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EECSI Newsletter - 2nd Issue


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Published in: Education, Technology
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EECSI Newsletter - 2nd Issue

  1. 1. g Sprin 2014 s ram Prog ffers ial O pec S Felix Fall Experience Lesson Bachelor of NEW Science Visual & Digital Production Information Technology Effat and the Community Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  2. 2. EECSI SG MC&PR Dar Jana School Students Maha Al-Madi EECSI 1
  3. 3. EECSI 2
  4. 4. December 5 is an international observance designated by the United Nations since 1985. The declared aim of this activity is to thank volunteers for their efforts and increase public awareness on the importance of volunteerism. The day is celebrated all over the world.This year Effat University Student Government decided to start a campaign to involve Effat University students ( 2000 Student) and the community in a week of volunteering and community service. International Volunteering Day is where you give back to the community.  As part of Student Government social responsibility programs, a collaborative effort between Alfasaliah Orphanage & Nafesah Shams Academy offered free courses to develop their skills and enable them to be more productive. Ignite is a worldwide event, where participants are given five minutes to speak about their ideas and personal or professional passions, accompanied by 20 slides. Each slide is displayed for 15 seconds, and slides are automatically advanced. The presentations are meant to ignite the audience on a subject, i.e. to generate awareness and to stimulate thought and action on the subjects presented. Ignite Jeddah, organized by Effat University Student Government, featured 20 wellknown and educated youth from various backgrounds, including business, media broadcasting and science, and was the first Ignite event to be conducted in the city. The speakers shared thought-provoking stories of accomplishment and innovation. 1000 people attended Ignite Jeddah. EECSI 3
  5. 5. On November 18th, Effat University hosted Thamer Abu Ghalia a renowned motivational speaker to talk to the students about the core reason of our existence as humans “Start narrating your own life”. Abu Ghalia emphasized the importance of being aware of our choices, rather than blindingly taking what’s accessible. Effat University Award for Excellence in Community Service Dr Amal Elyas 2011/2012 Dr Akila Sarirete 2012/2013 Effat University Award for Excellence in Teaching Dr Khadija Itani Mr. Abdulquddos Mohammad Mrs. Amal Jabr Effat University held an event to promote the practical application of the Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) teachings. The “Kun Muhammadian” (Be like Muhammad) event saw several scholars and thinkers coming together to give talks on how the Prophet’s teachings could be used to create business projects. The event included workshops aimed at helping members of the audience start their own “Muhammadian” projects. To encourage participation, the University announced a Kun Muhammadian three weeks competition where submissions included projects that demonstrate the practical applicability of the Prophet’s teachings. The winning three projects were financially supported by the Dallah Al-Baraka group. Tickets to the event sold out – attendees were from all backgrounds and ages. 700 attended this event - several students from neighboring universities and colleges such as Dar Al-Hekma, CBA and King Abdulaziz University attended the event. Youtube on stage was organized by Effat University in collaboration with YouTube, Jeddah Youth Business Committee, UTurn Entertainment, and Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The aim of the event which saw 900 attendees was to encourage youth initiatives to create visual content. Attendees met their favorite YouTube stars and talked about how the youth can revolutionize visual media and be creative in communicating with the masses from the comfort of their home! Effat University Excellence Award for Administrative Staff Mrs. Bouthaina Hamadi Effat University Excellence Award for Labour Ms. Carmelita Rayes For four consecutive years Effat University has been the Academic Advisor for the Annual IDB Prize for Women’s Contribution to Development. The University has helped in screening around 700 dossiers for the 5th, 6th,7th and 8th editions of the Prize. The winner of the 9th IDB Prize will be announced very soon. Effat University participated in the Intentional Exhibition and Conference of Higher Education (16-19 April, 2013). Thirteen employees from the Binzagr group completed the newly launched English for Workplace Effectiveness (EWE) program at the Effat University, Executive Education and Community Services Institute,EECSI. The program is a collaborative efforts between Effat University, Wisal Development Center and Binzagr Group for capacity development. EECSI 4
  6. 6. Al-Ana Lectur e The lecture calle d “AlAna” on self development was delivered by Mr. Ahmad Alyafiee and Mr. Abdulrahman Al kindi. Both speakers di scussed several aspects on how people can improve and deve lop including personal missions and visions, goals, and core values. The aim of the discussion of fer an opportuni ty to set clear visio ns for their own lives.   Student Gover nment pact The Cultural Im of Language and T) Translation (CIL ce Conferen ities College of Human iences and Social Sc Logistics and Supply Chain Management The OPIM Depar tm the first Good Pr ent organized actice Forum “Logistics and Su pply Chain Management” an d invited nationa lly and internationa lly well reputed speakers. 10th Learning and Technology Conference 2013 College of Engineering , 2013 - 10 Feb r Heels e Head ov ed on the ance bas al perform ng off is a satiric . As if pulli di women rous es of Sau ost dange private liv es with alm at danc e isn’t an a show th ch a them i around su ah Sobaih grace own, Mais n its ary feat o and sole extraordin r, director le of write an the ro one-wom also plays ance. This y and er perform een a pla actor of h lend betw b itches e perfect obaihi sw show is th nd Ms. S a rent comedy, g the diffe stand-up om playin ease fr nfolding with fluid scenes u ating the and narr e. characters r audienc before he tions ublic Rela ation & P ic Commun r Awareness Breast Cance Event th ternational mon October is the in fat r Awareness, Ef for Breast Cance t Government University Studen arranged bon" "Run for the Rib campaign ess on breast to spread awaren cancer. nment Student Gover College of Busi ness EECSI 5
  7. 7. I LOVE Challenge AND TRYING TO BECOME THE FIRST person TO BREAK THE speed OF SOUND IN FREE FALL. ITS A CHALLENGE LIKE no other. Was everything we learned in physics about Newton wrong?Felix Baumgartner was the first to break the speed of sound in freefall. The launch was originally scheduled for 9 October 2012, but was aborted due to adverse weather conditions. Launch was rescheduled and the mission instead took place on 14 October 2012 when Baumgartner landed in eastern New Mexico after jumping from a world record 127,852 feet (38969.3 m).On the A special suit protected Felix Baumgartner from temperature extremes and the effects of low air pressure. basis of updated data, Baumgartner also set the record for the highest manned balloon flight (at the same height) and fastest speed of free fall at 843.6 mph (1357.64 km/h), making him the first human to break the sound barrier outside of a vehicle. Baumgartner was in free fall for 4 minutes and 19 seconds, 17 seconds short of mentor Joseph Kittinger's 1960 jump. A prosthetic (pross-thet-ik) device is designed to take the place of a missing leg, arm, hand, or foot. And scientists at the Rehabilitation Center of Chicago have developed an incredible new type of prosthesis - one that responds to the wearer’s thoughts. It reacts to electrical impulses sent from the nerves to the muscles around the robotic limb. In November 2012,Zac Vawter, who had lost a leg in motorcycle accident, used the mind - controlled bionic leg to climb all 103 foors of the willis Tower in Chicago. He explained, “With my standard prothesis, II have to take every step with my good foot first and sort of lift or drag the prosthetic leg up. With the bionic leg, it’s simple. I take stairs like i used to and can even take two at a time.” EECSI 6
  8. 8. V is u a l & D ig it a l P r o d u c t io n VDP Bachelor of Science in Visual and Digital Production The Visual and Digital Production (VDP) program emerges art-oriented arenas expands, Effat University realizes that it in collaboration with the School of Cinematic Arts (SCA) at can play a key role in helping establish a foundation not the University of Southern California. The Program only for creative expression, but also for innovation in all supports the country’s mission to participate in the global forms of media-based communication. This has economy and to contribute to an increasingly significant implications not simply for arts and culture, or for the information economy. As the model of the information sectors traditionally subsumed within the term society continues to displace the industrial economies of “media” (namely television, radio and newspapers), but for the past, the ability to produce knowledge through all sectors, from business to urban planning, from scientific innovation, and to do so despite the radical and continuous upheavals in new technologies and research to law, and from architecture to education. communication platforms, is more and more relevant. As the Kingdom’s participation in the growing creative and EECSI 7
  9. 9. The ability to deploy images, videos, websites, apps, The exponential rise in social media tools and their use, visualizations, and interactive experiences with rhetorical and the growing significance of game play and virtual sophistication is increasingly relevant in the context of a worlds all point to a robust economy tied to diverse global economy in dire need of these skills. media forms for the future, while also signaling vast social and cultural changes on the horizon. Preparing students The VDP program is unique in the region in focusing on to enter this world with an ethical grounding, technical transmedia expression in order to foster the agility expertise, and business acumen will contribute to the role necessary within a context characterized by continuous the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can play in this global technological transformation. The program also conversation. acknowledges the unique achievements made already by innovators within this area, and hopes to contribute to The VDP Program includes four tracks: Production, the formulation of standards of excellence and best Animation, Screenwriting, and Interactive Media. practices that will help sustain and enhance local media Students graduating from this program will have the production and distribution. ability to communicate across diverse media platforms; The timing of the program is opportune. they will understand how to plan, create, manipulate and disseminate still images, moving images, sound, Saudi Arabia is one of the largest adopters of various interactive media, and social media; they will understand social media tools globally, and the rate of increased use the history and theory of the global media industries, as of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other online tools and spaces continues to increase. well as the specific attributes and conditions of local media culture, outlets, and potentials; they will be able to understand and critically interpret media that they experience; and they will be prepared for lifelong learning and to sustain agility in order to adapt to the constant change in media technologies and platforms. EECSI 8
  10. 10. Effat University Continuing Education EECSI Effat University Continuing Education @EffatEECSI Effat EECSI 0590120281
  11. 11. Effat University EU But why do you yawn when you're not sleepy? Despite what you may have heard, yawning has nothing to do with increasing the body's oxygen supply. In experiments, subjects yawn just as much in oxygen-rich air as they do in an oxygen-poor atmosphere. Yawning EECSI Executive Education and Community Services Institute DOFLC Diploma of French Language and Civilization is, however, a response to boredom. When researchers showed students ages 17-19 music videos and color bar test patterns, those who saw the test patterns yawned nearly twice as often as those who watched videos, and their yawns lasted longer. Yawning Is More Contagious Between Besties Not just anyone will pass a yawn onto you. According to a 2012 Intensive English Program IEP research, yawns are most contagious among the closest of pals. "Researchers discovered that the closer you are to someone genetically or emotionally, the more likely it is that you'll 'catch' their yawn," HuffPost Science reported. Makes sense given the empathy DAAD German Academic Exchange Services theory, says Decker, since closer friends and family will have even ICDL Intentional Computer Driving License EWE English for Workplace Effectiveness stronger feelings toward each other. Why are some people LEFTHANDED? The main part of the human brain-the cerebrum- can be divided into two halves, or hemispheres. The left hemisphere controls movement on left side. Most people have a stronger, or more dominant, left hemispheres. So those people prefer to use their right hand when,say, writing with a pencil or throwing a baseball. But in about 10 % of people, the right hemisphere of the cerebrum is more dominant. They are left- handed. Handedness-left and right - tend to run in families. Therefore, scientists think genes are probably involved in determining which hand people prefer to use. FAMOUS Lefties Here are just a few of the left-handed people whose name might recognize. President Barak Obama Prince William Angelina Jolie Oprah Winfrey Tom Cruise Did you know..? Inside Effat University! Diploma’s/Executive Education/ Continuing Education! Consists of 5 centers! Serves Inside and outside community! Day and Evening classes! Any age! Now You Know! ;) EECSI 9
  12. 12. EECSI ad in May Issue s r wa ructo e on inst mad The s am! omment and very r t Prog and c grea uage stic fanta teraction tion were nch Lang ekly a e e in was ticipa he w of Fr The “This helpful. and par Diploma discuss t re in a o ts ys alwa signmen d. In the gram we uch m we can m o s te r that my a apprecia rench P s, and really F e so ntence.I n h uc tion pressio pac oom m x low iviliza lassr d se nd C rench e at a s word an quality c el I am a ,F ch lev h y news ed Fren ost ever - the hig ting one k you to le an lm plifi h nc sim stand a . Th omp g Fre r fter c other one unde d learnin erials. A e in an at enjoy ourse m to enroll c nch f Fre and ely going ma o it Diplo defin tructor.” ineey ins I Tra S m EEC hi, n Mad zatio a Al- nd Civili Mah a uage Lang ces few pla es. of the ours ne SI is o man c e EEC at offer Ger d and “Th riente dah th in Jed s is learner o tor pays s uc and The cla e. The instr r pace ractiv to you inte tion l atten specia ncy level.” te erman compe inee- G i, EEC injaw fnan L A tive xecu &E uing ation tin Con Educ SI Tra “As an archite c Desig n Diplo ture studen t, the ma is It help Graph curren ed me ic t and impro projec up-tove the ts thro date. quality ugh n appro o ew tec aches hnique f my .” s and S hatha Desig Sharafuddin n Diplo , EEC SI Tra ma ine e - Gr CONTACT US Tel: +966 2 6364300 Ext: 1731- 1735 Fax: +966 2 6377447 Mobile: +966 554 136 469 P.O Box 34689 Jeddah 21478 “Gra p abo hic Des ut ign is m the Prog y pa ssio ram and n! W at E dive hen ffat, dee to k I he I co p in now ard uld to it the my not . Th own righ wait e Pr t to new exp re wor ols, de ogram to regis help ld o sign ter ever ssions! f e yon e. G With no graphic faster a d me g et n a o fo r it!. hesitati l ideas d crea te ” on I and reco mm end it to e change ed with th ery satisfi “I am v age nts’ langu the stude crease in in nd their in abilities, a ce after cap -confiden vel of self the le course.” taking the b zette - Fe Saudi Ga ce Malecki, Andy Workpla nglish for 2.2013- E E) ness (EW Effective aphic 0590120281 Effat EECSI EECSI @EffatEECSI Effat University Continuing Education
  13. 13. Computer TALK.. BIT The smallest unit of data. ENCRYPTION The BLOG Short for “web log” people process of changing put on website for others to information into a read. code, especially BOOT To start up a computer. passwords, or financial or personal information, to keep BROWSER A program to help get others from reading it. around the internet. HTTP Hyper Text BYTE An amount of data equal to Transfer Protocol is 8 bites. the method of file exchange used on the world wide web. CHIP A small piece of silicon holding the circuits used to store and process information. K Stands for kilo, or “thousands,” in Greek. For example “6k” is shorthand for COOKIE Some websites store 6,000 bytes. information, like your passwords and other preferences on your MEGABYTE(MB) An amount of computer’s hard drive. When you information equal to 1,048,516 go back to that site later, your bytes, or (in some situation) 1 browser sends the information million bytes. (the: cookie”) to the website. THREAD A series of messages DESKTOP PUBLISHING The use of computer to design and produce magazines, newspapers, and books. WI-FI OR WIRELESS FIDELITY The technical name for a website. HTML The Abbreviation for the Hyper Text Markup Language, a Computer Language used to make web pages. SPAM Electronic junk mail. FAQ “Frequently asked questions” is a document often found on a website, containing answers to common question users ask. and replies. URL OR UNIFORM RESOURCE LOCATOR The technical name for a website address. DOWNLOAD To transfer information from a host gets into a computer through modem. computer monitor. It can be used to measure the size of an image. other programs and data. It through network connection or smallest unit of an image on a VIRUS A program that damages computer to a personal one PIXEL OR PICTURE ELEMENT The the internet or shared disks. EECSI 10
  14. 14. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle You can help reduce waste by reusing containers, batteries, and paper. You can also recycle newspaper, glass, and plastics to provide materials for making other products. Below are some of the things you can do. To Reduce Waste To Recycle Paper Use both sides of the paper. Use cloth towels instead of paper towels. Recycle newspapers, magazines, and junk mails. Plastic Wash food containers and store leftovers in them. Reduce plastic bags. Return soft drinks bottles to the store. Recycle other plastics. Clothes Give clothes to younger relatives or friends. Donate clothes to thrift shops. Cut unwearable clothing into rags to use instead of paper towels. Metal Keep leftovers in storage containers instead of wrapping them in foil. Use glass or stainless steel pans instead of disposable pans. Recycle aluminum cans and foil trays. Return wire hangers to the dry cleaner. Cut the amount of food you throw out. Try saving leftovers for snacks or meals later on. Make a compost heap using food scarps, leaves, grass clippings, and the like. Batteries Use rechargeable batteries for toys and games, radios, tape players, and flashlights. Find out about your town’s rules for recycling or disposing of batteries. Glass Keep bottles and jars to store other things. Recycle glass bottles and jars. Food/Yard Waste When we think of waste Each week we put bags out And when we really look - also known as garbage, trash, litter, rubbish, refuse - we think of yucky, smelly, messy stuff. It's the junk we consider worthless, and throw away. No one wants to think about it, much less deal with it. by the curb and after the garbage truck comes rumbling down the street and takes it away, we think on it no more: out of sight out of mind. But where does it go? And what would happen if nobody came to take the trash away? How fast would our homes fill up with unwanted, stinky things? We'd be forced to think about it, constantly. We'd have to take a closer look. at what we throw away, we can see that most of our garbage isn't really garbage at all, but rather reusable, recyclable materials. The smelly, messy stuff (rotting food) is just a small part of our waste. Every garbage bag contains valuable resources and energy that we are throwing. away. EECSI 11
  15. 15. EECSI 12
  16. 16. How to write a research paper Sometimes you not only have to research a topic and write about it - you have to pic the topic in the first place. Here are a few tips to keep in mind. Picking a Topic Start out by brainstorming. Let your brain flow freely with ideas and write them down. Even if an idea seems doubtful,write it down anyway. You can be more picky later on. Don't make the topic too big. For example: “American Presidents” may be too big because it includes over 40 people; it would be better to narrow it down to just one. Consider picking a subject you already like. If you’re already interested in something,like soccer or recycling or Sherlock Holmes, you’ll enjoy writing about it and might well do a better job. But don't rule out something unfamiliar or unusual. Writing on a subject you don't know anything about is a great way to learn. And picking an unusual topic can add interest. Doing Research Encyclopedias are a good place to start. They can give you a good overview of the subject. The electronic catalog of your school library will probably be your main source of finding material about your subject. Keep in mind that books are not as current as magazines and newspapers, but they can still give you information you can use. Check your library’s indexes. for magazine or newspaper articles. The Reader’s Guide to Periodic Writing it Down Literature can be a big help in finding articles; there’s even an online version. You can also use the internet as a research tool. Don't be afraid to ask the librarian for help if you get stuck! As you read each source, write down the facts and ideas that you may need. You might try using 3 X 5 index cards. Make sure the cards show the title and author for each source and the page numbers of where you found the particular information. Hint: Use quotation marks when you think you may want to use same words as the author The next step is to organize your fact. See which cards you still need and try to put them in order you want to use. Develop a rough outline of your main ideas in the order in which they will appear. EECSI 13
  17. 17. INTERNET Now you’re ready for the first draft. It can be a rough outline of your main ideas down while they’re fresh. You can worry about the exact wording, the spelling, and so forth later on Your paper should contain three main Why should I just search the parts: Internet? The library list may look just like other information on the internet. But these sources usually have been checked by experts. This is not true of all the information Introduction The on the internet. It could come from almost introduction, or first paragraph, anybody, and may not be trustworthy. explains your topic and your point of view on it. It should draw readers When can I use the internet? The into the paper and let them know Internet is still a great way to look things up. what to expect. You can find addresses or recipes, listen to music, or find things to do.You can look up Body The body of the paper develops your for information on hobbies or read a ideas . Use specific facts, examples, and details to make your magazine, book or newspaper online. points clear and convince. Use separate paragraphs for each If you search the Internet on your own, new idea and use words and phrases that link one paragraph make sure the web site is reliable. or a site to the next so your ideas flow smoothly. produced by a well known organization or publication is your best bet. Conclusion Summarize your main points in the final paragraph, or conclusion. Put your first draft aside for few days, then go back and re-read it. You’ll be able to make corrections more easily after seeing it with fresh eyes. After you’re done making your revisions, read the a paper (slowly!) to check for misspellings and mistakes in grammar or punctuation. It is important in a paper to show what sources you used. This can be done with footnotes that go on the same page as the information itself and say where you got each key fact or quote. Using Search Engine The best way to find websites is to use search engine. Here are helpful ones: Showing your sources Hint: You usually will not have a reason to use the same wording as your source. If you do, refer to your source and se quotation marks. FOR A BOOK: Author. Title. City Published: Publisher, Year. Kwek,karen. Welcome to Chile. Milwaukee, Wisc:Gareth Stevens, 2004. FOR A MAGAZINE ARTICLE: Author. “Article Title.” Magazine Title, Date of Issue, Pages. Silver, Michael. “Superbowl XXXIX: Three-Ring Circus.” Sports Illustrated, February 14,2005, 36-46 EECSI 14
  18. 18. Set boundaries Prioritize If you have too much to do, make a list and prioritize it. Try to put both the most important and the most dreaded tasks at the top of your list. The most important, for obvious reasons. And the most dreaded, because they sap your energy until you get them out of the way. Focus Once you’ve made your list, try to block it from your mind and focus on the current task. If you’re a workaholic, make a commitment to stop working at a certain time of the day–even if you still have work to do. You may want to renew your mind at the end of the work day so you can mentally let go.  If you struggle with laziness, make a list each day and renew your mind whenever you don’t feel like doing the next thing on the list. Figure out what you can and can’t do We often have far too much on our to-do list. Sometimes it helps to take a break and ask, “Do I really have time for this?” Then let go of the things we don’t have time for. EECSI 15
  19. 19. Be the CHANGE that YOU wish to see in the world! Mahatma Gandhi EECSI Ultimate GOAL is Serving the Community EECSI 16
  20. 20. S E R N J J C H W S X H O G R P P S F H J D Y L M T C F A F O W A E Z Y H H P A U N O E G K I G N N I A H P R Y E M D V T L C D I A K M H G F R T Z Q O V E Z O S P S J O X F Z F L F F L J Z C H A G R F N S T J F J Z P Q N X C J P L E U C D T E C H N O L O G Y G R Q H W S A G F O T A N N A K Z I I N B J F Z D I U A U I W B F N H C J Y F C N M G S I S C E E F Q V T D E R N H G P U F W S N F A L T E A M O L P I D J E C K B D G L E N G L I S H B L C Ingredients • 1 1/2 cups wheat bran • 1 cup blueberries • 1 cup nonfat milk • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract • 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce • 1/2 cup all-purpose flour • 1 egg • 1/2 cup whole wheat flour • 2/3 cup brown sugar • 1 teaspoon baking soda • 1/2 teaspoon salt • 1 teaspoon baking powder Low-Fat Blueberry Bran Muffins Directions 1. 2. 3. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Grease muffin cups or use paper muffin liners. Mix together wheat bran and milk, and let stand for 10 minutes. In a large bowl, mix together applesauce, egg, brown sugar, and vanilla. Beat in bran mixture. Sift together all-purpose flour, whole wheat flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt. Stir into bran mixture until just blended. Fold in blueberries. Scoop into muffin cups. Bake in preheated oven for 15 to 20 minutes, or until tops spring back when lightly tapped. EECSI 17
  21. 21. Effat Gradua te Studies Effat Continu ing Educat ion
  22. 22. EECSI, Effat University Tel: +966 2 6364300 Ext: 1731-1735 Mobile: +966 554 136 469 / +966 590 120 281 Fax: +966 2 6377447 P.O Box 34689 Jeddah 21478 Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Email: EECSI SOCIAL MEDIA What’sApp:0590120281 LinkedIn: Effat University Continuing Education Twitter:@EffatEECSI YouTube: Effat EECSI Instagram: EECSI Facebook: Effat University Continuing Education
  23. 23. !"# $%&'( ،*+,-.‫&%;0 ا70را9'ت ا7,6"543$ و10&$ ا‬ ١٧٣١ :$?3@AB ٦٣٦٤٣٠٠ :FB'G ٠٥٥٤١٣٦٤٦٩ / ٠٥٩٠١٢٠٢٨١ :‫(@ال‬ ٦٣٧٧٤٤٧ :MN'O ٣٤٦٨٩ :03PQ7‫60وق ا‬S ٢١٤٧٨ :‫(0ة‬ $3‫%@د‬V7‫5$ ا‬WP%7‫$ ا‬X?+.‫(0ة، ا‬ "!"#$%&'‫0/.#ت ا,%+ا*) ا‬ What’sApp:0590120281 LinkedIn: Effat University Continuing Education Twitter:@EffatEECSI YouTube: Effat EECSI Instagram: EECSI Facebook: Effat University Continuing Education
  24. 24. ./012 !23& . */042 56789 . !":6;,9 ‫درا=$ت‬ !"‫ا-,+*ة ا'&%$ر‬ ‫ا,+ُ)' !(' !ا%$#"ز‬ M9zW ٍå?V& s5( ‫ إ#0اد‬c?# !"# $%&'( ‫ص‬Pk ‫6' ('ء‬G n&‫و‬ ٍ *Y‫`م وا7,^@رات وإ['ء ا.@ا‬Oa‫ إذا#$ ا7^@ر وا‬c?# ‫0رة‬d7'O ‫ة‬m5+,& $3‫6$ إدار‬iO‫65$ #'75$ ا7-@دة و‬dB ‫ات‬PQ1‫@3$ و‬WPB $5Y`1‫أ‬ ٍ ٍ ٍ $5+G‫4ه 3%0 ذو أ‬G g3‫$ ا.-'ز‬d3Pi7'W $5?#'",7‫'ت وا7,-'رب ا‬d5Qi,7‫وا‬ .l.'%7‫@ار ا‬A7‫ ا‬lO $3‫%@د‬V7‫5$ ا‬WP%7‫$ ا‬X?+.‫ز دور ا‬m%57 .‫4ه ا.;'رات‬G c7‫'($ &'9$ إ‬k lO l.'# ‫,^'د‬Y‫ 95'ق إ‬lO ‫ا30ة‬m,& lG‫'رات و‬V& $%W‫ أر‬s+[3 l+YP7‫ و ا‬loP.‫,'ج ا‬q‫'7@ر3@س ا‬XW @G $di6.‫ ا‬lO g#@ n& ‫ول‬a‫ ا‬l+YP7‫ و ا‬loP.‫,'ج ا‬q‫ ا‬r&'PW m5+3 '&‫و‬ ‫ ا7,"'#?5$ و‬áo'9@7‫56'ر3@ وا‬V7‫$ ا‬W',N‫$ و‬NPA,.‫9@م ا‬P7‫,'ج وا‬q‫ا‬ c?# ‫0رة‬d7‫#`م ا.,%0دة وا‬q‫ ا‬so'9‫ و‬tW r&07‫ آ75'ت ا‬c?# m5NP,7‫ا‬ c7‫$ إ‬X?+.'W ‫+5$ ا76;@ض‬G‫0رك أ‬B ‫ أ(5'ل‬r3P~B c7‫و3;0ف إ‬ ‫ و‬loP.‫,'ج ا‬q‫ ا‬r&'PW Pd3‫. و‬P+,V.‫ ا‬l6d,7‫@ل ا‬A,7‫@ر وا‬i,7‫$ ا‬QN‫&@ا‬ á5i~,7‫ آ75'ت ا‬x;O $5+G‫ أ‬l%B‫0&$ و‬d,.‫ ا‬x7'%7‫'ف دول ا‬i^& ‫4ا ا.-'ل‬G lO t#0Q. ';#@ n& ‫30ة‬P"7‫-'زات ا‬q'W 'v3‫ أ‬l+YP7‫ا‬ ‫'ري‬vA7‫ وا‬l~3‫'.@روث ا7,'ر‬W s&'N ٍl#‫ {@ء و‬lO ‫0اع‬Wq‫وا‬ P53'%& $w'5S lO 0#‫'ب ا7@ا‬Q[7‫ ا‬n& 030( s5( x;V3 ‫ أن‬lO s&z3‫و‬ x;O ‫' ً و‬Ä5?A&‫' ً و‬Ä5.'# ‫#`م‬q‫ ا‬so'9‫6'#$ و‬S xXAB l,7‫3'ت ا‬Pë67‫وا‬ ‫ و{+'ن‬m3m%B lO x;VB ‫;' أن‬z| n& l,7‫ ا.+'ر9'ت ا‬svO‫ وأ‬m5+,7‫ا‬ ‫ &-'ل‬lO P+,V.‫ ا‬P5ä,7‫$ ا‬QN‫ &@ا‬sQ9‫?5$ و‬A.‫$ ا‬O'dÇ7‫9+'ت ا‬ .‫,['ر‬q‫ ا‬c?# ‫0رة‬d7‫+@ع وا‬V.‫ وا‬g6& loP.‫ ا‬l+YP7‫,'ج ا‬q‫د3+@&$ ا‬ .$"?,~.‫#`م ا‬q‫6@7@(5'ت ا‬XB‫ و‬so'9‫وو‬ ci~7 ً 'Ä5B‫ &@ا‬l+YP7‫ وا‬loP.‫,'ج ا‬q‫'7@ر3@س ا‬XW ‫`ق‬i‫5! إ‬Y@B lBz3‫و‬ n& $3‫%@د‬V7‫5$ ا‬WP%7‫$ ا‬X?+.‫%0 ا‬B ‫-'ه ا7%'.5$ ، إذ‬B‫ إ‬lO $Ç5ÇA7‫$ ا‬X?+.‫ا‬ ‫1,`ف‬ÑW l#'+,(q‫ ا‬sS‫ ا7,@ا‬so'9@7 ً 'Ä&‫ ا9,~0ا‬x7'%7‫`د ا‬W PÇN‫أ‬ ‫( و‬YouTube) ‫5@ب‬B@57'N ';6& $5?#'",7‫ ا‬Ö1a‫ ا‬c?#‫أ@ا#;' ، و‬ P5[3‫'. و‬GP5w‫( و‬Twitter) P,3@B ‫( و‬Facebook) ‫@ك‬W M3'"7‫ا‬ x7‫7%'ب وا7%@ا‬a‫#`م ا7,"'#?5$ وا‬q‫ ا‬so'9‫دوات وو‬a 03‫ا‬m,.‫9,~0ام ا‬q‫ا‬ ، $"?,~.‫?5$ ا‬Qd,V.‫#`م ا‬q‫ ا‬so'9‫ &* و‬áQBP3 ‫,^'د‬Y‫ إ‬c7‫ا{5$ إ‬P,Oq‫ا‬ .‫%50ة ا.0ى‬W $5O'dâ‫ات إ(,+'#5$ و‬P5ä,7 ً 'ÄQN‫و&@ا‬ EECSI 18
  25. 25. ‫ا,+ُ)' !(' !ا%$#"ز‬ !"#$%‫ا.-,+ج ا)$(! وا‬ !"#$%&‫*)(! ا‬ '-)+,‫87",4ر54س ا%$2"ج ا0+/' وا‬ lO ً 'ÄV5o‫ آداء دورا ر‬c?# ‫'درة‬Y ';‫0رك ('&%$ #"! أ‬B ‫واذ‬ ‫ة‬P+â @G !"# $%&'-W (VDP) l+YP7‫ و ا‬loP.‫,'ج ا‬q‫ ا‬r&'PW ‫^'ل‬Bq‫ ا‬so'9‫ و‬s( lO ‫6'ء‬Q7‫ ا‬l#‫0ا‬Wq‫'ر ا‬X,Wq‫ ا‬M9‫إر9'ء أ‬ lO (SCA) $5o'+65V7‫?5$ ا7"6@ن ا‬N ‫ ا7-'&%$ و‬tW ‫ا7,%'ون‬ l#‫0ا‬Wq‫ ا‬P5Q%,7‫* (@دة ا‬O‫ ر‬s(a í ‫+@ع‬V.‫ وا‬loP.‫#`م وا‬ñ7 x#03 .$5X3P&a‫0ة ا‬A,.‫3'ت ا‬í@7'W (USC) '5‫'75"@ر‬N ‫('&%$ (6@ب‬ ';65W n& ‫ت #0ة‬í'-& c?# ‫'9'ت‬X%‫ إ‬n& ‫ .' 7;4ا‬sW ïVAO lO $+G'V.‫$ وا‬N‫$ 7?+['ر‬X?+.‫ ا‬l%9 *W‫ر‬a‫ ا‬gB‫'را‬V+W r&'PQ7‫ا‬ ‫#`م أي‬q‫ ا‬so'9@W !OP# '.'i7 ٍ‫'#'ت‬iY‫$ و‬O'dÇ7‫ا7"6@ن وا‬ ‫50ة‬ó‫?$ و‬S ‫ى ذات‬P1‫'#'ت أ‬iY‫ و‬FA^7‫ذا#$ وا‬q‫3@ن وا‬m"?,7‫ا‬ ‫#+'ل‬a‫'ع ا‬iY ';65W n& ‫0م‬d,.‫ ا‬x7'%7‫$ ا‬ó‫ 1'ر‬lO $X?+.‫'$ ا‬X+W .$906;7‫'@ن وا‬d7‫ وا‬x5?%,7‫ وا‬l+?%7‫ ا‬ìAQ7‫ي وا‬PvA7‫ ا‬á5i~,7‫وا‬ ‫,+'م دول‬GÑW !5ëk '.'i7 l,7‫5$ ا‬B'&@?%.‫,^'د3$ ا‬Yq‫@&$ ا‬ë6.‫ا‬ lB'&@?%.‫' ً 7?+-,+* ا‬Ä(‫$ +@ذ‬X?+.‫@ن ا‬XB ì5k ‫0&$ ؛‬d,.‫ ا‬x7'%7‫ا‬ ‫4ا‬G ïN‫ة. و3@ا‬PX,Q&‫$ و‬Ç30k ‫ق‬PiW $OP%.‫ إ,'ج ا‬c?# ‫'در‬d7‫ا‬ sX[W '5(@7@6X,7‫ &-'ل ا‬lO P+,V.‫@ر ا7-4ري وا‬i,7‫ا7,^@ر ا‬ sS‫ ا7,@ا‬so'9@N ‫ 1'ص‬sX[W $Ç30A7‫6@7@(5'ت ا‬X,7‫#'م وا‬ lO $X?+.‫$ ا‬N‫ 95'ق &['ر‬lO r&'PQ7‫4ا ا‬G lBz3‫ا7,"'#?5$. و‬ ./012 !23& . */042 56789 . !":6;,9 ‫درا=$ت‬ VDP !"‫ا-,+*ة ا'&%$ر‬ '-)+,‫ا%$2"ج ا0+/' وا‬ .x7'%7‫,@ى ا‬V& c?#‫$ و‬di6.‫ ا‬lO $56"7‫0ا#5$ وا‬Wq‫ ا‬sO'A.‫ا‬ EECSI 19
  26. 26. ‫0=< وا‪I/8JK‬‬ ‫‪<=0 !7>,9 ?0 @A,BC ٧ E)7F GH‬‬ ‫ا&36ر‪6M‬ن‬ ‫‪*E‬ا2‪3"3C D‬ة‬ ‫‪F;G !82$C‬‬ ‫?76$ت ‪F;G !82$C‬‬ ‫ا+*&#د ا$#د'&% $#"!‬ ‫٥٢ ‪WJ> XY ً ,[6$" X/)0 ]VM‬ت 0)/(! >‪!/UV‬‬ ‫02 ‪EECSI‬‬ ‫أ+9#ء 765. 43ر'1 0#"/. +-,‬ ‫*)(! ا&7)6م ا423,2(!‬ ‫وا:98/,0(!‬ ‫9,>7! 9$6ب ?$-6;‪K‬ر‪$6J‬‬ ‫*)(! ا&%$#"!‬ ‫‪,*6F‬ي‬ ‫*)(! ا10/,ل‬ ‫*)(! رو‪QF‬دام &‪,/0O‬ل‬ ‫٣ *)(,ت‬ ‫ا‪"DE‬د5-'‬ ‫&‪ ٢٥ n‬دو7$‬ ‫٥٧٪‬ ‫‪ $?+k‬د‪@,N‬راه‬ ‫‪*6= !82$C‬ا?6‪K‬ز‬ ‫,‪ A54B2C‬وا%@2-"د‬ ‫&,"‪P‬غ‬ ‫9,>7! دوك‬ ‫ا,>:=9 ا,4<;:9‬ ‫#‪0B $ò5G @v‬ر3‪M‬‬ ‫٣‬ ‫?*ا=‪I‬‬ ‫‪!6/7G‬‬ ‫@*ا?$ت‬ ‫2‪ !67B‬ودو-6!‬ ‫ا-,+*ة ا'&%$ر"!‬ ‫*)(! ا&%$#"!‬ ‫٦٢١‬ ‫درا=$ت 9,;6:"! . 98765 240/* . &32! 210/.‬ ‫ا%$2"ج ا0+/'‬ ‫وا,+)-'‬ ‫ا%$#!‬ ‫/!‬ ‫ا.-1+ز‬
  27. 27. ‫"ق ;@/? >9=8 ا;59"ة ا;:ا$98 7/654 , إذا 0/. $-,+ )* )(' و% $#"ف‬B 'CD‫ أ‬ 4; E/FG; ‫ن‬I‫9"ا، ا‬K0  8L(#M5N  89/9$‫ رو‬P9> Q;‫ إ‬RSL$‫9"ة ذا$98  و‬T ?/@$ U90 ‫ن‬VD"#F % ‫"ج‬XM;‫ ا‬YKFGZ *N "9K[;‫59"ة ا;:ا$98 . ا‬L;  8=9> ?/@;  ‫ة‬GFG 8]F"B ‫ت‬E,6> QL) ‫د‬VVN V` EN *) ‫ن‬VK,-F‫ة، و‬GFG 89$‫9"ة ذا‬T 8=9> ‫ن‬V-M[F U90 E/7 E9`  4;:; ،‫ل‬E()b‫ب ا‬E,>‫* أ‬N "9K[;‫ ا‬eLC6F % ‫، و`:ا‬e/N ‫ن‬V5-M]F‫? و‬f‫ا‬Vg‫ا‬ : 89$‫@/? >9=8 ;59"ة ذا‬h U90 iL#M/; . ‫ض‬V(=;‫ )* ا‬G#-;‫ة 0' ا‬G9#7 EkgE#N YD 8,l‫ن ا;59"ة ا;:ا$98  وا‬V[$ ‫ أن‬G7%  -١  'n‫ا‬G7 YM;‫ت ا‬ENVL#gED ، '(#;‫ ا‬oZE> ‫ى‬G; ‫ى‬Vf  "q‫ أ‬Qr#$ 8(s/g‫;59"ة ا;:ا$98 ا‬ED ،E`‫ا‬VM,N  i9s/$ Q;‫ج ا;59"ة ا;:ا$98 إ‬EM,$ E(t‫ ٢- دا‬ . 8;Vk57 '(#;‫ ا‬oZE>  Q;‫ $@' إ‬QMZ  8(s/N‫8 و‬r957 8=L7 ‫ن‬V[$ ‫ أن‬G7% 89$‫ا;59"ة ا;:ا‬ 80‫ر‬Evg‫ ا‬QL) ‫ل‬G$ YM;‫ل ا‬E#Db‫ام ا‬GXMTE7 4;‫59"ة ا;:ا$98  وذ‬L;  4M7EM0 YD  89L)ED "K0‫ن أ‬V[$ ‫ أن‬G7% 8-5M[g‫رات ا‬Ekg‫-"ات وا‬X;‫ ٣- ا‬   . ‫"ى‬nb‫ ا;59" ا;:ا$98 ا‬y7 89LCDb‫ ;4 ا‬Qr#$ ‫ل‬E#Db‫ , `:ه ا‬QL) ‫ت‬G)ET‫]]. و‬Z‫' 7:;. و‬KN  {9],M;‫وا‬ ‫س‬E5Z‫ إ‬Qr#$  ‫#-"ة‬N 8k‫ وا‬ehb e‫ أ0(' و‬QL) ‫ن‬V[F ‫ أن‬G7% ‫/59{ ا;:ي‬M;‫ ا‬Q`‫" ف 0' ا;59" ا;:ا$98  و‬D‫ا‬VM$ ‫ أن‬G7% YM;‫8 ا‬r]/L; Y$Rh -٤  . G9 "9=;‫/59{ ا‬M;‫دى ا‬E6$ QL) '()‫>9' ا;59"ة ا;:ا$98; ;:;4 أ‬E6$  '0 YD 4Mf‫ى د‬GN *) '(#;‫ ا‬oZE@; . Ek9L) ‫ل‬V@,;‫ ا‬F‫ار‬V$‫داو‬Ekv;‫ `:ه ا‬Ek/N .L@Z YM;‫0* ا‬ENb‫م وذ0" ا‬Gfb‫ ا‬Q;‫ث إ‬GZb‫* ا‬N Ek9L) '>E,;‫ورات ا‬G;‫  ا‬o$"$ ‫ أن‬G7% -٥ ./012 !23& . */042 56789 . !":6;,9 ‫درا=$ت‬ !...!"#‫."- #,+* )"(#' ا&%ا‬ !"‫ا-,+*ة ا'&%$ر‬ ..!>,0 ‫>7)6>,ت‬ !/0"1234‫6@? >6=! <;: .+67! ا&9"(ة ا&%ا#"! 76&15! ا‬A3 ‫ان أو‬V/#0 89$‫9"ة ذا‬T 897"#;‫=8 ا‬L;E7 oM[F  '(#;‫ ا‬oZE> Q;‫-#+ ا;59"ة ا;:ا$98 إ‬F ENG/) E/N "9K0 ،8FÇ9LShÉ‫=8 ا‬L;E7 89$‫ ا;59"ة ا;:ا‬iT‫ ا‬V`‫ و‬ÑÖ ‫ول‬R7 ‫أ‬G-h .١ UF"#M;‫ام ا‬GXMT‫ أ‬V` 'CDb‫=8; ا‬L;‫ ا‬YD ‫ن‬V(Cg‫? ا‬N ‫ان‬V/#;‫ ا‬ÜfE/$ Q(5F ‫8 و`:ا‬FÇ9LShÉ‫=8 ا‬L;E7 87VM[N EkLn‫ا‬G7 89$‫>9' ا;59"ة ا;:ا‬E6$ ‫ن‬V[$‫ و‬ULg‫ ا‬UF"#$ .  89$‫ ا;59"ة ا;:ا‬Ek7 ‫ب‬VM[g‫=8 ا‬L;‫ ا‬á6/7 ‫"ار‬T‫* أ‬N 8r]/;‫8 , `:ه ا‬FÇ9LShÉ‫=8 ا‬L;E7 *F"rT ‫" أو‬rT ‫ود‬GZ YD ‫ا‬G ‫#8 >=9"ة‬rf  YD '(#;‫ ا‬oZE> Q;‫ إ‬eVN 869àV;‫* ا‬N ‫ف‬Gk;‫78 ا‬EM0 YL) ‫"ص‬Z‫ ٢- أ‬ . *F"nI‫9"$4 ا;:ا$98 )* ا‬T '(#;‫ ا‬oZE> '9C6$ '(#;‫ ا‬oZE> *`‫ ذ‬Q;‫ت إ‬ENVL#g‫  $@' ا‬Ek;än *(D , ik6;‫8 ا;]"اءة و ا‬LkT 8r957 Ek7 ‫ث‬G,Mg‫=8 ا‬L;‫ن ا‬V[$ ‫ أن‬G7% 8FÇ9LShÉ‫=8 ا‬L;E7 89$‫ ا;59"ة ا;:ا‬YD E(t‫ ٣- دا‬ . i9)GM;‫ ا‬Ü#7 Y;‫ج إ‬EM,$ ‫8 أو‬rTVMN 8FÇ9LShÉ‫4 ا‬M=; .hE0 ‫>8 إن‬En. ‫"ة‬ÖE-N ‫م‬G]Mg‫968 ا‬àV;‫ ا‬YD ‫زات‬ESh‫ إ‬Q;‫@' إ‬h U90‫ر  و‬Vr$ e; ‫ث‬G,F U90‫ $/(98 ا;#(' و‬YD  4Mrn *) ‫ث‬G,MMD , '(#;‫ ا‬QL) ‫ل‬V@,;‫اف ا‬G`‫ أ‬YD ‫دا‬G,N ‫ن‬V[$ ‫ أن‬G7% -٤  . Ek9;‫إ‬ .?9D‫(94 أو ر‬T "9ç éTVMN én 87EM[;‫ ا‬YD ‫م‬GXM5g‫ ا‬éX;‫ن ا‬V[F ‫ أن‬G7% -٥  . é957‫' و‬kT '[v7 Ek$‫"اء‬f‫ ا;59"ة ا;:ا$98 و‬ikD Y]LMg‫ ا‬QL) 'k5F QMZ eNGXM5N "9ç 8FÇ9LSh‫ظ  إ‬E6;‫9]8 وأ‬f‫ام ;=8 ر‬GXMT‫م ا‬G) -٦  EECSI 21
  28. 28. ./012 !23& . */042 56789 . !":6;,9 ‫درا=$ت‬ !"‫ا-,+*ة ا'&%$ر‬ `3=2 aBb !"#$%&' ()*+‫ا$&%دات ا$/.- ا‬ ?@7‫ ا‬A&B ?2-%: ‫3. ا+/%دة ا+>%+>; : ا:9أ‬ xâ xGa‫5'ت ... ا‬dQ9a‫ أ9'س ا‬c?# úB‫اءا‬P(‫~4 إ‬B‫ أ&@رك وا‬xë '65?# ًí‫ دا‬åQ^3 c,k ‫' ً &+' %,'ده‬Ä%5+( '6,5^~| ‫@ن‬X,B @+ c7‫@ة – إ‬i~W ‫@ة‬i1 – ';W'V,N‫دي ا‬õ3 ‫* #'دات‬Q9 ‫6'ك‬G‫و‬ n& ًí'd,‫ 7?6+@، ا‬l%5Qi7‫'@ن ا‬d7‫' ً &* ا‬ÄdO‫ &,@ا‬í'%O ‫ا7[~^5$ +@ا‬ ‫#,+'د‬í‫ ا‬xâ M"67'W ‫`ل‬d,9í‫ ا‬c7‫ إ‬P5ä7‫ ا‬c?# ‫#,+'د‬í‫ا‬ *6. $?('%7‫ ا‬P5w‫&@ر ا7;'&$ و‬a‫ ا‬c?# m5NP,7‫ ا‬ï-3 . x;.‫ا‬ : lG ‫4ه ا7%'دات‬G. ‫'دل‬Q,.‫ا‬ ù5dA,7 ù3Pi7‫ .@ا(;,;' .... و&",'ح ا‬M57‫ز&'ت و‬a‫ا‬ . ‫'ت‬S'^,1í‫$ وا‬i?V7‫"@3† ا‬B @G ‫4ا ا7;0ف‬G ً ‫1. ا+/%دة ا-و+* : )( '&%درا‬ ;/C17‫ ا‬D<ECF : ;/:‫ا‬D+‫4. ا+/%دة ا‬ G<HIJ+ ïVX57 0k‫ وا‬PV~3 ‫' ً أن‬Ä3‫ور‬P{ M57 l#‫ دا‬í‫ ا7-+5* ، و‬l"X3 '& ‫6'ك‬G ، P1û‫ا‬ . n3P1û‫@اه ا‬O‫ أ‬n& $+d?7‫'ف ا‬i,1í ً ,[V9 & cde8 ,2 x;5?# g5?+B '. ً 'ÄdO‫@ن و‬NPA,3 ‫ون‬P5ÇN ‫ون‬Pi5V.‫@ن ا‬Y'QV7‫وف ، أ&' ا‬Pë7‫ا‬ ';WP[,B l,7‫'ة ا‬d,6.‫ ا‬x5d7‫ ا‬x;NPA,O lX7‫ ، و‬x;63@XB n& ً ‫ءا‬m( åQ^B‫ و‬x;9@" P55äB c?# s+%B ‫ أن‬ï-3 ً 'ÄY'Q9 ‫@ن‬XB ،L‫@? أو‬CF ‫%ول أن‬N : ;O'%P+‫5. ا+/%دة ا‬ 0H@5 A@O<+ ‫ أن‬sQY x;+;"B ‫ أن‬ï-3 ،x;?&'%B n& *& ً 'Ädk s#'",B ‫إذا أردت أن‬ .‫ أن 3";+@ك‬x;6& ï?iB (QDRS‫ ا‬G' TF%EU+‫; : ا‬V‫%د‬O+‫6. ا+/%دة ا‬ ‫د‬P-& !V57 $5#@+-.‫... ا‬g?(‫ أ‬n& `&'# ‫' ً 7?+-+@ع‬Ä5+,6& nN PÇN‫ وأ‬PQN‫@ن أ‬X59 ‫ ا.-+@ع‬s(‫ أ‬n& s+%7‫ن ,'ج ا‬a ، $5#'+-7‫ا‬ úO‫0ا‬G‫ أ‬P5äB ‫ أن‬í ، úO‫0ا‬G‫+' 3~0م أ‬W ‫وف‬Pë7‫ا‬ . ‫وف‬Pë7‫ ا‬g5?+B '. ً 'ÄdO‫و‬ 012‫2. ا+/%دة ا+>%=<; : ا:9أ وا71%ل 54 ذ‬ ،g57‫ وإدراك (50 .' أ! &'ض إ‬å{‫ وا‬x;O ú307‫0أ و‬QB ‫ أن‬l6%3 ‫4ا‬G ù3Pi7‫ ا‬lO $5{'& úB‫@ا‬i1 ‫ أن‬n& ùdA,B‫ن، و‬û‫ أ! ا‬n3‫ف أ‬P%B ‫أن‬ . å5A^7‫ا‬ ‫030 ا7;0ف أو‬AB nX7 '6B'5k lO ‫ أدوارا ً &,%0دة‬ï%? '%5+( nA . å5A^7‫ ا‬ù3Pi7‫$ ا‬OP%& lO $Y‫ د‬PÇN‫9'7$ 3-%?6' ا‬P7‫ا‬ . $5#@+-.‫'ء ا‬v#‫ (+* ,'ج أ‬sS'k ‫د‬P-& n& 1600 '+W‫ 1+1=8 أو 61 ور‬lG $5#@+-.‫ا‬ ‫%ر‬W17‫ ا‬XYZ‫%:/; : ا‬O+‫7. ا+/%دة ا‬ ‫%'د‬Wa‫ ا‬lO $?Ç+,& úB‫0را‬d&‫ و‬úB@Y ‫-0د‬B ‫ أن‬ï-3 ًí'%O ‫@ن‬XB lX7 ً ‫4ا‬G‫"$ " و‬ó'%7‫وح ، ا‬P7‫ ، ا‬sd%7‫ ، ا‬xV-7‫'5$ " ا‬Vq‫%$ 7?4ات ا‬W‫ر‬a‫ا‬ ، $O'dÇ7‫$ وا‬OP%.'W sd%7‫6+5$ ا‬B‫3'{$ ، و‬P7'W xV-7‫6+5$ ا‬B ï?i,3 *& sS‫'7,@ا‬W Fó‫6+5$ ا7%@ا‬B‫ ، و‬x5d7‫3+'ن وا‬q'W ‫وح‬P7‫6+5$ ا‬B‫و‬ .*+,-.‫ا‬ EECSI 22
  29. 29. ..!"#$"‫('ل ا‬ .ëNEh"-;‫ ا‬YD ‫ء‬G-;‫-' ا‬f ‫ى‬VM5g‫ ا‬GFG,M; 8F‫"د‬D ‫رات‬E-Mn‫ا‬ ‫ـ‬ .‫ءة‬E6[;‫* ا‬N ٍ‫ل‬E) ‫ى‬VM5N QL) áF‫ر‬G$ 8ì9` .89/]M;‫' ا‬tET‫ث و‬GZR7 8(ّ)GN 'NE#N‫98 و‬T‫ت درا‬E)Ef .8KFGZ 89T‫اد درا‬VN‫ و‬áF‫ر‬G$ o9;ET‫ أ‬.YNV9;‫ا>' ا‬VM;‫رات ا‬EkN‫{ و‬r/;‫ ا‬y5,$ QL) Ç90"M;‫ ا‬.‫ة‬G(M#N 8F‫ر‬E9#N iFV]$ 'tET‫ام و‬GXMT‫ ا‬.8F‫7#8 ا;6"د‬EMg‫ ا‬YD ‫ت‬E-ç‫"ا‬L; 89)V-T‫9(98 أ‬L#$ ‫رة‬EvMT‫ت ا‬E)ET .‫ ا;6"دي‬YL(#;‫ ا‬oF‫ر‬GML; 89)V-T‫ت أ‬E)ET .iّL#M;‫ ا‬QL) ? ّSv$ ‫ة‬Ç9(MN 89(9L#$ ‫اء‬V‫ آ‬i)G;‫ ا‬Ç0‫"ا‬N‫-8 و‬M[g‫': ا‬KN .6) 8#NE ‫ت‬ENGn ?9( *N ‫د‬E6MTÉ‫ا‬.89lEF";‫8 ا‬rvhb‫ وا‬i#rg‫(98 وا‬F‫د‬E0b‫ة ا‬GhE5g‫وا‬ . .6) 8#NES7 8NE]g‫ت ا‬E-TE/g‫8 وا‬rvhb‫ر (9? ا‬VCZ - :12,#%,‫3$@? د=;+م ا,;:1 ا,987621 ا54ا3# ا‬ !"#‫د3/2م ا0/.( ا076*5)( و&%!ر‬ i)G7‫ و‬E5h"67 ‫ن‬V7‫ر‬V5;‫#8 ا‬NE ?N ‫ون‬E#M;E7 ‫م‬G]N ،‫ت‬EFVM5g‫د ا‬G#MN UK[N ëNEh"7 ّ 8#NE *N ّ'0 *N G(M#g‫ - ا‬ëNEh"-;‫ف `:ا ا‬GkF .‫ة‬GS7 895h"6;‫98 ا‬L@/];‫* ا‬N *N 4;‫ وذ‬Ek$‫ر‬ECZ‫598 و‬h"6;‫=8 ا‬L;E7 ‫ت‬E-;Er;‫ ا‬UF"#$ Q;‫#8 )6. - إ‬NE‫ن و‬V7‫ر‬V5;‫ا‬ :‫ل‬än .(87EM[;‫ع وا;]"اءة وا‬E(MT%‫ث وا‬G,M;‫98 )ا‬TETb‫=8 ا‬L;‫رات ا‬EkN 89(/$ .ó9,@;‫{ ا‬r/;‫ب ا‬VLT‫ت وأ‬E(L[;‫8 وا‬FV=L;‫ ا‬o90‫"ا‬M;‫ ا‬QL) Ç90"M;‫ ا‬.Y)E(M%‫ وا‬YXF‫ر‬EM;‫ وا‬YD‫="ا‬S;‫ري وا‬EC,;‫ر ا‬Vs/g‫* ا‬N 895h"6;‫8 ا‬DE]K;‫ ا‬ikD ‫ى‬GN ‫س‬E9f ‫ر‬E-Mn‫ ا‬V`‫ ( و‬DELF/DALF ) ‫ر ا;ـ‬E-Mn% y7‫ر‬GMg‫ ا‬ëNEh"-;‫ ا‬G#ُFّ e(s/$ ‫598 وا;:ي‬h"6;‫ ا‬i9L#M;‫* وزارة ا‬N iM#g‫598) ا‬h"6;‫=8 ا‬L;‫ام ا‬GXMT‫ ا‬YD ‫ءة‬E6[;‫ا‬ ،8FÇ9LSh%‫=8 ا‬L; IELTS ‫ و‬TOEFL ‫رات ا;ـ‬E-Mn% ‫دل‬E#ُ g‫و;98( ا‬G;‫ ا‬CIEP ‫8 ا;ــ‬ì9` "9FE#g‫ ا‬o5Z ‫ت‬EFVM5N 8MT *N ‫س‬E9]N {D‫ و‬y7‫ر‬GMg‫ءة ا‬E60 ‫ر‬E-Mn%‫د `:ا ا‬G,F‫و‬ .8ì9k;‫ ا‬Ek$‫د‬GZ YM;‫و;98 ا‬G;‫ا‬ !"#‫د3/2م ا0/.( ا,98!*)( و&%!ر‬ ‫ث وا;]"اءة‬G,M;‫ع وا‬E(MT%‫ر7? - ا‬b‫رات ا‬Ekg‫ ا‬y7 ?(SF 89hE-TÉ‫=8 ا‬L;‫م ا‬VL7‫د‬ +9,7 Ek$‫ر‬ECZ‫98 و‬hE-TÉ‫8 ا‬DE]K;‫ ا‬Q;‫ إ‬änGN ëNEh"-;‫م `:ا ا‬G]F E(0 .87EM[;‫وا‬ .‫م‬V9;‫ ا‬E9hE-T‫ أ‬YD 89TE95;‫8 وا‬F‫د‬E@Mf%‫)98 وا‬E(M%‫0' ا‬E9k;‫ ا‬QL) o;Er;‫$#"ف ا‬ ./012 !23& . */042 56789 . !":6;,9 ‫درا=$ت‬ :.6;#*;‫"#ت ا=*3ر?> ا=<ا'# ا‬AB?3;‫ ا‬CD&4 !"‫ا-,+*ة ا'&%$ر‬ ‫3م‬O" ./01P‫3 ا-3را=$ت ا-0,;6:"! و&32! ا‬Q82 F;G !82$1E ‫إ*:+39( 87ور ا&543+*2 ا1)+دل .- ,+*)( ا&%"ر#"ن‬.(9<9=&‫@ .- ا&<?4ة ا‬A‫#5+ر‬ ‫ ,+*)( ا&%"ر#"ن‬B*‫ و‬C<D ()*+, B* ‫ر‬E=F ‫ *%?"ى‬H:& ‫ة‬EI?)* ‫+دة‬JK.+%34<# .TCF ‫?5+ر ا&ــ‬M‫ ا‬N9OP?& ‫ت‬R9J%F- !"#‫د3/2م ا0/.( ا,+!*)( و&%!ر‬ 87EM[;‫]"اءة وا‬L; 8N‫ز‬ä;‫رات ا‬Ekg‫ب ا‬E5M0‫ ا‬QL) ‫ب‬är;‫رب ا‬GF 89hEgb‫=8 ا‬L;‫م ا‬VL7‫د‬ ?N 86K[g‫8 ا‬T‫ر‬E(g‫ل ا‬än *N ‫ت‬EFVM5g‫ ا‬ULMXN QL) 89hEgb‫ ا‬ikD‫ث و‬G,M;‫وا‬ .89NV9;‫#-9"ات ا‬M;‫6"دات وا‬g‫ا‬ EECSI 23
  30. 30. )*+*, )*- ./012 !23& . */042 56789 . !":6;,9 ‫درا=$ت‬ !"‫ا-,+*ة ا'&%$ر‬ !"#$‫)(ا'& ا‬ ‫"$#ل‬T‫;21 ا‬D ‫08اف‬F= ‫"$#ل‬T‫#ت ا‬A‫4 درا‬D8K .٣ ‫رات‬E-MnÉ "9C,M;‫ ا‬ëN‫8 و7"ا‬F:96/M;‫ ا‬ëN‫* ا;-"ا‬N GFG#;‫ ا‬Ç0"g‫م ا‬G]F ‫ت >/? ا;]"ار‬E9;‫? وآ‬F‫ر‬Evg‫8 وإدارة ا‬F"v-;‫ارد ا‬Vg‫ إدارة ا‬Ek/97 *N 89;‫و‬G;‫ا‬ 8NGn Ç0"g‫م ا‬G]F E(0 .‫دة‬EF";‫رات ا‬EkN‫98 و‬S9$‫"ا‬MTÉ‫ ا‬érX;‫? ا‬l‫وو‬ .‫ل‬E()b‫8 ;"واد ا‬F‫ر‬EvMTÉ‫ت ا‬ENGX;‫ا‬ 1AB@C,‫;21 ا‬D ‫08اف‬F= G2$H%,‫4 ا,9@+ن وا‬D8K .٤ 127#67'‫;+م ا‬M,‫;21 ا‬D ‫08اف‬F= 12/@&T‫4 ا,;:#ت ا‬D8K .١ 12"#$%&'‫وا‬ 8FÇ9LShÉ‫=8 ا‬L;‫م ا‬VL7‫ ود‬Ek$‫ر‬ECZ‫598 و‬h"6;‫=8 ا‬L;‫م ا‬VL7‫ د‬Ç0"g‫م ا‬G]F 89hE7E9;‫=8 ا;@9/98 وا‬L;‫م ا‬VL7‫98 ود‬hE-Tb‫=8 ا‬L;‫98 وا‬hEgb‫=8 ا‬L;‫م ا‬VL7‫ود‬ Ç0"g‫م ا‬G]F E(0 .y]BE/;‫=8 ا;#"798 ;=9" ا‬L;‫م ا‬VL7‫"098 ود‬M;‫=8 ا‬L;‫م ا‬VL7‫ود‬ ‫ت ا;@=9"ة وا;[-9"ة‬E0"v;‫ج ا‬E9MZ‫-98 ا‬LM; ً Eú@9@n .((> ëN‫7"ا‬ '-f *N ‫رس‬G$ 89-/b‫ت ا‬E=L;‫ ا‬ëN‫'. (9? 7"ا‬CD‫8 )(' أ‬ì97 {LX; "9C,M;‫ ا‬ëN‫ و7"ا‬ëN‫* ا;-"ا‬N GFG#;‫ ا‬i9(@M;‫ن وا‬V/6;‫ ا‬Ç0"N ‫م‬G]F ‫م‬G]F E(0 .89-/b‫ت ا‬E=L;‫ ا‬i9L#$ ‫ل‬ESN YD 89;E) ‫-"ة‬n ‫ ذو‬áF‫ر‬G$ 8ì9` Image ‫3 و‬D MAX *N G(M#g‫"ف ا‬M,g‫ ا‬ëNEh"7 Ek/97 *N ‫رات‬E-Mnö; .6) 8#NE YD 8("M;‫8 وا‬FÇ9LShÉ‫=8 ا‬L;‫ ا‬i5f ?N ‫ون‬E#M;E7 Ç0"g‫ا‬ AutoCAD‫ و‬Adobe‫ و‬Photoshop‫ و‬Illustrator‫ و‬Ready In Design ‫ و‬Web Design ‫ و‬CorelDraw Flash .49D‫"ا‬S;‫ وا‬i9(@M;‫م ا‬VL7‫ د‬Ç0"g‫م ا‬G]F E(0 .8F‫ر‬V6;‫ة ا;/@98 وا‬G(M#g‫"(8 ا‬M;‫8 ا‬NGn 1AB@C,‫;21 ا‬D ‫08اف‬F= ‫#ت‬K+;M5‫@21 ا‬QR 4D8K .٢ 8@n";‫ر ا‬E-Mn‫ وا‬V[59T ‫ت‬EhE,MN‫ وا‬oF‫ر‬GML; ً ‫ا‬G(M#N ً ‫ا‬Ç0"N Gk#g‫ ا‬G#F ‫;+م‬M,‫;21 ا‬D ‫08اف‬F= !,‫و‬B,‫#7#ت ا‬N%KO, ‫اد‬B"'‫4 ا‬D8K .٥ ëN‫* ا;-"ا‬N GFG#L; E-F‫ر‬G$ Ç0"g‫م ا‬G]F E(0 .Y;I‫ ا‬oTE,;‫دة ا‬E9]; 89;‫و‬G;‫ا‬ 1AB@C,‫;21 ا‬D‫ا'76#721 وا'&%$#"21 و‬ :Ek/97 *N ‫"ى‬nI‫ا‬ ‫رات‬E-Mnö; 8F"9C,$ ëN‫و;98 7"ا‬G;‫ت ا‬EhE,MNö; ‫اد‬G)É‫ ا‬Ç0"N ‫م‬G]F ‫ت‬E-TE,;‫8 ا‬hE9> ‫ت‬E[-v;‫ا‬ (IGCSE‫ و‬GRE ‫و‬GMAT‫ و‬SAT ‫ و‬iBT TOEFL):89;EM;‫و;98 ا‬G;‫ا‬ Adobe .‫س‬E9f ‫ر‬E-Mn‫وا‬ A+ ‫&4ذا )87* ا2*را54ت ا2$10/.-( و+*)( ا&%$#"؟‬ .‫ت‬E9L[;‫* ا‬N ‫ة‬G(M#N ‫دات‬EkÖ / 8#NES;‫ ا‬YD ‫ث‬äK;‫ت ا‬E9L[L; 8#7E$ Ç0‫"ا‬g‫ ا‬.89;E) ‫-"ة‬n ‫ ذوي‬áF‫ر‬G$ 8ì9` ‫ء‬EC)‫ أ‬ً.E9gE) ‫ ً و‬Eú9L,N 89;E) ‫-"ة‬n ‫8 ذوي‬fVN"N ‫ت‬E#NE ‫9(98 و‬L#$ ‫ت‬E5TùN ?N ‫ون‬E#$ ‫ت‬E9fE6$‫ ا‬‫اف‬G`b‫دة و$,]9{ ا‬VS;‫ن ا‬E(C; eF‫7#8 دور‬EMN ،i#rg‫]'، وا‬M5g‫ ا‬i9L#M;‫78 و ا‬ErX;‫%ت و ا‬E@$%‫ ا‬Ç0"N ‫، و‬YlEF";‫دي ا‬E/;‫-8، ا‬M[g‫798: ا‬äB ‫ت‬ENGn .8;V6r;‫8 ا‬FE)‫ ر‬Ç0"N‫و‬ .‫ت‬E9/]M;‫ث ا‬GZR7 ‫ه‬ÇkSN 89T‫ل درا‬V@D .8/5;‫ال ا‬VB .6) 8#NE YD 8NE]g‫8 ا‬rvhb‫ت و ا‬E-TE/g‫ ا‬YD 80‫ر‬Evg‫98 ا‬hE[N‫ إ‬  EECSI 24
  31. 31. *, )*..)*+ ‫ت‬EE9MZ% 87ESMT‫]8 ا‬r/g‫ ا‬YD ?(MSg‫8 ا‬NGn Ç0‫"ا‬N 't‫* أوا‬N G#F *N Efärh‫8. وا‬NG]Mg‫ب ا‬V#v;‫ف ا‬Er@N YD ‫ن‬V[9; e$E#Lr$‫(? و‬MSg‫ا‬ ‫,ت‬j& ‫"اط‬Xh‫ ا‬e-#LF ‫ور ا;:ي‬G;‫(? وا‬MSg‫? ا‬N ')E6M;‫`(98 ا‬R7 .6) 8#NE ‫ن‬E(F‫إ‬ ‫ة‬G#>b‫8 ا‬DE0 QL) Ek7 8r9,g‫ت ا‬E#(MSg‫ ا‬YD 89(9L#M;‫ت ا‬E5Tùg‫ا‬ ?(MSg‫8 ا‬NGn‫8 و‬F:96/M;‫ت ا‬ET‫را‬G;‫ ا‬Gk#N ‫ل‬än *N‫#8 )6. و‬NE Q#5$ ‫ث‬GZ‫ أ‬QL) ‫ات‬Ç9kS$‫ و‬áF‫ر‬G$ 8ì9` ‫ء‬EC)‫* أ‬N Ek$EhE[N‫9" إ‬X5M; ‫ة‬G`E ?N {D‫ا‬VMF E(7 89;‫و‬G;‫ وا‬Ek/N 89L,g‫ت ا‬E#(MSg‫ت ا‬E-ç‫-98 ر‬LM; ‫ت‬EFVM5g‫ا‬ ‫)6>,ت‬M‫د‬ .U9/,;‫* ا‬FG;‫ ا‬i9;E#$‫8 و‬F‫د‬V#5;‫[8 ا;#"78 ا‬L(g‫8 ا‬DE]q   8959t‫ ر‬Ç0‫"ا‬N á(n *N ‫ن‬V[N ?(MSg‫8 ا‬NGn‫8 و‬F:96/M;‫ت ا‬ET‫را‬G;‫ ا‬Gk#N ‫ن‬V/6;‫ل وا‬E()b‫ت وا‬ENVL#g‫ت و$]/98 ا‬E=L;E0 86LMXN ‫ت‬ENE(M`‫ف ا‬GkM5$ Ü#7 ‫"ط‬Mv$ YM;‫و;98 ا‬G;‫ت ا‬EhE,MNä; ‫اد‬G)É‫ ا‬ohE Q;‫ ا‬i9(@M;‫وا‬ ‫م‬E5fbE7 ‫ق‬E,M;ä; YTET‫ أ‬oLrM(0 E`‫ز‬E9M‫و;98 ا‬G;‫98 وا‬L,g‫ت ا‬E#NES;‫ا‬ i>‫ا‬QM .86LMXg‫ا‬ 'CD‫9" أ‬DV$ QL) 8#NES;‫"ص ا‬Z ‫ر‬EB‫ إ‬YD ./012 !23& . */042 56789 . !":6;,9 ‫درا=$ت‬ ‫#8 )6. وا;:ي‬NE YD ?(MSg‫8 ا‬NGn‫8 و‬F:96/M;‫ت ا‬ET‫را‬G;‫ ا‬Gk#N Ñvh‫أ‬ !"‫ا-,+*ة ا'&%$ر‬ ./01P‫3 ا-3را=$ت ا-0,;6:"! و&32! ا‬Q82 RG !2$G ‫%:ه‬J F;G !82$C E9/kN ‫ت‬E#(MSgE7 V(/;‫* أ' ا‬N ‫ت‬ENGX;‫ا‬ "9FE#g‫ ا‬e9CM]$ E(7 EF"[D‫ و‬EF‫د‬E@Mf‫وا‬ ‫ل‬än *N 8#NES;‫م ا‬G]$ Ç9(ML; 89;‫و‬G;‫ا‬ 8NGn‫8 و‬F:96/M;‫ت ا‬ET‫را‬G;‫ ا‬Gk#N á(n ‫ل‬än *N 89;EM;‫ ا‬ëN‫(? ا;-"ا‬MSg‫8 ا‬NGn‫8 و‬F:96/M;‫ت ا‬ET‫را‬G;‫ ا‬Gk#N ‫م‬G]F :YLFE(0 .6) 8#NE YD ‫ث‬äK;‫ت ا‬E9L[L; 8#7E$ Ç0‫"ا‬N ?N ‫ون‬E#M;E7 ‫ت‬ENVL7‫(? د‬MSg‫ا‬ .DVT‫["و‬FEN‫ و‬E5h"D YD ‫ن‬V7‫ر‬V5;‫ا‬ 8F"v-;‫ارد ا‬Vg‫وق $/(98 ا‬G/>‫و‬ :!(3(A‫ ر‬f*‫ا‬Q> g/h ?> #%7K‫6ن ا‬U8 89)E(MÉ‫98 وا‬hE5hÉ‫م ا‬VL#;‫98 ا‬L[; ?7EM;‫/-98 ا‬b‫ت ا‬E=L;‫ ا‬Ç0"N.١ 8TG/k;‫98 ا‬L[; ?7EM;‫ت ا‬ENVL#g‫ $]/98 ا‬Ç0"N .٢ ‫ل‬E()b‫98 ادارة ا‬L[; ?7EM;‫ل ا‬E()b‫ت ا‬ET‫درا‬Ç0"N .٣ 85/k;‫98 ا‬L[; ?7EM;‫ ا‬i9(@M;‫ن وا‬V/6;‫ ا‬Ç0"N .٤ 89)E(MÉ‫98 وا‬hE5hÉ‫م ا‬VL#;‫98 ا‬L[; ?7EM;‫و;98 ا‬G;‫ت ا‬EhE,MNä; ‫اد‬G)É‫ ا‬Ç0"N .٥ 8TG/k;‫98 ا‬L0‫و‬ Y)E(MÉ‫9"ي ا‬X;‫وق ا‬G/@;‫وا‬ ‫ن‬V/6L; Ç;‫ر‬Ev$ "9Nb‫ ا‬Gk#N‫و‬ 8#NES;‫ أن ا‬E(0 .‫ن‬G/; YD 8FG9L]M;‫ا‬ (897"#;‫=8 ا‬L;‫ ا‬Gk#N ?N ‫ون‬E#M;‫د ا‬G@7 ‫`"ة‬E];‫ ا‬YD 89[F"Nb‫#8 ا‬NES;‫ ا‬YD ‫ن‬VhE(q ‫ى‬GN QL) et‫ أدا‬Ç9(M7 ‫#"وف‬g‫وا‬ áF‫ر‬GM; †@XMN ëNEh"7 iFG]M; ENE) "5F E(0 . y]BE/;‫=8 ا;#"798 ;=9" ا‬L;‫ا‬ i9(@M; ‫م‬EM;‫اده ا‬G#MT‫* )* ا‬L#F ‫ أن‬Gk#g‫ا‬ ?N oTE/M$ 8F‫ر‬EvMT‫ت ا‬ENGn‫-98 و‬F‫ر‬G$ ëN‫7"ا‬ .i[$EE9MZ‫ا‬ EECSI 25
  32. 32. ‫"/‪ 3L‬ا;3را‪#K‬ت ا;*‪ .'J6-D‬و‪ ."3H‬ا=‪F&*G‬‬ ‫>7%# ا&#را",ت ا&8$=(‪ !l‬و‪ !>#h‬ا‪I/8JK‬‬ ‫ا&$‪Qo‬ة ا4‪,dh‬ر!‬ ‫ا&)‪E‬د ٢‬ ‫‪QM‬ا>‪i‬‬ ‫و‬ ‫0‪Q‬وض‬ ‫ر‪E‬‬ ‫6. ٤١‬ ‫٠٢‬ ‫‪D,EF G5H‬‬ ‫95$‪ IF‬ا%4ا‪25F‬‬ ‫)('&%! $"#"!!‬ ‫9##‬ ‫‪K-$ZE‬ر"‪K‬س ا'‪$0J‬ج‬ ‫ا‪ I*P‬وا-*[/‪I‬‬ ‫ا&)‪ !j‬ا&=‪!(32Q‬‬ ‫وا1"‪ !(2,d‬وا1‪!(2,K‬‬ ‫و‪,mC‬ر‪,%F‬‬ ‫ا%,?>5= ا)<,"$ وا%;را9+ت ا%,765432‬ ‫‪@6A 2?B+1C‬‬