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EECSI-Nwesletter-1st issue


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EECSI-Nwesletter-1st issue

  1. 1. Executive Edu cation and Community Services Institute r e tEECSI t e n l i o w s i t d E e Executive Education and t s N Community Services Institute 1 T he Executive Education and Community Services Institute was created2 History in response to the market’s need for excellence and wellbeing. The EECSI offers a wide range of courses, short courses and Diplomas in partnership6 with some of the world’s most recognized institutions locally and internationally Effat and the such as the Sorbonne University in Paris, Cisco Networking Academy, Microsoft, Community Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF), NCB, ICDL International, and7 Top 10 Study Tips Prince’s School of Traditional Arts (PSTA) that cater for the different needs of the community.  The EECSI works closely with the different government and private sectors in Jeddah in search of possible opportunities to find out how it can10 Education contribute to the welfare and awareness of the city and its residents. The department was one of the early and very few community service providers in the region that cater for both national and international needs.  11 Activities Calendar12 Course Calendar EECSI 1
  2. 2. r e t t e l s w e NEECSI History... In 2002 the Effat College and specialized skills bearing in mind the cultural and religious introduced a number of Our ultimate goal is setting of Saudi Arabia. continuing education programs serving the aimed at serving the inside and Since Spring 2009, and after COMMUNITY       outside community and the status of the institution providing them with the reverted from College to necessary tools to gain access University, the unit’s name to today’s fast growing world.  Quote proudly became the Executive Education and Community In 2005 the unit developed into Services Institute (EECSI).  “ Be the change a separate department having the title of (The Extension The EECSI offers the following that you wish Programs). In addition, it liaised programs through the 5 centers with some of the most that belong to the 3 colleges of to see in the prestigious institutes worldwide Effat University. to improve the quality of its world ” courses and introduce more customer-oriented ones to help professionals, female as well as Mahmata Ghandi male, improve their personal EECSI 2
  3. 3. committed to community, dedicated to progress! r e The EECSI Centers tEECSI • Foreign Languages Center t • Information Technology Center e • Business Studies CenterDirector • Art and Design Center l • Preparations Center for International Exams s wWelcome Note! 1. Foreign Languages Center eAt last! Having waited for so long we finally Ncelebrate the birth of The EECSI Newsletter.   The center offers courses in eight languagesWith summer now in full swing and everyone EECSI supervised by the College of Humanities andcounting down the days till their summer Social Sciences.holidays, why not get into the holiday mood byentertaining with family and friends inside? Paris a. French Diplomabrings you a hot Croissant recipe on page 15. And for fun that goes on after the sun is down, The Diploma of French Language and Civilizationcheck our Entertainment section on page 14.  (in collaboration with the Sorbonne University inOur cover page is sure to get you reaching for Paris) is a 2 years exclusive and extensive Frenchthe hidden world of Effat University, so check program with culture orientation and a chance to attendour list of courses on pages 12 and 13.  If you French Courses in France. are looking forward to studying abroad, ourEducation section on page 10 will give you a b. English for Specific Purposestaste of studying in Germany.  If you are lookingfor ways to keep busy and learn new skills, why Extensive English Courses tailored to improve Englishnot check our upcoming activities on page 11.    skills in specific work fields such as tourism, business,Looking forward to spending a cheerful medicine, journalism, information technology andsummer? Read our Top 10 Study Tips on page engineering.7 for a wonderful start of your long-awaitedbreak!  With so much going on and so much tolearn, there’s no place like the EECSI this c. Intensive English Programsummer and all year round! This is a general English course specifically designedFrom now on we will be visiting you twice a year to meet the needs of students seeking proficiency inin different shapes and forms and with more to English, and professionals looking for an effectiveshare – keep watching your mailbox and we’ll communication environment at their workplace. Thekeep watching ours for your input. course can be tailored to suit the needs of individuals and organizations. Focus is on the four language skills : reading, writing, listening and speaking. ByZainab Abuelma’atti learning English you gain access to the cultures of the world. EECSI 3
  4. 4. Do you want to travel, and experience the different cultures and lifestyles the world has to offer? r What els do we offer... e t course you will acquire the skills t d.  English Japanese contemporary life necessary to read, write, speak e Conversation style). and understand Spanish at l This class is designed to different levels. Learn the I. Turkish s help students improve their language and gain access to the English speaking skills In collaboration with the Turkish w legendary Spanish culture. through role playing, and consulate, the Foreign e group activities. Languages Center offers a h. Chinese N Students are expected to comprehensive Turkish language actively participate in Learn Mandarin Chinese quickly course. Our Turkish courseEECSI classroom discussions and and easily and gain access to brings you three levels of Turkish activities. The course can the world’s strongest economy. language and culture:beginner, be designed to suit specific elementary, and intermediate. workforce requirement. Thank You 2-Information Technology e. Arabic Language for Center Grazie Non-Native Speakers Offers courses supervised by the Gracias College of Engineering Provides an opportunity for Non-Arabic speakers to Danke a. CISCO Networking acquire skills necessary to Merci Academy Program read, write, speak, and teşekkür ederim Effat University in collaboration with understand Arabic at 謝謝 Cisco Networking Academy is a different levels, field trips and certified Cisco Regional and Local Jeddawi accents. ありがとう Academy that trains individuals to become CCNA -Certified - an f. German ‫$#"ا‬ internationally recognized certificate In this course students acquire the of six months courses on skills necessary to read, write, Networking in addition to speak and understand German at i. Japanese Academic Program Courses that different levels. Through intensive provide an opportunity to improve Provides you with knowledge practice of everyday expressions, careers. about the Japanese language, you will gain access to German culture, customs and Art. you b. Women  in  Technology   language and culture. The course will learn: Program-­‐(WIT) is offered in Cooperation with German Academic Exchange ORGAMI (Japanese Traditional WIT is specifically designed for Service DAAD. Paper Crafts) women an intensive training in SHODO ( Calligraphy ) information technology and g. Spanish YUKATA ( Introducing professional In this intensively practical EECSI 4
  5. 5. Learn the language with a well-qualified NATIVE SPEAKERSdevelopment to meet the needs of helping people in disaster rthe market. The program consists • Video Editing prone areas and people eof 100 hours of Microsoft courses • Photo Editing-Retouch with disabilities and tand Professional development • Photoshop participating in local events ttraining such as Leadership, Task • Illustrator to contributing to decision eManagement, and Business Writing. • Corel Draw making bodies that affectin collaboration with international • Dreamweaver the lives of Jeddah citizens lInstitute of Education on (IEE) and • Image Ready and the neighboring areas. sMicrosoft. • 3D Max The EECSI and EU work w • Auto-Cad closely with the city e • Free Hand Drawing departments and councils c. International Computer and other agencies to N Driving License – ICDL 5. Preparation Center for investigate areas of EECSI International Exams possible collaboration and ICDL is an opportunity to have the find out how we can training necessary to complete the The center offers preparatory contribute to the wellbeing ICDL test and obtain the courses for international and awareness of the city recognized certificate that examinations such as:  and its residents.   guarantees better career • SAT In order to make sure we opportunities. The ICDL is a 7 • iBT TOEFL meet the needs of the community, weeks training in specific computer • GRE the EECSI engages with a wide application programs. At the end of • GMAT range of people and organizations the course, trainees sit for a test • IGCSE in Jeddah, as well as regionally, designed for each program.  Upon • IELTS nationally and internationally. completion of the course, the trainee receives the ICDL Let’s be multilingual! Effat University is a non-profit certificate.  organization and is recognized as The EECSI provides being at the forefront of community 3. Business Studies Center   you with the engagement. For us, community engagement is about working with The center offers different short opportunity to learn people from outside the University courses in HR ,Finance, Operation so that we reach a mutual Management, Entrepreneurship different languages understanding. and Marketing that provide professionals and non- at the same time! In order to achieve this aspiration, professionals the opportunity to the EECSI in collaboration with The Community Services division excel in their communities and Effat University’s specialist staff and within the Executive Education and work fields. Courses are supervised academic expertise launches three Community Services Institute is an by the College of Business.  new services:  integral part of Effat University (EU) and the local community. The • Entrepreneurship Clinic 4. Art and Design Center EECSI and EU strive to make a • The Language & Translation Clinic positive contribution to Jeddah and The Art and Design Center offers its citizens in a variety of ways. ten courses supervised by the College of Engineering. These range from volunteering in EECSI 5
  6. 6. Effat and the Community! The 9th Learning and Help Center: Help children with intellectual disability and r Technology Conference intellectual with physical disability. e Learning by Design: Purpose, Volunteers: Alaa Art & Motion was held on t December 12-13, 2011, and was Bin Abdoun, t open to the community at large. Irina Bokova the Khadija Fatani e Director-General of the UNESCO was one of the Shaima Mirza , speakers. Nada Dabwan l Rowaina Sibghatasallah , Nouf Otaibi s TEDX Effat: on April 12th, w 2012, Effat University held the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Library: e first TEDx Event in Saudi Students Contributed to the collection development Arabia. TEDx Effat invited project of the library. Volunteers: Maha Halawani , N speakers from all over the world. Majda Mutwali Joud Razzaz, Hind Al-Taj , Noura Alrifi.EECSI British Council Partnerships with... Part time teacher Volunteer: Reema A- Hussien IDB For three consecutive years Effat Saudi University has been the Academic Aramco Social Club Advisor for the Annual IDB Prize for Women’s Contribution the International Development. The University has Day for older helped in screening around 700 people Volunteer: Malak Bantan dossiers for the 5th, 6th, and 7th editions of the Prize.  The 8th IDB Prize will be announced very soon. JUDRC Effat University and Jeddah Urban Development and Reconstruction Company are partners in the development of two Jeddah neighborhoods: Al Boughdadiah and Bani Malik.  Students and f a c u l t y m e m b e r s f ro m t h e A rc h i t e c t u re Department at the University have helped design the new layout of the two areas. EECSI 6
  7. 7. Top 10 “Study Tips”1. Find your study space 5. Plan your time (and use it 7. Use your notes r well) eFind a space that works for you andstick with it. Taking detailed notes in class Use a calendar or a list of dates or a t will save you heaps of time wall planner to keep track of exam t • Do you prefer to study in later. Re-writing and adding to silence or listen to music? dates and assignment due dates. e your notes is a great way to • Do you work better alone or Plan ahead. Space out your study revise what you’ve learned. l with other people? time each week - don’t try to cram it s • Do you like to study at all in the night before! 8. Make your own study w home or at school/uni/ materials Do the hardest work when you’re e library? feeling your best. Save the easy stuff Think up some practice exam N for when you’re tired. questions or create you own2. Be organized flash cards to help you study. EECSI Set yourself a time limit for each task This way you learn it all twice:Make sure you have all the materials and follow it. once when you make theyou need in your study space before study materials and twiceyou start studying. Getting up to look when you use them to revise.for a pencil sharpener or ruler willbreak your concentration and waste 9. Test yourselfyour time. Don’t wait for an exam to test your3. Clear your mind knowledge – test yourself first. Get a friend or family member to quiz youIf you’ve got a lot on your mind take on key concepts or offer to helpa moment to write yourself some 6. Know your learning style other students with their work. It’s anotes about what youre thinking great way to get confident with whatabout before you start studying. This Auditory learners: learn by you do know and find out what youwill help clear your mind so you focus listening. You could try reading your still need to learn!all your thoughts on your work. notes aloud and discussing them with other people. You might like to 10. Take time outIt’s also a good idea to keep some record key points and play themspare paper next to you while you’re back. You study better when youre feelingstudying so if you think of anything good. So make sure you eat well andyou need to do later you can write it Visual learners: learn by seeing. get enough sleep. Exercise is greatdown and put it out of your mind, You could use colors in your notes but don’t overdo it.then get on with the studying. and draw diagrams to help represent key points. You could try to It’s also a good idea to schedule4. Get motivated remember some ideas as images. regular breaks when you’re studying and keep hydrated. You’ll studyThink about what it will mean for you Tactile/kinesthetic learners: learn better if you take care of yourself.if you do well in your studies. How by doing. You could use methodswill it make you feel? If you keep the like role-playing or building models toend result in mind it will help you stay revise key points.motivated. EECSI 7
  8. 8. Let’s Remember! How Islamic Inventors Changed the World! r The system of numbering e Architecture t The system of numbering in use all round the world is t The pointed arch so characteristic of probably Indian in origin but the style of the numerals is e Europes Gothic cathedrals was an invention borrowed from Islamic Arabic and first l architecture. It was much stronger than appears in print in s the rounded arch used by the Romans the work of the w and Normans, thus allowing the building Muslim e of bigger, higher, more complex and mathematicians al- grander buildings. Khwarizmi and al- N Kindi around 825EECSI G. Algebra was named after al-Khwarizmis book, (Al- Jabr wa-al-Muqabilah), much of its contents are still in use. The work of Muslim math scholars was imported into Europe 300 years later by the Italian mathematician Fibonacci. Algorithms and much of the theory of trigonometry came from the Muslim world. And Al- Kindis discovery of frequency analysis rendered all the codes of the ancient world soluble and created the basis of modern cryptology. Did You Know ! While the toothbrush may appear a modern invention the Prophet Other borrowings from Muslim genius Mohammed made popular the use of a piece from the Meswak included ribbed vaulting, rose tree to clean the teeth and freshen the breath! It was recently windows and dome building proven that Meswak contains substances similar to that found in techniques. Europes castles were modern tooth paste which help protect teeth and freshens the also adapted to copy the Islamic breath. architecture - with arrow slits, battlements, a barbican and parapets. The Swiss pharmaceutical company Pharba Basle Ltd carried out Square towers and keeps gave way to experiments on extracts of Meswak, botanically known as more easily defended round ones. Salvadora Persica. It was found that it contains antibacterial Henry Vs castle architect was Muslim. substances which destroy the harmful germs in the mouth which cause gum infections and tooth decay. Independent tests conducted on the Meswak extracts in the Departments of Chemistry, Riyadh University, Saudi Arabia and Indiana University, Indiana, USA, have confirmed its anti-inflammatory and antibiotic activities. EECSI 8
  9. 9. Motivational Stories...Helen Keller r e t tOne of the most inspiring deaf or deaf-blind women is after Sullivan passed away in 1936. Among the eHelen Keller. Even today, her story fascinates people. many things that Helen Keller was famous for saying was her statement that deafness was a lHelen Kellers Early Childhood "greater affliction" than blindness. Helen Keller s passed away on June 1, 1968. w Helen Keller was born e Hellen’s Quotes June 27, 1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama. An N unidentified illness took EECSI her hearing and sight when she was only 19 “Alone we can do so little; together we can months old. After losing do so much.” both, she became wild and uncontrollable due to “The best and most beautiful things in the her inability to world cannot be seen or even touched -communicate and learn. they must be felt with the heart.”Anne Sullivan Comes Into Helens Life “The highest result of education is tolerance.”Almost as well known as Helen Keller is the work ofAnne Sullivan, who became her teacher in 1887- a roleknown today as an intervenor. Helen finally learned thatthings have names when Sullivan had made water flowbetween Helens fingers and pumped water for Helen to What did I learn from this story?feel. That one can read all the literature, visitHelen Kellers Further Progress all the countries and view all the scenery he/she wants with ones eyes, butAfter that breakthrough, there was no stopping HelenKeller. She went on to attend a school for the blind and without vision, ones life amounts toother schools, learned how to talk, learned how to nothing. One can listen to all thelipread with her fingers, and graduated from RadcliffeCollege. speeches of powerful people or harmonious music for all ones desires,Helen Kellers Adulthood but without hearing ones creativeHelen Keller never lived independently (unlike today thoughts, will achieve nothing.where many deaf-blind people live independently). Shealways lived with either Anne Sullivan (and for a fewyears, Anne Sullivans husband too), or Polly Thompsonwho joined the household in the 1930s and stayed on EECSI 9
  10. 10. r e t t e l s w e NEECSI Education... Higher Education in Germany Student organizations and services: The German Academic Exchange Germany In most German states, you Service (DAAD) offer scholarships for automatically become a member of the study and research in Germany. Let’s discover Studentenschaft (student body) when Publications available from DAAD you register - an organization established include: Education in to help students look after their own Germany interests. The Akademisches • Studying in Germany - Information for Auslandsamt looks after your overall Foreign Students on Universities’ (separate editions are interests as a foreign student. available for the Fachhochschulen and The advisory service will provide general for the Colleges of Art). tips to help you organize your studies when you arrive. Student welfare offices • ‘Postgraduate Courses in the Federal will give you assistance with budgetary, Republic of Germany’. social or medical problems. German as well as foreign students receive a student ID card upon registration at any higher education institution which allows them to use public transport at reduced price and enjoy exquisite traditional meals in student canteens. EECSI 10
  11. 11. F a l l 2012 r e t ACTIVITIES t e l s w e N EECSISeptember Activity Date Duration Language1. Computer Maintenance 19.9.2012 2 Hours English/Arabic2. English Movie 24.9.2012 2 Hours EnglishOctober Activity Date Duration Language1. Studying in France Session 8.10.2012 2 Hours English2. Image Ready Session 17.10.2012 2 Hours English/ArabicNovember Activity Date Duration Language1. French Cuisine 6.11.2012 2 Hours English2. Vocabulary Bingo Day 18.11.2012 2 Hours EnglishDecember Activity Date Duration Language1. EECSI Got Talent 10.12.2012 2 Hours English/Arabic EECSI 11
  12. 12. F a l l 2012 r e t COURSES t e l s w e N Note: “Please contact the EECSI for the list of courses on offer for summer 2012.”EECSI September Course Date Duration Hours Language 1. ICDL 1.9.2012 7 weeks 70 Hours English/Arabic 2. English (L1) 1.9.2012 10 weeks 80 Hours English 3. iBT TOEFL 1.9.2012 7 weeks 48 Hours English 4. French A1 (131a) 1.9.2012 10-12 weeks 60 Hours French 5. French A1 (131b) 1.9.2012 10-12 weeks 60 Hours French 6. French A2 (231a) 1.9.2012 10-12 weeks 60 Hours French 7. Photoshop 15.9.2012 2 weeks 20 Hours English/Arabic 8. Turkish 22.9.2012 10-12 weeks 60 Hours Turkish 9. Arabic for Non-Native Speakers 15.9.2012 10 weeks 50 Hours Arabic 10.Japanese 29.9.2012 10-12 weeks 60 Hours Japanese 11.German L1 24.9.2012 10 weeks 60 Hours German 12.German L2 26.9.2012 10 weeks 60 Hours German 13. Photography 29.9.2012 3-4 weeks 30 Hours English/Arabic
  13. 13. r F a l l 2012 e t t e COURSES l s w e N EECSIOctober 2012Course Date Duration Hours Language1. Chinese 1.10-24.12 10-12 weeks 60 Hours ChineseNovember 2012Course Date Duration Hours Language1. Web Design 3.11.2012 2 weeks 20 Hours English/Arabic2. GRE 3.11.2012 8 weeks 48 Hours English3. ICDL 3.11.2012 7 weeks 70 Hours English/Arabic4. English L2 17.11.2012 10 weeks 80 Hours English5. Flash 24.11.2012 2 weeks 20 Hours English/ArabicDecember 2012Course Date Duration Hours Language1. Illustrator 15.12.2012 2 weeks 20 Hours English/Arabic2. IELTS 29.12-4.2.2013 5 weeks 30 Hours English EECSI 13
  14. 14. Entertainment.... 2012 Movies r e t t e l s w e NEECSI MA INE C Recommended Movie EECSI 14
  15. 15. Break Time... Puzzle r e t t e l s w e N EECSIFrench Cuisine opp0- Croissant RecipeIngredients Directions 3 • 1 1/4 teaspoons Combine yeast, Massage butter until pliable, but not soft and oily. 1 active dry yeast Pat dough into a 14 x 8 inch rectangle. Smear warm water, and 1 butter over top two thirds, leaving 1/4 inch margin • 3 tablespoons warm teaspoon sugar. all around. Fold unbuttered third over middle third, water (110 degrees Allow to stand F/45 degrees C) and buttered top third down over that. Turn 90 degrees, so until creamy and frothy. • 1 teaspoon white that folds are to left and right. Roll out to a 14 x 6 inch sugar Measure flour rectangle. Fold in three again. Sprinkle lightly with flour, and into a mixing put dough in a plastic bag. Refrigerate 2 hours. Unwrap, 2 • 1 3/4 cups all- bowl. Dissolve sprinkle with flour, and deflate gently. Roll to a 14 x 6 inch purpose flour • 2 teaspoons white 2 teaspoons rectangle, and fold again. Turn 90 degrees, and repeat. Wrap, sugar and salt and chill 2 hours. sugar in warm milk. • 1 1/2 teaspoons salt 4 Blend into flour To shape, roll dough out to a 20 x 5 inch rectangle. Cut • 2/3 cup warm milk along with yeast and oil. • 2 tablespoons in half crosswise, and chill half while shaping the other Mix well; knead until vegetable oil smooth. Cover, and let half. Roll out to a 15 x 5 inch rectangle. Cut into three • 2/3 cup unsalted rise until over triple in 5 x 5 inch squares. Cut each square in half diagonally. Roll each butter, chilled volume. Deflate gently, triangle lightly to elongate the point, and make it 7 inches long. • 1 egg and let rise again until Grab the other 2 points, and stretch them out slightly as you roll • 1 tablespoon water doubled. Deflate and chill it up. Place on a baking sheet, curving slightly. Let shaped 20 minutes. croissants rise until puffy and light. In a small bowl, beat 5 Bake in a preheated 475 degrees F (245 degrees C) oven for 12 to 15 minutes. together egg and 1 tablespoon water. Glaze croissants with egg wash. EECSI 15
  16. 16. r e t t e l s w e N EECSI Contact Us!Newsletter Effat University Executive Education and Community Services Institute Team Tel: 6364300 Ext: 1731 Mobile: +966 554 136 469 / +966 590 120 281 Email: Contributors Social Networks!Zainab Abuelma’atti Aida Omet EECSI Effat University Alia Al-Badawi Executive Education & Community Services Institute Geraldine Biarnes @EffatEECSILayout Designer Maha Al-Madhi EECSI 16