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Questionnaire analysis


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Questionnaire analysis

  1. 1. Questionnaire Analysis
  2. 2. My first question was ‘how much are you willing to spend on a magazine?’, the most common response which nearly everyone voted for was £3, this was the middle amount as it ranged from £1 to £5+. This shows me that my audience would not mind paying an agreeable amount for the magazine. This also means that if the magazine was larger then it may also be fine to sell for £5 or more, as if it was smaller it could easily sell for less. My second question was ‘do you like watching bands live?’, the most common response to this was yes, this shows me that in my magazine I need to put covers of the latest gigs and festivals, reviews of these festivals and maybe a couple of competitions to win tickets to these gigs and festivals. As only one person put no I think that it is a definite that I put coverage of gigs and festivals in the magazine. Question three was ‘what would make you buy a magazine if you saw it on a shelf?’, the most common answer to this one was, ‘a bind you like is on the cover’, as the majority, nearly all put this answer, then this shows me that I need to put an already established artist on the front of the magazine with cover lines of upcoming artists on there too, this way you can see your favourite artists making you buy it, then learning of new artists when looking through. Four, ‘how do you access music’, the most popular was legal downloading, this shows me that I need to advertise sites and services like iTunes and other legal downloading music sites and services, I could also include competitions for iTunes gift cards and credit and the other sites, and also the iTunes festival could be covered. Number five just strengthens the fact that I need to show information on gigs and festivals as most people would stay at a festival for the duration of the opening time, rather just for a day.
  3. 3. Question six was, ‘where do you watch music videos?’, the marks were evenly spread between TV and online, so this shows that I need to broaden the magazine to advertising TV shows and online sites that offer music videos, for example, I could have YouTube or MTV advertised in the magazine. Question seven is ‘which music TV channel would you rather watch?’, the highest was MTV, this strengthens the fact that I need to advertise MTV and other well known music channels on TV. Eight was ‘where do you listen to music?’, the most popular answer was alone, but it was fairly even between them, these results shown me that I need to advertise electronic devices that play music, this is because, this is how people listen to music at home and travelling usually, and also again need to feature gigs and festivals as this was also a high vote on the questionnaire. Finally nine is ‘what is your favourite music genre?’, the highest mark here was on RnB, this shows that this would be a good genre to focus some articles on in my magazine, although, I think that if I had put Drum and Bass on the list then that would of got a high mark, as this is a very popular genre. Conclusion So to conclude I think that I need to have a broad mix of genres in my magazine due to the results of question nine. I also feel that it is a very good idea to have features on gigs and festivals due to the results of questions 8, 5 and 2.