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Mobile Marketing, Josh Dhaliwal, mobileYouth


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Presented at EDEE event "The Digital Challenge", January 23rd 2008, Athens Greece

Published in: Business, Technology
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Mobile Marketing, Josh Dhaliwal, mobileYouth

  1. 1. mobileYouth Research Josh Dhaliwal Josh Dhaliwal
  2. 2. Clients
  3. 3. We help you make better informed decisions What do we do for our clients
  4. 4. Agenda Spending a. Introduction b. Key Findings c. What did we learn? d. Questions
  5. 5. Spending $110 million $1.1 trillion $11 million How much Youth disposable income?
  6. 6. Intro Spending Pie $1 in every 10 How much of that on mobile?
  7. 7. Youth now spend 13% of their income on mobile Intro Spending Country
  8. 8. Intro Spending Findings Same? More on music? More on mobile? Youth spend 8x more on mobile phones as they do on music How does youth mobile spending compare to other spending – example MUSIC?
  9. 9. Key Findings Younger
  10. 10. 1. Younger Mobile Youth are getting Younger Headline
  11. 11. Parents
  12. 12. Age 10: 100% of lifetime value Age 33: 50% of lifetime value Lifetime spend of average 10 year old: $28,000
  13. 13. Some facts about Greece There are 3 million young consumers under the age of 29 (28%) The population is ageing There are 250,000 children under the age of 10 with a mobile phone $1.7 billion dollars spend on mobile in 2008
  14. 15. 2. Parents Pester Power works both ways 48% phone purchases for 15-19 by parents Positives outweigh all negatives Account for 80% of new subscriptions 98% phone purchases for under 14s is by parents
  15. 16. 3. What are they interested in? Texting 81% of non-voice spend is messaging Music continues to be a winner No good news for photo messaging Value Added Services drive down churn
  16. 17. 5. Music continues to be a winner In 2001 only 2% of music revenues were spent on mobile Youth spent $3.5 billion on mobile music in 2006 Mobile Music accounted for 22% of music spend in 2007 Music spend is not isolated
  17. 18. What are they doing at the same time?
  18. 19. The Casual co nsumer The Dedicated consumer The Hardcore co nsumer Focus on the right consumer Aged 18-25 Less than 100 friends Most friends are people they know in real life spend 1-5 hours interacting Aged 15-35 Less than 100-300 friends Less real friends and more casual and spend 6-15 hours interacting Aged Under 18 More than 300 friends Few real friends and more casual (celebrities)and their main interaction happens online
  19. 20. Being fun, cool or entertaining does not sell Knowledge is only power when you can share it What did we learn? Youth have no interest in 3G We want our opinions to be heard 2008 is a big year for lifestyle mobile
  20. 21. 6 reasons why industries need mobileYouth * Higher lifetime value than adult consumers * Brand allegiance starts early * Provide invaluable insight into how value added services can be best deployed * Mobile Youth are keen brand advocates * Industries that fail to connect with young consumers inevitably grow old
  21. 23. Josh Dhaliwal Head of Client Services [email_address] +44(0) 207 386 3635