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Evaluation 1

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Evaluation 1

  1. 1. In what ways doesyour media product use, develop, orchallenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. Media productsFollowing or challenging conventions?
  3. 3. Typical Conventions that we followed
  4. 4. Challenging conventionsPoster Teaser TrailerWe had the Music thatimage in black contrasts theand white which mood slightly confusing theis challenging Magazine audience toconventions. We challenged make it more conventions by jumpy. the way the masthead is structured and the image was taken outside not in a studio.
  5. 5. Media product relevanceOur products are relevant to professional media productsbecause they follow typical conventions and in some casesalso challenge conventions. Our magazine follows manyconventions but the masthead is unconventional. The contrastof the different soundtracks across our teaser trailer creates amore confusing atmosphere for the audience so they dontknow when to be scared. The poster follows conventionsexcept the image is black and white but this fits the theme ofthe film more as it needs to be more dark and mysterious.Professional products need to create a massive effect on thetarget audience for it to be successful. We can prove that ourteaser trailer is causing a stir because we have 37 hits on ournew You Tube upload.
  6. 6. Interview questions1) How did you decide on the genre? We decided on the genre by doing audience questionnaires to collect peoples votes of the most popular genre and their specific tastes. We selected a variety people in the age category of our target audience to find out the best possible genre. In fact the highest voted was comedy but after discussion we felt this genre would be very hard to create an amazing teaser trailer for that would be professional enough for the standard of our audience. So we decided on a thriller which we felt we could accomplish well enough to be a great product.
  7. 7. 2) What made you pick these actors and actresses? We decided on these two specific actor and actress as they both promote drama and have acted a lot before and we felt their personality and skills stood out enough and were perfect for our roles. They are both down-to-earth and keen to listen and learn. We felt we could rely on them both and they would be nice to work with.
  8. 8. 3) Who is the target audience? The target audience are citizens aged from 15-25yrs because we feel that the film would capture their interest, through the complex emotional roller coaster of the storyline and the ambitious characters in the film. Thriller is a popular genre, and in our questionnaire was chosen as second most favourite genre. It can suit both genders because the film has two sides to it. The scary aspects of the film can sometimes acquire a specific taste, but we feel they would be mad to miss out on this one!
  9. 9. 4) How does the music challenge or follow conventions? The music in our teaser trailer both challenges and follows conventions. For example we have a slow and creepy soundtrack right from the beginning which creates the right atmosphere and tension that the audience should feel. But as we go through the film, some slight upbeat soundtracks were used to create a contrast between the tense atmosphere, to a more light and slightly humorous atmosphere so that the audience will feel slightly confused about what is happening next. This is challenging conventions because it should get the audience hooked and confused so that they want to watch more! We have other sounds for the part where character "Gabby" is stalking her boyfriend this then makes the audience realise she is the evil one and something will happen as the tension is building.
  10. 10. 5) What ambitions did you have that you couldnt follow through with? Some ambitions that we had but couldnt follow through with, was to make the trailer scarier. We didnt do this because this would make the target audience a lot smaller, but we are still happy with the final outcome.

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