge and innovation and value-driving expertise that you need to fulfill your energy ambitions. Conditioning and advisory services for new wind farms, The Netherlands Client: RWE Innogy Windpower Netherlands B.V For over twenty-five years the Onshore Wind team of RWE in the Netherlands has developed and operated onshore wind farms, which today already add up to a total of approx. 200 megawatt of installed capacity. From here RWE will further extend its position, mainly through organic growth. The ambitious goals for climate protection require rapid extension of renewable capacity in almost all European markets. RWE is determined to play a major role in the development of these projects. In this market RWE has close cooperation with partners, who are able to perform reliably in a world-wide business environment and who are aware of local sensitivities and developments. ARCADIS is such a party that RWE works with for the development of wind farms. “With its core competencies ARCADIS has proven to be a reliable partner of RWE, resulting in a successful cooperation.” The largest wind farm in The Netherlands is the 156 MW Westereems wind farm in the Province of Groningen. This wind farm is one of the successes of cooperation between RWE and ARCADIS. ARCADIS has delivered the Environmental Impact Assessment Based and permits.4 5
  4. 4. Improving the value of energy investments Improving the value of energy investmentsStatement of Qualifications Power & Energy Statement of Qualifications Power & Energy Matching the Life Cycle of your business activities Your business activities go through a life cycle in which opportunities lead to initiatives, resulting in design, development and decommissioning. Once your project is realized, it needs to be managed in a way that guarantees optimal performance. Ultimately, every project will reach the end of its life cycle and will need to be deactivated and redeveloped into new opportunities. It is impossible to predict the exact timing of each step of this life cycle but ARCADIS can help you prevent unpleasant and costly surprises throughout the course of your project by providing you with the right services every step of the way. Our extensive experience with large projects in the infrastructure, environmental and building markets has helped us create a services portfolio that matches your needs and offers consistent value and quality, covering the whole life cycle. Our integrated asset services support the asset life cycle Strategy Acquisition Investments Operations Divestment – Operating model & – Risk Management – Progam & project – Strategic asset – Closure strategy organisation design – Transactional services management management – Risk Management – Front end real estate – Technical due diligence – Investment management – Facility management – Relocation management strategy – Site evaluation services – P&P – Project management – Site redevelopment – Portfolio planning – Compliance – Cost commercial & risk design: alterations, – Site closure process & – Master planning – Integration management additions, life cycle activities – Pipeline management – Regulations – Full building sustainable upgrades – Deactivation, – Environmental policy – Value enhancement design services – Maintenance & availability Decommissioning, Porto De Pecem I & II Thermal Power Plants, Brazil – Risk & liability assessments – Construction management planning Decontamination, management – Contract strategy and – Work place innovation Demolishing – Asset performance administration – Move management – Remediation Clients: Porto de Pecem Geração de Energia S.A. (PECEM 1) and – Strategic Sourcing – Soil & groundwater – Environmental liability – Health & safety MPX Pecem 2 Geração de Energia S.A. (PECEM 2). – Reputation management investigation valuation remediation – Master Planning – Reputation management – Environmental design – Health & safety Thermal power plant - 3 x 360 MW in State of Ceará natural circulation & communications – Energy, water supply and – Energy, water supply and pulverized coal fire boiler, 1.135 t/h superheated steam, 171,7 bar, 542,5 ºC planning treatment (OEE) treatment (OEE) 435 MVA, 60 Hz Turbine Steam Generator – Sustainability strategies – Regulations/compliance – Regulations/compliance Investment: US$ 1,500,000,000 – Process safety – Process safety Period of work: 2007 to 2012 Enerconsult scope of work: Consulting services of the EPC contract as the Progam and project management Owner´s Engineer, including review and approval of EPC documentation, Quality Control, environment supervision, information management, Sustainability supervision and control of erection and civil works, commissioning and Asset management pre-operation assistance.6 7
  5. 5. Improving the value of energy investments Improving the value of energy investmentsStatement of Qualifications Power & Energy Statement of Qualifications Power & Energy Planning Securing your license to operate The planning phase is the most uncertain phase of a energy project. In order to obtain a license to operate, many issues need to be dealt with, most of which lie outside the control of the project developer. These issues vary from land procurement, EIA approval, permit obtainment, and stakeholder buy-in. It is crucial for a developer to manage the planning process carefully and maintain good relationships with different stakeholders like public authorities, citizens, NGO’s, land owners and, in the case of wind energy, sometimes also military organizations and harbor and airport authorities. Our services −− Strategy development −− Feasibility studies −− Regulatory risk analysis −− Location studies −− Spatial planning −− GIS mappings −− WindPro calculations −− Purchasing of land/right in rem −− Environmental Impact Assessments −− Permitting −− Architectural landscaping −− Project Development −− Stakeholder management −− Due diligence Infrastructural development of the new power plant Maasvlakte PP3, The Netherlands Client: E.ON E.ON is overseeing a number of main contractors during the design and construction of the MPP3 Power Station, Maasvlakte, The Netherlands Added Values to the client: −− The project is managed by a German-Dutch project team – German team members understand the business culture of the client, the background he has in mind, the challenges. Communication will take place in the client’s native language −− Dutch Team members are familiar with the local circumstances, the rules & regulations and are able to communicate with involved third parties in their native language −− Our bi-national team combines the client’s culture and thinking with in- depth knowledge of local circumstances. This delivery model makes us very unique −− Combination of bi-national team that understands the client’s culture and structure and the local circumstances, rules & regulations −− Word leading experts in Human Factor Engineering support to reduce clients risks8 9
  6. 6. Improving the value of energy investments Improving the value of energy investmentsStatement of Qualifications Power & Energy Statement of Qualifications Power & Energy Engineering Adjusting Design to Reality During the engineering phase it is most critical to adjust the technical design to physical circumstances that are present in the vicinity of the installation. Addressing the construction, maintenance and, eventually, the disposal of the installation during its design phase can save you costs later. Furthermore, it pays off to discuss your future relationship with the suppliers of the project. The developer determines the design, but where in the process does the system supplier take over? Committed to delivering the highest quality design, ARCADIS offers end-to-end engineering and design services. Our designs are tailored to the local environment and respond to and predict users’needs and business purposes. Our services: −− Civil engineering (on-/offshore) −− Conceptual, basic and detailed design studies (on-/offshore) −− Design of mechanical systems −− Flow/sand transportation modeling −− Geotechnical assessment −− Geohydrological modeling & analysis −− Design certification −− High voltage (HV) substation engineering on primary and secondary installations Owners Engineer for the Torre Santa Susanna Solar Park, Italy Client: Deutsche Bank AG Before investors finance photovoltaic systems and plants, they want reliable answers to a series of questions: How high are costs and profits? What challenges will be faced during the approval phase? Do we understand the requirements of the local authorities for licensing processes? How to select and engage a reliable general contractor for the realization of the project? Is an on time commissioning ensured? The Deutsche Bank AG (Asset Finance and Leasing / Renewable Energy) and the solar company EST Energie & Solartechnik relied on the technical and intercultural expertise of ARCADIS for the project management, design, and supervision of works for the solar park “Torre Santa Susanna” – with success. The Deutsche Bank stated: “Wir sind mit den Leistungen des ARCADIS Teams sehr zufrieden. Das ARCADIS Team überzeugt durch ausgezeichnetes Know How, ein überaus hohes Maß an Flexibilität sowie durch konstruktive Problemlösungen. Zu jeder Zeit ist das Team für uns und alle Projektbeteiligten ein kompetenter Ansprechpartner und Berater. Für weitere Projektsteuerungs- oder Prüfungsaufträge können wir ARCADIS jederzeit empfehlen.“10 11
  7. 7. Improving the value of energy investments Improving the value of energy investmentsStatement of Qualifications Power & Energy Statement of Qualifications Power & Energy Progress without Surprises Securing Optimal Revenue Construction Asset management The challenge of the construction phase is to organize and manage resources and During the operations phase of an energy installation, the installation should be expectations in a consistent way. This requires that the project phases, from start-up kept in an excellent technical state to ensure it generates the output and financial to completion, are completed within a defined scope, planning and budget. income that was calculated during the planning phase. Furthermore, legal and ARCADIS has ample experience with managing complex projects. We make environmental compliance should be monitored to ensure that the license to operate sure that our client keeps control over all relevant aspects (quality, costs, time, is continued. organization and information). We are constantly aware of our clients’ demands ARCADIS offers developers and owners professional management services for their and guarantee that our clients are timely and adequately informed concerning the energy installations. Additionally, at the end of the installations life cycle, we can project’s progress. organize the demolition of the installation, and either bring the location back into its original state, redevelop the location with a new installation or develop a completely Our services: new destination for the site. −− Tender management −− Construction supervision Our services: −− Commissioning −− Operational management −− Health & Safety audits −− Maintenance management −− Project management −− Environmental compliance audits −− Cost management −− Emergency response −− Design of mechanical and electrical systems −− Deactivation −− Decommissioning −− Decontamination −− Demolition −− Re-powering Photovoltaic Solar Park Briest, Germany Design Safety Cases for Evaporator D, Sellafield, UK Client: LuxCara GmbH Routine nuclear fuel reprocessing operations at Sellafield give rise to the continuous generation of significant volumes of highly active liquor (HAL). The ongoing Briest is the largest photovoltaic complex to this date in Europe, which our client has acquired two thirds of, adding to a total of strategy for treatment of this HAL involves its concentration by evaporation, prior to 60 MWp. The completion of the plant tolerated no delays as the underlying financing concept relayed on the 2011 feed-in tariffs. its verification into a solid, passively safe state for long term storage. The Evaporator For assurance of the plant conformity and eligibility it was important to both have a deep understanding of the plant and the D project is the latest development in support of this strategy, its purpose to address stakeholder’s interest as well as to be present on the construction site. Integrated risk assessment, simultaneous engineering and the ageing and deterioration of existing evaporator’s A, B and C. Evaporator D is stakeholder management were essential components of the solution. a stand-alone evaporation plant, being built to ensure the continued reduction By acting as Owner’s Representative ARCADIS provided the client with sound technical, commercial and contracting in HA liquor stocks. ARCADIS has recently successfully delivered, on time and consultancy during construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning, start up, test and acceptance of the plant. within budget, the suite of design assessment HAZANs that comprise the Pre- Our engagement as well as our comprehensive and creative solutions have enhanced the bankability and leveraged the revenues Commencement Safety Report (PCSR) for Evaporator D. The PCSR constitutes the of this project. Though ARCADIS’ innovative risk assessment concept, collaterals and contingency have been improved for the detailed design safety case for the project, which is necessary to enable authority to satisfaction of the all stakeholders. be sought for the construction of Evaporator D. The solution enabled the client to LUXCARA said: make the transition from conceptual design to detailed design with new delivery“Wir verbinden mit ARCADIS ein Höchstmaß an Qualität, Verfügbarkeit und Einsatzbereitschaft. Das Team zeichnet partners with high confidence that the project had high quality definition of its sich durch eine uneingeschränkte Identifikation mit unseren Zielen aus. Die aktive Beratung ist in allen Phasen safety case requirements incorporated into engineering specification. Further work zielorientiert und eindeutig in der Empfehlung. Hierbei werden belastbare Lösungen erarbeitet, die von einer hohen is now underway in support of the Pre-Inactive Commissioning Safety Report. Kreativität zeugen.“12 13
  8. 8. Improving the value of energy investments Improving the value of energy investmentsStatement of Qualifications Power & Energy Statement of Qualifications Power & Energy Sustainability Services Climate Change Energy as a resource has become a strategic business issue for all industries, not just utility companies. Rising energy costs, inefficient production processes and dependency on insecure resources can have substantial effects on your business’ competitive position. But not only financial considerations trigger many corporations to assess their energy systems. More and more companies now recognize the need to understand their contribution of greenhouse gas emissions. Whether due to of regulatory measures or stakeholders’, employees’ and the public’s concerns, it has become vital to deal with the reality of climate concerns. ARCADIS offers a complete portfolio of energy-related services to assess your specific situation and develop opportunities for improvement. We can help you reduce your energy costs, secure your energy supply and create a sustainable energy program. We have provided energy services and advice to our clients for over a decade and our multidisciplinary teams can support you with our proven experience in energy assessments, asset management of energy infrastructure as well as the development of renewable energy solutions. Our goal is to enable you to manage your complete energy system in line with your strategic objectives. Our services: −− Emissions reduction management −− Energy Efficiency Plans −− Energy Costs Assessments −− Industrial process engineering −− Carbon and Water Footprint Analysis −− Emission Compensation and trading −− Flood protection −− Environmental Impact Monitoring Offshore wind farm, North Sea Clients: C-Power, Belwind and Eldepascor In order to meet the European target of generating 20% of the energy demand renewably, C-Power was the first consortium to receive a concession from the Belgian government for the construction of an offshore wind farm in the Belgium part of the North Sea. C-Power was followed by Belwind, Northwind and Norther. ARCADIS produced the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for these four wind farms. They produce a maximum power of 850 MW. The EIRs make it clear that any adverse effects do not outweigh the proven positive effects.14 15
  9. 9. Improving the value of energy investments Improving the value of energy investmentsStatement of Qualifications Power & Energy Statement of Qualifications Power & Energy ARCADIS A Real Commitment, A Daily Issue: Safety At ARCADIS we are committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for our employees, subcontractors, clients and visitors. The ARCADIS Corporate Health and Safety Manual and our behavior-based Loss Prevention System serve as the policy and standard for our field and office work. ARCADIS’ Health & Safety Policy reflects our commitment to: −− Being proactive in anticipating and preventing health and safety (H&S) related incidents, injuries and illnesses. −− Recognizing and controlling hazards related to our work. −− Identifying, understanding and complying with applicable laws, regulations and the requirements of our company and clients in the area of H&S. −− Including our employees, subcontractors and subconsultants in H&S reviews and discussions, and receiving and considering their input in H&S matters and decisions. −− Measuring and reviewing our H&S indicators and performance for continuous improvement. Communicating regularly with our employees about H&S, best practices and requirements. Optimization of environmental and safety management system, Power Station Langerlo, Belgium Client: E.ON E.ON wants to adjust and simplify the existing environmental and safety system of the power station in Langerlo without compromising the needs of the plants. Therefore the original management system (quality, the environment and safety) was analyzed, simplified and refined by ARCADIS. The environment and safety are absolute priorities for an energy company like E.ON and ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 have an important value in E.ON’s relations with its customers and employees. Both standards are integrated into one coherent management system.16 17
  10. 10. Improving the value of energy investments Improving the value of energy investmentsStatement of Qualifications Power & Energy Statement of Qualifications Power & Energy Sustainability Stewardship Sustainability represents a paradigm shift for large, established companies, but also enormous opportunities. Social and economic concerns are both driving a re-evaluation of industry practices and business principles that disproportionately foster consumption and waste, and improperly value “natural capital.” Properly managed, sustainability can revive economic growth, conserve and enhance resources needed for future business, and synergize needs and goals between suppliers and stakeholders. Environmental protection that extends beyond statutory compliance into voluntary stewardship is gaining recognition for its benefits to efficiency and long-term profitability. In order to address such energy challenges, it takes the expertise of a knowledgeable partner who can offer confidence through skilled energy advisors. ARCADIS and its global partners can support your company in exploring and implementing sustainability opportunities such as: −− Corporate accountability practice auditing −− Green house gas emissions management −− Innovative environmental health & safety (EHS) business integration strategies −− ISO 14001 EMS performance optimization −− Stakeholder outreach −− Value chain management −− Facilities management outsourcing Engineering services for HV power system, The Netherlands Client: TenneT TenneT, the Dutch transmission operator, will spend billions of euros over the next few years to invest in the current grid to increase the security of the Dutch electricity supply. TennT will award contracts concerning engineering of new build, renovation and reconstruction projects for the grid to preferred suppliers only. ARCADIS was selected as such a preferred supplier of HV engineering services. ARCADIS is currently working on several assignments, e.g. the execution of primary and secondary engineering work for a new 150/10 kV transformer field in Eindhoven South.18 19
  11. 11. Improving the value of energy investments Improving the value of energy investmentsStatement of Qualifications Power & Energy Statement of Qualifications Power & Energy Energy services Renewable Energy services Power transmission and distribution Wind ARCADIS offers a wide range of services to support power distribution projects, ARCADIS has been involved in wind energy services for over 10 years and including: technical consultancy and design such as HV substation; engineering on has developed wind energy projects for a broad range of clients, public and primary and secondary installations; initial route selection and constraints analysis; private, offshore and onshore. ARCADIS provides services in all phases of the comprehensive environmental impact assessment and permitting; alternatives project development: Planning & Development, Permitting & Engineering evaluations; public participation planning and implementation; operational, (preconstruction), Construction & Compliance, Operations & Maintenance. We will environmental and health & safety support. support you with our expertise and proven experience in consulting, environmental, spatial and contract- management, as well as the development of renewable energy solutions on a global basis. Nuclear / Fossil Power Plant Solar We also offer a full suite of environmental and permitting technical services We help clients with supply-side energy development solutions, providing complete to support the siting and licensing requirements of power generating projects. support through the installation of a solar development project. ARCADIS’ ARCADIS has extensive experience in the preparation and production of the suits of experience ranges from feasibility studies, siting, licencing and environmental Safety Cases that underpin the operation of power plants throughout their lifecycle, assessments to technical consultancy, design and construction supervision. from initial conception, detailed design and commissioning and operation, through ARCADIS provides project and construction management for all sizes of solar to decontamination, final decommissioning and demolition. energy development projects, from concept development to project implementation. We also design state-of-the-art buildings to capture the sun’s energy in sustainable, green building design. Oil & Gas Biomass The Oil and Gas industry comprises several segments—upstream, midstream, Our engineers help clients to create green electricity by developing biomass power downstream and alternative energy—each of which has unique needs and plants that burn wood waste from sources such as forestry operations. We provide requirements within the global marketplace. ARCADIS has worked within all planning and engineering services including: biomass availability evaluations, fuel of these segments and understands both their respective needs and nuances. To procurement and contracting assistance, fatal flaw analysis, water permitting and best serve our O&G clients, we have assembled a specialized global leadership financial and economic modelling, site screening and environmental permitting for team to offer direct experience in site evaluation and remediation; permit and planned development and facility construction, and the design of water supply and/ planning; compliance and auditing; as well as infrastructure engineering and project or wastewater systems. management. D4 services Geothermal The ARCADIS Deactivation, Decommissioning, Decontamination and Demolition ARCADIS uses innovative approaches that enable clients to harness the energy (D4) program is designed to meet the needs of clients as they address closed of sub-surface geothermal characteristics. Our work spans the myriad aspects or under-used facilities. This includes addressing D4 issues that involve PCB’s, of technology evaluation, design and engineering, operations support as well as mercury, energetics, and other hazardous/regulated materials and facilities. With regulatory compliance. more than 20 years of experience in this field (and averaging more than 20 active projects a year), we are recognised for our ability to plan, design and manage complex D4 projects, including large multi-building facilities, impaired out-of- service manufacturing facilities, and portfolios with multiple D4 projects. Waste to Energy Market forces, environmental regulations and calls for carbon-neutral fuel make solid waste an increasingly important source of energy. ARCADIS stands ready to assist communities in realizing the benefits of energy from solid waste with our skills in designing, siting, permitting and operating waste-to-energy (WTE) facilities. ARCADIS’ WTE services include: feasibility studies and project development, facility siting and permitting, air quality compliance, ecological assessment, transportation planning and logistics, design and engineering, construction management, operation and maintenance.20 21
  12. 12. Improving the value of energy investments Improving the value of energy investmentsStatement of Qualifications Power & Energy Statement of Qualifications Power & Energy Why ARCADIS? for ways to meet and surpass your budget requirements by integrating stringent and sophisticated cost management systems into our design and planning procedures. Our value Social and environmental responsibility ARCADIS creates value in a range of important ways, each of which is deeply ARCADIS is committed to an active social responsibility policy that advocates integrated into our culture, our process and our results. global community involvement through our partnership with UN-HABITAT and other organizations; maintains the integrity, health and safety of the company and Exceptional quality our employees; and encourages accountability in corporate governance. As both Drawing on over a century’s worth of institutional knowledge, we at ARCADIS are an environmental consultant and a corporate entity, we strive to minimize the well-equipped to leverage our global network to deliver projects to an international impact and size of our corporate footprint on the environment by empowering our standard of quality. Our work is subjected to integrated processes of quality employees; measuring and monitoring our progress; and upholding transparency assurance and quality control, and a comprehensive program of checks and balances in reporting our progress in our annual report. ARCADIS is a signatory to the U.N. helps to minimize risks, optimize performance and strengthen your reputation. Global Compact (UNGC) and is committed to its objectives and principles regarding human rights, labor standards, environmental stewardship and anti-corruption. Client focus Our successful client-focused business model drives our financial strength. During Health and safety every step of a project, we represent our clients’ goals and best interests. We are Our H&S Program goes beyond protecting our employees through proactive injury, careful to take assignments that will not put us at odds or in a conflict of interest illness and risk prevention; it also focuses on our clients, our subcontractors, our with our values; and we maintain constant communication to keep you informed on families and the general public. We recognize that in order to be successful, our current issues that could have an impact on your project and your business. We view program requires personal commitment from each and every employee, as well as ourselves as an extension of your organization and make decisions accordingly. visible, outward leadership by all levels of management. A global network based on local presence Our people Our global client-focused business model dictates that we manage our client Recognizing that our people are our most valuable asset, we have created a accounts on a global basis, while relying on locally knowledgeable project teams. On work environment that nurtures innovation, fosters collaboration, and rewards every project, we provide a single ARCADIS Account Manager with global authority entrepreneurship. United by a common set of values, our professionals are given to keep you informed on local issues such as conflict of interest concerns, cultural the tools that they need to succeed and play a critical role in where we’re going as differences, language skills, litigation possibilities, financial transparency issues, a company. We find that this approach with our employees yields the best results sustainability issues, quality, health and safety, and cross-border currency and tax for our clients. Our professionals are value-driven because we focus on project considerations. management and producing creative solutions that enhance our results. Our collaboration necessarily extends to you, our clients; we find that the best solutions A culture of technology and innovation and seamless delivery often arise from an open and communicative relationship At ARCADIS, we have a reputation for solving challenges with innovative solutions throughout the entire process. The knowledge we give our employees reflects more and technical breakthroughs. To continue to offer this level of service to our than half a century of experience on large infrastructure projects. In addition to clients, we foster a culture of creativity and entrepreneurship, and complement producing greater work for our clients, these tools provide our professionals with the these capabilities with alternative delivery approaches. Essential to this culture is confidence to share responsibility and lead projects from start to finish. dynamic, instant and ongoing communication and collaboration with each other and with our clients. Unparalleled integrity We take pride in being a reliable partner to our clients, and we understand that your trust depends on our financial strength and commitment to open and honest business practices. As a public company traded on the Euronext stock exchange, we are fully compliant with the requirements of applicable regulations governing public ownership and promote transparency at all levels of our operations. In addition, we work to achieve legitimate client goals; we respect the laws and culture of the countries in which we operate; and we empower our colleagues to make ethical and conscientious decisions. Speed, efficiency and accountability Once started, projects are planned and implemented with a sense of urgency and efficiency. Our project managers have single-point responsibility and have the full authority to marshal and coordinate resources globally. At the same time, we look22 23
  13. 13. Improving the value of energy investments Improving the value of energy investmentsStatement of Qualifications Power & Energy Statement of Qualifications Power & EnergyWhere can you find us? ARCADIS Home Markets ARCADIS Partners24 25
  14. 14. Improving the value of energy investmentsStatement of Qualifications Power & Energy How to contact us Head office Belgium Germany EC Harris ARCADIS NV ARCADIS Belgium nv/sa ARCADIS Deutschland GmbH ECHQ “Symphony” Koningsstraat 80 Europaplatz 3, 64293 Darmstadt 34 York Way Gustav Mahlerplein 97-103 1000 Brussels P.O. Box 100331, 64203 London 1082 MS Amsterdam Belgium Darmstadt N1 9AB P.O. Box 7895 Phone: +32 3 3608300 Germany United Kingdom 1008 AB Amsterdam Fax: +32 3 3608301 Phone +49 61513880 Phone: +44 20 7812 2000 The Netherlands E-mail: Fax +49 6151388999 Fax: +44 20 7812 2001 Internet: E-mail: Internet: Phone: +31 20 2011 011 Internet: Fax: +31 20 2011 002 Brazil United States ARCADIS Logos Ltda. Italy ARCADIS U.S., Inc. Email: 630 Plaza Drive, Suite 200 Rua Líbero Badaró, 377 - 11° ARCADIS ITALIA Srl Internet: Highlands Ranch, CO 80126- Andar Via G.Galilei, 16 CEP 01009-906, São Paulo 20090 Assago (MI), Italy 2377 Brazil Phone: +39 02 4884 1600 USA Phone: +55 11 3117 3161 Fax: +39 02 4884 9056 Phone: +1 720 3443500 Fax: +55 11 3115 1009 E-mail: Fax: +1 720 3443535 Email: Internet: Internet: Rise International, LLC The Netherlands Rise Group, LLC Chile 120 South LaSalle Street ARCADIS Nederland BV Suite 1350 ARCADIS Chile S.A. Nieuwe Stationsstraat 10 Chicago, IL 60603 Avda. Antonio Varas 621 6811 KS Arnhem USA Providencia, Santiago P.O. Box 33 Phone: +1 312 917 1000 Chile 6800 LE Arnhem Fax: +1 312 917 1572 Phone: +56 2 3816000 The Netherlands Internet: Fax: +56 2 3816001 Phone: +31 26 3778 911 E-mail: Fax: +31 26 3778 560 Internet: E-mail: RTKL Internet: RTKL Associates Inc. 901 South Bond Street China Baltimore ARCADIS Asia Poland Maryland 21231, United States Zhongrong Plaza, Unit 1203 ARCADIS Polska Sp. zo.o. Phone: +1 410 537 6000 1088, South Pudong Rd. ul. Pulawska 182 Fax: +1 410 276 2136 Pudong New Area 02-670 Warsaw, Poland Internet: Shanghai 200122 Phone: +48 22 203 2000 China Fax: +48 22 203 2001 RTKL UK Ltd. Phone: +86 21587 61 451 E-mail: 22 Torrington Place Fax: +86 21 587 82 738 Internet: London WC1E 7HP, United Internet: Kingdom Romania Phone: +44 (0)20 7306 0404 Czech Republic ARCADIS Eurométudes E-mail: ARCADIS CZ a.s. Calea Grivitei nr. 136 Na Strži 1702/65 Corp B, etaj 2 RTKL International Ltd. 140 62 Prague 4 Sector 1, Bucharest Suite 2106 Platinum Czech Republic Romania 233 Taicang Road Phone: +420 296 330 111 Phone: +40 21 31 22699 Shanghai 200020, China Fax: +420 224 236 313 Fax: +40 21 31 33697 E-mail: E-mail: E-mail: Internet: United Kingdom France ARCADIS UK ARCADIS ESG 10 Furnival Street 9 Avenue Réaumur London EC4A 1YH, United 92354 Le Plessis-Robinson Cedex Kingdom France Phone: +44 20 72161000 Phone: +33 1 46 01 24 00 Fax: +44 20 72161001 Fax: +33 1 46 01 35 80 E-mail: E-mail: Internet: Internet: www.arcadis-fr.com26 27
  15. 15. ARCADIS is an international company providingconsultancy, design, engineering and management servicesin infrastructure, water, environment and buildings. Weenhance mobility, sustainability and quality of life bycreating balance in the built and natural environment.ARCADIS develops, designs, implements, maintains andoperates projects for companies and governments. With21,000 people and €2.4 billion in revenue, the company hasan extensive international network supported by strong localmarket positions. ARCADIS supports UN-HABITAT withknowledge and expertise to improve the quality of life inrapidly growing cities around the world.For more information