Understanding Millennials: Where to find them and how to reach them


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“Where to Find Them and How to Reach Them” will examine the congregating places for millennial students and how best to attract their attention. We will also be releasing the results of our Millennial Website Review and Social Footprint Analysis case studies in the near future.

* Where do millennials spend time?
* How can you best attract their attention?
* What do millennials think of our institutional websites?
* Where in the electronic social world are our schools being talked about?
* Best practices
* Factors to consider
* Conclusions

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Understanding Millennials: Where to find them and how to reach them

  1. 1. Millennials & Neo-Millennials: THE WEBINAR SERIES Presented by the Imagine America Foundation and ED MAP.
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  6. 6. ED MAP Labs Millennial Review ● EML Millennial Review is a robust tool that, in a controlled environment, offers an online, asynchronous review of all aspects of the student experience. It enables schools to gain feedback from current students, potential students and targeted demographics. Three participants in today’s webinar will be selected to receive a free Millennial Website Review and the results will be shared anonymously in the fourth webinar.
  7. 7. Session Four: Where to Find Them and How to Reach Them Rebekah Richards Chief Academic Officer & School Principal The American Academy theamericanacademy.com
  8. 8. Today’s Session ● Introductions ● Who are the Millennials? ● Where can you find them? ● Are you ready for them? ● TAA’s Millennials Strategy
  9. 9. Who are the Millennials?
  10. 10. A Generational Timeline
  11. 11. From the Outside In ● Entitled ● Center of the Universe: “It’s all about me.” ● “Trophy Kids” ● Motivated by money and fame
  12. 12. Self-Reflection ● Entitled  Empowered ● Center of the Universe  Self-Actualized ● “Trophy Kids”  Life on their own terms ● Motivated by money, fame … and world peace.
  13. 13. Where can you find Millennials?
  14. 14. Are you Millennial ready?
  15. 15. Rebekah’s Keys for Reaching Millennials Be… ● Transparent ● Authentic ● Flexible ● Community-Moderated
  16. 16. TAA’s Millennials Strategy
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