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Stratification based on geographic location in stockton


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Stratification based on geographic location in stockton

  1. 1. Stratification based ongeographic location in Stockton
  2. 2. Where are these neighborhoodslocated?
  3. 3. • Here is another version of the picture.• Source:
  4. 4. Ponce De Leon
  5. 5. Bedlow Drive
  6. 6. Kelley Drive
  7. 7. • Crime• Poverty• Pollution
  8. 8. Crime• Stockton has the second highest crime rate in the State of California.• 10thMost Violent in the United States of America.• Recorded 71 Homicides on 2012• An increase of crime rate by 11% from 2011-2012• An Increase in firearm violence up to 10%• Firearm assaults on Police officers up to 400%• Source:
  9. 9. But wait there’s more• In 2011 alone there were:– 58 murders– 90 rape victims– 1,323 robberies– 2,687 assaults– 4,133 Burglaries– 9,651 Thefts– 1,679 Auto-thefts– 86 ArsonsSource:
  10. 10. Poverty• According to the Bureau of LaborsStatistics, Stockton’s unemploymentrate is 17.5%.• 29.3% of Stockton’s residence arebelow the poverty line• In the game of star power, mostpeople in Stockton are considered“triangles”
  11. 11. Pollution• Stockton is one of themost polluted cities inthis nation.
  12. 12. • Source:
  13. 13. Questionsweneedtoaskourselves• What makes some neighborhoods in Stockton a “shadowy place”?• Why do parents shake their knees and warn their children to stayaway from those neighborhoods?• Why are there so many bad neighborhoods in Stockton?• Does the people in a neighborhood become bad because theneighborhood is labeled bad OR are the people in that neighborhoodbad, and in turn makes the neighborhood be labeled bad?