Evaluation 4


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Evaluation 4

  1. 1. How did you use newmedia technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Media technologiesThe use of software and hardware usedthroughout the entire design, planning andmaking of the products and ancillaryproducts. All of the software was used toenhance and design the products otherwiseit would not be possible.
  3. 3. HardwareA laptop and computer were the heart of all of themaking of the main task and ancillary tasks. It was usedfor everything from the planning, to blogger, to AdobePremier Pro and YouTube, to emailing and designing andmore!
  4. 4. This video camera was This tripod was used toused to film the teaser place the camera ontrailer so without this whilst videoing to keep itvideo camera it still and prevent anywouldn’t have been camera shake. It waspossible. helpful to get the right angles.
  5. 5. This digital camera was used totake photos for themagazine, poster and behind thescenes. It was appropriate for thejob and it was my personal cameraso I knew how to use it.
  6. 6. This was a prop and hardware This was the cable used toused. A mobile phone was connect the video cameraneeded to get in touch with the to the computer so that weactor and actress to organise could transfer thethe filming and to get in recordings to thecontact. It was also needed as computer, to load ontoa prop in filming because there Premier Pro, so that weare phone calls made and this could do editing.was an appropriate product.
  7. 7. SoftwareI used Adobe Premier Pro as the Teaser Trailer editingsoftware. This software was excellent throughout andalthough complex, once you got the hang of it wassimple to use. I am very pleased with the process and ithas really helped me develop my editing skills and useof Adobe. It had many transitions and sound affectsthat I tried and tested and some that I went on to use.Overall I am happy with this software and would feelhappy to use it again.
  8. 8. Photoshop CS5I used Photoshop to create both my Poster and Magazinecover. I have worked with Photoshop a lot before andtherefore I knew how to use it quite well. I firstly used toedit the images I took on my digital camera for themagazine and poster. I then went on to design and createthe magazine cover using all the differentfont, colours, techniques, shapes and features to make itto the bets standard I could. Photoshop worked well forthe needs of this task.
  9. 9. Paint I used paint for a few minorWord was used for any adjustments to images and fonts andnote taking, typing up and background to insert into the teaserplanning. trailer. For example I created the red background with the text "The Following" on Paint. This was helpful and simple to use.
  10. 10. Dafont was used toThe internet was used to get a font that wesearching many different wanted for a shot inthings to gather pieces of our teaser trailer. Itinformation or to get images has a variety ofand to go on websites. fonts which was very helpful.
  11. 11. This was the website we YouTube was used soused to get our that we could upload oursoundtracks from for our Teaser Trailer andteaser trailer. It was free therefore present it onmusic that we were blogger and to othersallowed to use and who want to watch it.download.