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Everything you need to know about Search in 30 minutes. SEO, SEM and Local Search and Blogging.

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Tech tuesday 1-17 search

  1. 1. Rebuilt for BusinessTECH TUESDAYSearch in 30 Minutes(SEO, SEM, Blogging and Local) 1.17.2012 Presented by: Ed Knowles 1
  2. 2. Rebuilt for BusinessThe Web is your Always Open “OpenHouse” Train: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Taxi Cab: Search Engine marketing SEM Inside of the House: Brand Positioning, Messaging Leading people to Take Action (CTA) Foundation: Good Design and Good Programming Good On-page SEOYour House- Website, Landing page,Mobile Site Neighborhood Address: Local Search
  3. 3. Rebuilt for BusinessAgendaI. Overview a. State of Search • What is Search? • Search in 2012 b. Keyword Research c. SEO vs. SEM overview • SEO- On-Page • SEO- Off-Page d. Blogging Basics e. Local Search f. Overview of Search Plus Product at Process g. Upcoming Trends h. Questions?
  4. 4. Rebuilt for BusinessWhat is Search?Search Engines and how do they function?•A Program like GoogleAllows users to find documents through keywordsSends out a “Spider” to CrawlIndexers reads documents•Each Search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing) appliesTo their Algorithm to what results are shown•That is Where you get the acronyms:•SEO- Search Engine Optimization•SEM- Search Engine Marketing•Search Engine are looking for “Votes of Trust”This is to deliver the best result to user
  5. 5. Rebuilt for BusinessSearch in 2012• Search is happening on many different devices• Desktop, Mobile, Tablets• Searching on Browsers, Applications• Consistent experience across Devices (Platform Agnostic)• Search Engine Rankings- Dec 2011 Comscore1) Google- 65.9%2) Bing- 15.1%3) Yahoo- 14.5%
  6. 6. Rebuilt for BusinessKeyword Research• How are people finding you? • Example:• What are your brand/company • Maple Grove Real Estate Agent strengths? “Joe Johnson”• What is unique? • 30 years experience• Why are you better? • Specialize in First time home• What needs/Problems do you solve? buyers• What Geography do you Serve best? • Geography for opportunity: Maple Grove, Medina, Ham Lake Area
  7. 7. Rebuilt for BusinessKeyword Research Tools• Common Tool:• Google Adwords Keyword Tool• com/select/KeywordTo olExternal• Look for a mix of High Volume for main page vs. low-medium competition on internal
  8. 8. Rebuilt for BusinessSEO vs. SEMSEO SEM• longer-term process • Need leads today• Consists of on-page and off- • Works well to supplement page optimization seasonality• Results are going to come • Conversion focused over time • Usually campaign are• Works well in conjunction designed to achieve one with high-converting SEM specific objective keywords• Conversion focused
  9. 9. Rebuilt for BusinessSEO vs. SEM Overview- Title TagSEO2 Basic Segments for SEO:On-page and Off-page optimizationOnpage optimization will get your 85% there Onpage: ( in order of what gets crawled first)1. Title Tag title (typically 6 words) should be main keyword w/ Brand (“Homes in Minnesota- Minneapolis, St. Paul & the Twin Cities area”) Doesn’t Factor rankings but important- (Meta Description)2. URL structure3. H1, H2, H3 (content headings)4. Content- Bolded keyword Bullets, number lists5. Anchor Text: Homes in Minnesota (Add link to main keyword phrase and link to content w/ conversion point)6. Alt Tags for images -- Alt tags are keyword phrases when you hover over an image -- Should be the same keyword example– (Homes in Minnesota w/ that specific qualifier) --Photo caption
  10. 10. Rebuilt for Business SEO Continued: Off-Page Off-page Optimization Roughly 15% of return for SEO efforts.Overview:Off -Page optimization is based broadly on how many links are coming back to your site saying your are what your trying to rank for. These can also be viewed as votes of approval.For these links they can be be viewed as 2 things:1. Links- (Quantity)( including internal)2. Quality of links ( Related, trusted links)Anchor text also is important on other sites, Example (Homes in Minnesota) with a link back to your site imbedded in that phrase.Places to start for getting links include these:1. Local Directories2. Google places and other search engine listings3. Blogging– (This is where I would focus most of your time)4. Blog comments5. Industry sites6. Twitter
  11. 11. Rebuilt for BusinessBlogging Basics• Blog Stats* Websites that • Tips: have a blog have 55% more • Publish posts weekly to bi- website traffic weekly.• 92% more inbound links • Stay on topic• Common Blog Platforms • Host Blog on subdomain or• Wordpress, Blogger, subdirectory of website: Typedpad • Example: • or • www.realestatenow/blog
  12. 12. Rebuilt for BusinessBlogging- How to Optimize Posts1. Optimize Post by (1) keyword phrase• Example to the Right (Mobile Search)2. Title of the post: include keywordphrase- • (5 Mobile Search Behaviors)3. Content Overview • Stick to (1) Topic for whole post4. Utilize SEO on-page best practices forpost: • Use keyword phrase frequently, but not too much to effect readability • Bold keyword phrase • Use bullets points and lists • Use keyword phrase in H1 headings • Alt Tags any images that may be included
  13. 13. Rebuilt for BusinessLocal Search • How to Claim- Google• About 20% of all Places: Searches are local • Claim by phone, text, based. postcard.• Main Local Listing is: • Optimize your profile for up• Google Places to 5 categories and related terms.• Others Include: • Use photos to tell story• Yelp, Yahoo Local, • Pick Categories that make BOTW, Bing Business sense and are relevant Portal • High Volume • Low Competition
  14. 14. Rebuilt for BusinessLocal Results Paid Ads 1-3 and 4-7 Local Results (“7 pack”) How to Claim Organic Results- SEO
  15. 15. Rebuilt for BusinessGoogle Places Edit Listing Check if verified Categories Description SEO Reviews
  16. 16. Rebuilt for BusinessReviews• Once your Google Places • Share link to your Google listing is claimed, encourage Places page on Business past and current clients to Cards, Your website or any give you a review. other collateral.• Do it gradually thought to spread out reviews
  17. 17. Rebuilt for BusinessSearch Engine Marketing Overview
  18. 18. Rebuilt for BusinessExample Objective:Drive qualified leads to a conversion pointLike a landing page (s) Objective: I’m looking to increase amount of showings for my properties in Maple Grove by targeting people that are looking for what I’m selling in the next 6 months.
  19. 19. Rebuilt for BusinessHow Search Engine Marketing Works1. Customers search for your business, product, or service2. Your ad appears at the top of relevant search returns3. Customers click the ad to visit your site4. You pay for clicks
  20. 20. Rebuilt for BusinessConverting Prospects to LeadsWhy Use Lead Collection Tools?• Don’t lose potential leads that have searched for you• With our lead collection tools, you’ll never miss a call or e-mail lead that’s been generatedWhat Lead Collection Tools Are Available?We’ll build a turn-key replica of your web site, called a“proxy site” and add:• In-Form: a customizable lead form that appears on every page• Call Analytics: 3 unique phone numbers that allows you to track and record customer calls• Leads Dashboard: All leads are accessible through a web dashboard
  21. 21. Rebuilt for BusinessEasy-to-understand reporting and analysis
  22. 22. Rebuilt for BusinessAll The Details You Need
  23. 23. Rebuilt for BusinessSEM Process/ Research1. Campaign Kick-off2. Keyword Research-3. Landing pages Design4. 2 weeks go live and 4 weeks ads will be fully serving5. Monthly meetings by phone or in-person • Identify high performing keywords, high volume and conversion opportunities • Remove underperforming keyword and A/B test
  24. 24. Rebuilt for BusinessSEM Process Diagram (1,2…) 1. User types in 2. Ads are Served (User Paid spots 4,5,6,7 keyword clicks) Paid Spots (SEM) 1-3 Clicks
  25. 25. Rebuilt for BusinessSEM Process 3, 43. Landing Page (s) based on content area 4. Thank you Page• Form fills are tracked --Emails will be sent every time• Calls are recorded Form or call is completed from landing page• Clicks from landing page to website are recorded Realtor Landing Page- Example Thank you for your submission someone will be in contact in 24 hrs.
  26. 26. Rebuilt for BusinessUpcoming TrendsMobile, Mobile, Mobile•Mobile Friendly Site Development•A Mobile First philosophy Rich Snippets- Increase in usage Pulling in Data like reviews, listings Events, recipes into Search Results
  27. 27. Rebuilt for BusinessContinued… Social Integration with Search
  28. 28. Rebuilt for BusinessQuestions?