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Process of mobile app development


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Process of mobile app development

  1. 1. DISCOVERY & MARKET RESEARCH Research and fix your mind about what you want in your mobile app. We discuss our client’s ideas with our professional team to discover an app strategy that we would follow. PLANNING & STRATEGY Strategy planning is the most important part of the app development process. We listen to our clients carefully and understand their requirements. After the discussion, we identify the best strategy and prepare a layout as per client’s requirement. DESIGN Once the client approves our prototype, the team starts working on the design of the application, on completion of the design we send over the design to the client for the approval. DEVELOPMENT The development team works on the design & development of the app - build hooks with the necessary database - integrate web services and performance testing. QUALITY ASSURANCES When the product is ready for the launch - make sure your testing team does the required quality check with various tools and see if there are any bugs to be fixed. LAUNCH So here we are - bringing your idea to reality.