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Dm smith ecn2013


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Dm smith ecn2013

  1. 1. Fossil Insect Collaborative Digitization Project DM Smith, SH Butts, A Dooley, MS Engel, BD Farrell, DA Grimaldi, S Heads, T Karim, CA Norris
  2. 2. Research Goals  The fossil insect data are of great importance to understanding insect response to environmental change and patterns of biodiversity through time.  These fossils can aid in phylogenetic reconstruction, examinations of the evolution of morphological characteristics and in studies of overall patterns of diversification in deep time.
  3. 3. Project Goals The Fossil Insect Collaborative will make available all the major collections of fossil insect specimens in the United States by creating electronic specimen records consisting of digital images and associated collection data.
  4. 4. Partners - PIs American Museum of Natural History – David Grimaldi CU Museum of Natural History – Dena Smith & Talia Karim Illinois Natural History Survey - Sam Heads Museum of Comparative Zoology – Harvard – Brian Farrell University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute – Michael Engel Virginia Museum of Natural History – Alton Dooley Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History - Susan Butts and Chris Norris
  5. 5. Collaborating Institutions Florissant Fossil Beds N.M. – Herbert Meyer National Museum of Natural History - Smithsonian –Kathy Hollis, Finnegan Marsh, Conrad Labandeira
  6. 6. Fossil Insect Collaborative ~500,000 fossil insect specimens, images and associated metadata Funded through NSF – Advancing the Digitization of Biological Collections Project Duration: 4 Year Project Start Date: July 15th, 2013 Amount funded: ~2.3 million (overall)
  7. 7. Digitization Goals # of specimens to be databased # of Specimens to be imaged American Museum of Natural History Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology Illinois Natural History Survey 46,500* 20,000 Total Number of Digital Fossil Insect Specimen Records by end of project 60,000 30,443 15,000 59,854 10,000 5,000 10,000 University of Colorado at Boulder 74,649 25,000 100,000 University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute Virginia Museum of Natural History 5,625 4,000 6,000 8,455 8,910 8,910 Yale Peabody Museum 1,558 8,343 8,343 N/A N/A 224,000 N/A N/A 2,163 175,672 76,253 479,270 Institution National Museum of Natural History** Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument*** Total
  8. 8. iDigPaleo - Hub iDigPaleo will be used to aggregate specimen data and low resolution images from collaborators and then to serve these data to the National Hub at iDigBio ( and the Paleontology Portal (
  9. 9. iDig Paleo - Hub The model will be implemented for use with the open-source MySQL relational database system. A novel feature of iDigPaleo will be the incorporation of social networking tools to enable users to interact directly with the project dataset for a wide variety of purposes.
  10. 10. Future Partners PENs Burke Museum – University of Washington Field Museum – Chicago Milwaukee Public Museum UC Berkeley DMNS Cross - TCN Collaborations Southwest Collections of Arthropods Network Tri-Trophic Interactions TCN PaleoNiches TCN
  11. 11. iDig Paleo - Hub Central resource to interact with bio and geo cyberinfrastructure initiatives.
  12. 12. Broader Impacts  Development of mobile apps and modules (NGSS)  Testing of activiites in EVOLUTIONs after school program at Yale-Peabody  SHRMP (Science High School Research Mentoring Program) at AMNH
  13. 13.