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5 minute short film pitch


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5 minute short film pitch

  1. 1. By Edd Chettleburgh & Aston Bicknell
  2. 2.  EqualContribution from both group members. We will both share the roles of editing, camera work and directing of the film.
  3. 3.  Our chosen topic is a 5 minute short film based around elements of a brutal vengeance. The film we wish to make shall be about revenge and hatred from the protagonists point of view towards the Antagonist.
  4. 4.  We have chosen this idea due to the fact we want to express the hardships that people face during upbringing We wish to incorporate some of these elements into our film to give it real life perspective. We are hoping that in our film we can show you what other people have to go through and make you more aware of the pain and suffering that effects the less fortunate.
  5. 5.  We both shall be involved in the film And due to our lack of group members, we have decided that we are going to ask some of the drama students if they are willing to star in our movie. This shall also make our movie look more professional because these are skilled actors
  6. 6.  We shall be using following programs to edit on• Sony Vegas Pro 10• Adobe after affects CS4
  7. 7.  The main theme of our film is vengeance, there are many films that have influenced in making this decision• Kill Bill• Batman (Traumatic experience as child)• Taken -Liam Neeson
  8. 8.  Ourfilm shall appeal to our audience because it shall consist of a very real life perspective on certain hardships of life Weshall be using many codes and conventions of film to build a relationship between our characters and the audience.
  9. 9.  Much of our research so far has influenced us into choosing this style of film. And we wish to carry on developing it to a near professional standard..