Super Promotions, Marko Veremis, Upstream


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Presented at EDEE event "The Digital Challenge", January 23rd 2008, Athens Greece

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Super Promotions, Marko Veremis, Upstream

  1. 1. ‘ Super Promotions’ From Greece to the World
  2. 2. Global Promotions We are now operating in a truly global market place Innovation is occurring both in the technology available to marketers but also business models 10 Years ago Direct marketers in Greece were either importing and adapting foreign concepts or creating projects designed only for the Greek market This is rapidly changing…
  3. 3. Global Promotions Greek marketers are gradually becoming exporters of new direct marketing concepts and business models Today we will focus on a new global market worth over € 200m in 2007 alone targeted at mobile operators ‘ Super Promotions’ have been executed in over 20 countries around the world This market is dominated by Greek companies operating in the mobile marketing space
  4. 8. Indicative Cases Vodafone Italy Vodafone Romania TMN Portugal
  5. 9. Vodafone Italy
  6. 10. Mercedes Life Storyboard <ul><li>The consumer embarks on a journey in time through the history of Mercedes </li></ul><ul><li>Every stop unfolds a unique event in the glamorous Mercedes history: </li></ul><ul><ul><li>A cool sms fact – You are driving with Fangio on his way to victory in the 1955 F1 Italian GP </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>A cool image – Carry Grant arriving at the 1940 Oscars in a Mercedes to collect his Oscar </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>A unique sound – The unique engine sound of the original 1954 Mercedes ‘Goldwing’ </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Every message unlocks yet another exciting destination in the manufacturers history </li></ul>
  7. 11. From: Vodafone Your Mercedes trip has started! Its Sep 1900 and you are sitting next to Carl Benz who just got the inspiration to name his first car Mercedes. Wonder why? Mercedes was the name of his partners daughter Emil Jellinek. Here’s a photo of how the real Mercedes looked like!
  8. 12. From: Vodafone You have already gained 1000 klms! You’ve arrived at 1958 and you’re sitting next to Grace Kelly and heading toward Beverly Hills in her brand new 190 SL. Grace Kelly bought this car despite criticism that she should be driving an American car. Check out both beauties ;-)
  9. 13. From: Vodafone Its 1970 and you’re rocking with 1500 klms! You’re standing next to Janis Joplin as she sings ‘Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz?’ She ended up buying a Porsche but that’s another story. Click here to download the song
  10. 14. From: Vodafone You’re fast! You’ve travelled 2000 klms and it’s a rainy day in 1980 in the Vatican. You’re sitting next to the Pope John Paul II in his heavily armoured Mercedes 230G also known as the Popemobile. Probably the most unique car ever built…a bit funny though
  11. 15. From: Vodafone Now its getting very interesting! 5,000 klms and 88 years since the beginning of your journey. Its 1988. You’ve gone out drinking with your buddy Richard Gere in American Gigolo and flirting with all the girls. He lends you his SL500 to drive your date back home…
  12. 16. From: Vodafone 4,000 Klms travelled! You’re in for a treat! You are in London in 1991 in the Knightsbridge Mercedes dealer when Lady Diana picks up her new SL500. Lady D was the first member of the Royal family to buy a foreign car. Unfortunately a few months later the Royals forced her to return it…
  13. 17. From: Vodafone We bet you can’t guess what happens next! 10,000 klm later you are being attacked by a Tyrannosaurus Rex in Spielberg’s 1997 blockbuster hit Lost World. You are pretty lucky though cause you jump in your specially converted ML320 and get the hell out. It’s a good thing this car starred in the movie!
  14. 18. From: Vodafone 12,000 klms is a long way from home! 2006 in Soho NY. You’re waiting for a cab outside Soho Club and guess who wants to pick you up. Paris Hilton in her brand new grey SLR McLaren. Better not get in as she’s gonna crash the car in 10 minutes…close but no cigar
  15. 19. Vodafone Romania
  16. 20. TMN Portugal