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  1. 1. Personal Learning and Reflection
  2. 2. Front cover I analysed 10 front covers for my front cover analysis, most of the covers followed the codes and conventions of magazines by having the masthead at the top of the page and the width of the page as well, this makes me inclined to use this layout on my magazine. The covers all had a large main image that followed the colour scheme and graphics of the rest of the front cover which makes the cover seem professional. This makes me want to do the same by having a set colour scheme and graphic style for the cover of my magazine. Most of the covers had a lure or buzz word on them, these words or phrases attract the readers eyes and make them want to turn to the pages that are around them, this means that I need to use words like ‘PLUS!’ or ‘Exclusive’ to draw the readers eye and lure them into reading the stories on the inside of the magazine. Nearly all of the magazines have a barcode on them, this makes them seem professional