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Business Solution - Data Conversion Services


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Range of outsourcing data conversion services Offered by edatamine. we are specialists in accurate, affordable & fast data conversion service and document conversion services, other services like HTML conversion, file conversion, and XML conversion.

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Business Solution - Data Conversion Services

  1. 1. Business Solution Data Conversion Services File Conversion Services File Conversion Services help you keep your files updated by converting them from one format to another format. Book Conversion to PDF or MS Word EBook can be accessed all the time irrespective of time and location. One of the most significant advantages of eBooks conversion is the fact that they require no trees to create them. This is an eco-friendly option that both reduces cost and lowers environmental impact. XML Conversion Services XML Conversion Service is the process and method of converting data from a particular format into an XML format. PDF Conversion Services The Portable Document Format (PDF) has appeared as the format of choice for data conversion. So it advisable to save the documents in the PDF format. Image to Text Conversion Services Image data conversion offers services that include high-speed scanning of images, data mining, and capturing data from scanned images. Excel and HTML Conversion Services By converting the file from excel to HTML files, you can efficiently distribute the content.