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Sustainable enterprise


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Sustainable enterprise

  1. 1. SUSTAINABLE ENTERPRISEFind a need What are you most passionate about? Identify a need either from things you love doing or things that irritate you the most and make you want to find a solution and you may find a niche market. Conduct research to establish if the need can make a viable business side.The business model You have found a social challenge and you are now ready to fight it. What is your business model? Come up with innovative and profitable ways of solving that specific challenge.
  2. 2. The business plan Just like other businesses, social enterprises need to have a clear business plan demonstrating the gaps they are going to fill, prospective growth trajectory, sustainability and goals.Pilot project Most investors approach social enterprises cautiously. The reason? They expect return on their investment. Look for angel investors
  3. 3. Marketing Just like other for-profit enterprises it is critical to market your social enterprises.Network Another important tip is to create linkages with other stakeholders. This will make it easier to access more opportunities, share experiences and exchange knowledge.
  4. 4. THINK ENTREPRENEURSHIPFor your venture to be successful and sustainable, think,be, eat, drink “entrepreneurship.” Always bear in mind thatas a social entrepreneur, you are running a for-profitorganization not a charity.It is important to be innovative both in service delivery andcreative business growth. You should learn how to formpartnerships with other like-minded organizations andretain your employees by rewarding top performing staff.You should also build on your personal skills such ascommunication, management and anything that may addvalue to your business.
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