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Tuija Telén: Key issues & challenges regarding Demand Driven Innovation


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Presentation by Tuija Telén during the Parallel Session on Cross-sectoral innovation & the use of innovation vouchers @ ECIA Closing Conference on November 27 2014 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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Tuija Telén: Key issues & challenges regarding Demand Driven Innovation

  1. 1. Create. Innovate. Grow! A new policy agenda to maximise the innovative contributions of Europe’s creative industries DEMAND DRIVEN INNOVATIONS Tuija Telén, Tampere 27.11.2014
  2. 2. Demand Driven Innovation Policy: a set of public measures to increase the demand for innovations, to improve the conditions for the uptake of innovations or to improve the articulation of demand in order to spur innovations and allow their diffusion (Edler, 2007) Demand = ’consumer voice’ (wants, needs and preferences) - role of user-led innovations rising > co-creation Demand Driven Methods 1. CO-CREATION > co-operation between producers and users, initiated by a co aiming to generate value to customers 2. CROWDSOURCING > outsourcing the tasks of an enterprise to its customer 3. DESIGN THINKING > creative process or approach involving the search for new prospective solutions (e.g. service design) 4. PLATFORMS > open co-creative platforms, combining talents Key Question / Success Factor In Demand Driven CCI Innovation to develop innovative markets for CCI companies and to show the value add of using services of CCIs in business context
  3. 3. Key issues and challenges…  changing consumer demand and behaviour  more personalized, more diversified markets  increasing collaboration between suppliers and consumers  digitalization and globalization of the markets for CCIs  new players, new structures, new distribution channels, IPR-questions, internationalization….new opportunites, new challenges (SMEs)  understanding the value of CCIs  horizontal enabling cluster, IP valuation …leading to  need for cross sectoral collaboration and co creation spaces (open innovation platforms, ’Demola’, B2B collaboration, brokerages)  need for business support services and access to finance (start up, growth, internationalization – new finance schemes)  need for aweareness raising of CCIs value (IP valuation, stronger advocacy, measuring the value of CCIs)
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