Presentation for community GIS workshops


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Using geographic information systems for community and environmental responsibility. Public Participatory GIS provides a means for 'citizen scientists' to not only supply
information but to participate in the consultation process.

Geographic information technologies are used in participatory settings and to support information gathering.

The value of PPGIS:
* community inclusion and engagement are integrated
* conservation and development
* sustainable natural resource management
* discussion of customary property rights

The presentation shows examples of projects where information has been collected by community groups and how it made a difference.

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  • Details on digitally linked data
  • How Quantum GIS is used to relate images to a map
  • Penguin survey data entry – and queries of data, links to images etc
  • Arc GIS map
  • Presentation for community GIS workshops

    1. 1. Using geographic informationsystems for community andenvironmental responsibilitySupported by Wellington City Council, andVictoria University School of Geography and Earth Sciences.
    2. 2. Public Participatory GISThis provides a means for citizen scientists to not only supplyinformation but to participate in the consultation process.Geographic information technologies are used in participatorysettings and to support information gatheringThe value of PPGIS:• community inclusion and engagement are integrated• conservation and development• sustainable natural resource management• discussion of customary property rights
    3. 3. Taken from a presentation to the National Digital Forum 2009
    4. 4. Examples of information collected bycommunity groups and how it made adifference• Monitoring• Land use• Legal zones and development• Collecting data
    5. 5. Pest trapping records
    6. 6. Taranaki Kiwi Trust / DOC / Blue Duck
    7. 7. Friends of Pukekura Park, New Plymouth
    8. 8. Penguin surveys
    9. 9. Bird ‘hot-spots’ - planning recreational access
    10. 10. Presentation of survey data.
    11. 11. The big-picture for New Zealand……how all this data relates
    12. 12. NZ Biodiversity Data, Dataversity Group.
    13. 13. RESOURCESNational Digital Standards• Government Web standards• Digital NZ• National Libraries Kete• Creative Commons licensing is discussed at resources• Dataversity• Nature Space your data with GISOpen Source• Quantum GIS -• MapWindow• Clark Labs IDRISI particularly for remote sensing• ESRI Arc Zealand Datasets online for you to download• Government Data and Information NZ• Land Information NZ (LINZ) Charts, surveys, maps, place names and land registration.• Koordinates data• NZ Land Resource Information System (LRIS)• Statistics NZ the same biodiversity language - interoperability• Darwin core vocabulary• NZ Organisms Register (NIMS)
    14. 14. Contacts and ResourcesECO NZ we do > Tools to mange your projectsTERRAIN (Taranaki Community GIS), Analysis and Information Network Trust NZElise Smith