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The Diet Solution Book


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The Diet Solution book is probably the most extensive nutrition guide that goes in-depth into the eating habits that both encourage and inhibit weight loss. The all-round approach used makes The Diet Solution one of the most viable dieting programs available today.

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The Diet Solution Book

  1. 1. The Diet Solution Program stop Dieting start Eating and start Living The #1 HONEST and ALL NATURAL Diet & Nutrition program All You Need to feel and look better
  2. 2. The Diet Solution Program is in no way “extreme”. It is a real way of eatingthat can be maintained for life.The DSP teaches you exactly how you have to eat to lose weight and how youwill keep it off for the long term, WITHOUT any extreme methods.A lot of totally free articles, recipes and videos: – no subscription – no sign up neededArticles Categories: • Fat loss • Motivation • Fat burning foods • Workouts • Lifestyle • Health corners • SupplementsRecipes: • Meals • Sides • Beverages • Snacks • Desserts • Breakfast • Condiments • SaladsVideos: • Do carbs make you FAT? • The Truth About Saturated Fats • Omega 3s Help You Burn Fat • How Does Protein Help You Burn Fat? • Does Fat Really Make You Fat? • How To Find High Fructose Corn Syrup in Your Food • The Truth About High Fructose Corn Syrup
  3. 3. What is The Diet Solution Program and what does it include?The Diet Solution Program teaches the most essential principles for weight lossand disease prevention. Topics included and explained in depth are:The #1 health food that is causing everyone to gain weightEverything you need to know about Fat…This information is life changing!The truth about calories and exactly how to lose weight without ever having tocount calories again!A specific way to determine your personal metabolism so that you can choosethe precise foods that are best for you…No nutrition program can begin withoutthis!Should you really be spending your hard earned money on organic food?Why you shouldn’t buy another dairy product until you know this!Also included in the manual to make your new eating plan easy to start andfollow are:A complete and detailed shopping list that tells you exactly what to buyTons of delicious and quick recipes to cook tasty meals included in your plan.Your specific serving sizes already calculated for youDetailed meal plans to follow daily.Every component necessary to start and follow an ideal weight loss and healthplan are provided for you, making getting started easy!Countless studies and real world results have proven every principle taught inThe DSP to be the most effective way to lose weight and prevent disease andnegative health conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anddiabetes.You will find that every principle taught in The Diet Solution Programis also applicable to children. I only recommend wholesome, natural foods,which are exactly what every growing child needs. The meal plans and all foodsuggestions offer a great healthy eating plan for the whole family. Click here for more information