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Transcripts of the interview pdf


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Transcripts of the interview pdf

  1. 1. YoAll of our interviews started with an explanation of the survey andconfirmation that the information was allowed to be shared online on ourschool Media Wordpress blogs.Transcript: Interview 1Interviewer: Name 5 of your favourite hobbies!Interviewee: Five? Okay...Um...Photography, um, food and drink,computing...Uh...Fishkeeping – scraping the barrel now! I’ll skip on the last one!Interviewer: What sorts of magazines do you read?Interviewee: I have a couple of photography magazine subscriptions, and I read generaltechnology magazines for computing...Newspapers, I tend to read the Guardian or theIndependentInterviewer: What kind of genre of music do you listen to most?Interviewee: Quite a wide range of stuff really, from hip-hop to classical.Interviewer: If you were to think about punk-rock or watch a punk-rock music video, whatstereotypes would you think of?Interviewee: Well it depends what sort of punk-rock we’re talking about here! If it’s classicpunk-rock then it’s generally pretty crappy music, um, with bands that can’t play or sing verywell, and they typically look like the stereotypical punk rocker!If you come into the more modern day punk-rock for bands such as Green Day, then you’retalking about guys that can sing, play their instruments well, and just happen to play thatgenre of music.Interviewer: Okay! If you were to buy a punk rock album, whether classic or modern, whatwould influence you to buy it?Interviewee: The music; it’s all about the music.Interviewer: Great! Could you finally name three of your favourite bands or artists for us?Interviewee: Erm probably I’d go for Michael Fanti, Angus & Julia Stone and...Probablythe Barenaked Ladies!Interviewer: Okay! Thank you very much!Transcript: Interview 2Interviewer: Could you list five hobbies or interests for us?Interviewee: Technology – and trying to get technology to help my brain work better,because it has a few inadequacies – family, obviously, um...My big passion is socialtransformation in the UK, and yeah, that’s about as far as it goes really!
  2. 2. Interviewer: Okay, that’s fine! And what sort of magazines or newspapers do you tend toread or prefer?Interviewee: None at all! Don’t read magazines or newspapers!Interviewer: Oh, okay, I take it you find most of your news or information online?Interviewee: I find most of my main information- my main information source is BBCNews online.Interviewer: Great! What sort of genre of music would you say is your favourite, or thatyou prefer?Interviewee: I started off, when I was younger, liking Northern American Soul, which I stilldo quite like; so that’s stuff like Diana Ross and er, the good sort of dancing music. Then,when I was at Uni it was the time when U2 first came out, so U2 have been the big bandinfluence in my life. Quite like The Waterboys as well, but to be honest, I know this is quiteshocking but I haven’t had much time to develop my musical taste so I tend to just listen towhat’s out there but I’m really into some Christian worship music right now.Interviewer: Okay great! So if you were to be sat down and shown a punk-rock video, fromthe original or modern day punk rock, what sort of stereotypes would you expect to see?Interviewee: Original, ‘70s, I was there! Johnny Rotten, ginger hair, spiky hair, lots ofpeople doing unpleasant things and basically chains and things round your pants!Interviewer: *laughs* Okay! Um, so what sort of influences would convince you to buy analbum or a punk rock album?Interviewee: I would never buy a punk-rock album again! It’s quite simply whether itappears on iTunes, or comes across on my radar screen.Interviewer: I see! And finally could you name us maybe 3 of your top favourite bands atthe moment?Interviewee: At the moment, well top three bands would be U2, there is...The only otherone that is significant is a band called Jesus Culture.Interviewer: Okay! Thank you for your time!Transcript: Interview 3Interviewer: Okay, first of all, would you mind listing 5 hobbies or interests for us?Interviewee: Well I like to read (not surprisingly since I used to be a former librarian), Ilike to listen to music, I like watching films, I like going to the cinema when I get the chanceand I love travel; I love to travel.Interviewer: Awesome! And what sort of magazines or newspapers do you prefer to read?Interviewee: I don’t read any newspapers to be honest with you, but I would read theoccasional magazine, like Marie Clare or that kind of thing; Red, Chic and such.
  3. 3. Interviewer: Okay, and – oh! What sort of genre of music would you say you were mostinterested in?Interviewee: I listen to everything; really, really everything. I know everybody says that butI actually do, I really listen to anything once, if I don’t like it I won’t listen to it again! I havehundreds and thousands of actual vinyl records at home, I have a jukebox with 100 CDs in it,I have my iPod, so I really do listen to nearly anything at all. My favourite singer is a womancalled Sean Colvin, and James Taylor. Both are singer/songwriters but I listen to nearlyanything.Interviewer: Okay! So if you ever watch or listen to a punk rock band or watch their musicvideo or anything like that, what stereotypes do you expect to see?Interviewee: Well having lived through the punk rock era, I think of the style of punk rock.I pretty much know what to expect from the punk video of that era, and it was all to beshocking and be completely different, and I remember Mohicans and things like that, binbags pinned together with safety pins, because we never really had that; well, of course wehad that, but not on telly and not in song. There was disrespectfulness to the Queen; veryshocking! That was the kind of thing we had, always aggressive – but always with somethingto say! That was the thing, there were very few pointless punk songs.Interviewer: Okay! If you were to go into a music shop and buy a punk rock CD now andyou didn’t know anything about the bands, what would attract you to the CD?Interviewee: Well, while we’re never supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, or indeed a CDby it’s cover, there’s no getting away from the fact that it is very specifically designed toattract people, so I can’t deny that cover will start you off! Maybe what I’d heard about thembefore, if I had, or sometimes we’ve been known t just go in and say “let’s just get this, let’sgive it a bash!”. It’s hard to say if you don’t know anything at all about the band, but I’d takepersonal recommendation from my children and things too, or from the media!Interviewer: Okay, thank you! And final question, can you list three of your favouritebands for us?Interviewee: I like Muse, I like um...Let’s see, who else? Gosh! I love bands like The Eagles,I love the Doobie Brothers...Modern stuff I guess...I don’t really know what’s top any more!Interviewer: Thank you ever so much!Transcript: Interview 4 (The interviewee requested that the original sound filebe omitted from the blog, and that his interview be a transcript only.)Interviewer: First of all...Could you list, maybe, say five things that interest you, like yourhobbies?Interviewee: Walking, DIY, swimming...Playing with my children, reading.Interviewer: Okay, thank you! And what kind of magazines or newspapers do you likereading?
  4. 4. Interviewee: I don’t have time to read newspapers, when I do I usually buy theIndependent. Occasionally the Times.Interviewer: And what would you say is your favourite genre of music, from pop toclassical; anything really?Interviewee: Hm...Nu-Wave Punk.Interviewer: Okay! That’s a cool one! Going with the punk theme, if you were to sit andwatch a punk rock music video, or were asked to think about punk rock, what sort ofstereotypes would spring to mind or would you expect to see?Interviewee: Dark dingy pubs, scruffy band members, er...Relatively cheaply producedvideos.Interviewer: Okay, and if you were to walk into HMV, or another generic music store, whatsort of influences would convince you to buy an album other than the music?Interviewee: Price.Interviewer: *laughs* Okay! Could you name three of your top favourite bands?Interviewee: Hm...Bad Brains, The Dead Kennedys and...Suicidal Tendencies.Interviewer: Okay! Thank you very much for your time!Transcript: Interview 5Interviewer: Okay, first of all could you maybe list five hobbies or interests for us?Interviewee: I enjoy...Reading, I enjoy wordsearches, um...I enjoy listening to music...Um,I enjoy photography and artwork.Interviewer: Okay! What sort of magazines or newspapers do you enjoy reading?Interviewee: Er...Kerrang!.Interviewer: Cool. Okay, if someone was to show you a punk rock music video, what sort ofstereotypes do you expect to see, or what do you think of when you think of punk rock?Interviewee: Erm, guys with leather jackets, ripped jeans, chains...Um...Mohicans,coloured Mohicans.Interviewer: Okay, what would convince you to buy a CD or album if you walked intoHMV?Interviewee: Urm...The track list; if there’s any songs I know. The artist, if I recognisedthem!Interviewer: Cool, and can you list five of your favourite bands for us?Interviewee: Er...Rise Against, Breaking Benjamin, um...*long pause*
  5. 5. Interviewer: Do you want to leave it at 2?Interviewee: Is that okay?Interviewer: Yep, no problem! Thank you for your time.