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Mitsubishi Electric has been designing and manufacturing commercial hot water heat pumps since 1970. Mitsubishi Electric was one of the first manufacturers in Japan to utilize heat pump technology to provide hot water. We were
also the first manufacturer to develop R407C products, which can supply hot wat er of up t o 70º C, high enough to eliminate legionella bacteria.

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Ms Aircon Heat Pump Commercial

  2. 2. Mitsubishi Electric - Leading Manufacturer ofHot Water Heat PumpMitsubishi Electric - Leading Manufacturer ofHot Water Heat PumpMitsubishi Electric - Leading Manufacturer ofHot Water Heat PumpOil boiler had been previously installed for more than ten years, andhad a frequent malfunction. When we built a new annex in 2005, wedecided to renew the system. We first thought of the gas system;however, concerning safety and reliability, we decided to use theelectric system. Up to today, we have been using MitsubishiElectric’s Hot Water Heat Pump for more than five years. Nomalfunction has occurred, and we are also satisfied with its safety.Application : Nursing homeCountry : JapanWork : June, 2005Installation : Hot water heat pump 20HP x 1Case StudyOwner’s Voice"Flash-injection Circuit", which is designed for our ZUBADAN CITY MULTI (airconditioning system for cold regions), is mounted in our new Hot Water HeatPump. By utilizing our advanced "Flash-injection Circuit" and the latesthigh-efficient compressor, Hot Water Heat Pump is able to provide hot water of70°C, and produces less capacity drop at low outdoor temperature.Environmental friendly R407Crefrigerant with ZERO ozonedepleting potential is used in theproduct, which reduces CO2emissions compared to that ofgas boilers.Two-phase refrigerant is separated into liquidrefrigerant and gas refrigerant at the point of A.Liquid refrigerant, whose pressure is reduced byLEV (Linear Expansion Valve), exchanges heat inthe HIC circuit and become gas-liquid two-phaserefrigerant. The two-phase refrigerant flows into theinjection port in the compressor for controlling theincrease of the discharge temperature. Thereforethe optimal amount of refrigerant can be providedto the system via the compressor, which makes itpossible to provide hot water of 70 ºC.During defrost operation,two compressors, whichare equipped within oneunit, run alternativelyresulting in less drop inoutlet water temperature.Mitsubishi Electric has been designing andmanufacturing commercial hot water heatpumps since 1970.Mitsubishi Electric was one of the firstmanufacturers in Japan to utilize heat pumptechnology to provide hot water. We werealso the first manufacturer to developR407C products, which can supply hotwater of up to 70ºC, high enough toeliminate legionella bacteria.We quickly rose to the forefront of hotwater supply industry in Japan - aposition we still enjoy today.O u r p r o d u c t s a r e m a i n l y u s e d i ncommercial applications, such as hotels,hospitals, or nursing homes, whichmeans our products are highly reliable.As a leading manufacturer of hot watersupply industry, we proudly introduce ourhigh efficient new Hot Water Heat Pumpsystem.Built-inInverter-drivenScroll CompressorHightemperature70ºCOver 4*COPOzoneFriendlyHot Water Heat Pump ensures an exceptionally high level of reliability by utilizing"Backup Function*". If either of the compressors malfunctions, the othercompressor keeps operation to avoid a complete stop of the system."Rotation Function" is also available. When two or more units are in the system,the unit runs alternatively ensuring an optimum product life cycle for both of itscomponent units.*If the main circuit board is at fault, backup function and rotation function are notavailable.*Capacity drops by 50%.Backup FunctionRotation Function*COP 4.13Outdoor temp. 7ºCDB/ 6ºCWBOutlet water temp. 35ºCFlash-injection CircuitLower sound pressurelevels have been achievedby developing a new fan.Low SoundPressure Level51dB(A)*BackupoperationHot Water Heat Pump can beoperated between outdoor temp.of -20°C and 40°C.It delivers precise comfort even inthe coldest days of the year downto -20°C.Operableeven at-20ºCRange of operation temperatureand outlet water temperature"Efficiency Priority Mode" and" C a p a c i t y P r i o r i t y M o d e " a r eselectable. With "Capacity PriorityMode", Hot Water Heat Pump canprovide a maximum capacity of over70kW. “Capacity Priority Mode” ismore effective when used with a boilerbecause fuel cost for a boiler and CO2emission from a boiler can be reduced.MAX.Over*70kW*Outdoor temp. 20ºCDB, Outlet water temp. 35ºC*Relative humidity 85%*In Capacity Priority ModeEfficiency Priority ModeCapacity Priority ModeOutlet watertemp. 35ºCOutdoor temp.ºCDB -20 -10 0 7 20Capacity kW 31.9 40.3 42.7 45.0 45.0Outlet watertemp. 35ºCOutdoor temp.ºCDB -20 -10 0 7 20Capacity kW 31.9 40.3 42.7 63.4 73.9Depending on the setting, “Rotation Function”is available within a unit.Compressor runsalternativelyHighefficientHigh performance evenat low outdoor temp.Backup Function Rotation FunctionSmaller footprint has beenachieved by developing ahigh efficient new heatexchanger with low pressureloss.LessSpaceInstallation footprint 3.54m²**Installation footprint for one unit including service space*at 10m*based on theoretical calculation*Our previous model sold in JapanCOMPLEVLEVHEXAirWATER INLETWATER OUTLETPLATEHIC circuitFlash-injection circuitHigh efficientInverter-driven scrollcompressor2.5781.5591.50m201020304050607080-30 -10 0 10 20 30 40 50-20outdoor temp ºCDBoutletwatertempºC-20ºC / 65ºC-10ºC / 70º
  3. 3. http://Global.MitsubishiElectric.comMEE10K013New publication effective Jan.2011Specifications subject to change without noticeThe Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems Worksacquired ISO 9001 certification under Series 9000 of theInternational Standard Organization (ISO) based on areview of Quality management for the production ofrefrigeration and air conditioning equipment.ISO Authorization SystemThe ISO 9000 series is a plant authorization system relatingto quality management as stipulated by the ISO. ISO 9001certifies quality management based on the "design,development, production, installation and auxiliaryservices" for products built at an authorized plant.FM33568 / ISO 9001;2008The Air Conditioning & RefrigerationSystems Works acquired environmentalmanagement system standard ISO 14001certification.The ISO 14000 series is a set of standardsapplying to environmental protection setby the International StandardOrganization (ISO).CAHV-P500YA-HPB (-BS)3-phase 4-wire 380-400-415V 50/60Hz4538,700153,54012.921.78-20.69-19.943.494538,700153,54010.910.6 (400V)4.134538,700153,54025.643.17-41.01-39.531.7657.77-54.88-52.9012.9kPa (1.87psi)25~70°C77~158°F-20~40°C-4~104°F7.5 m³/h-15.0m³/h59516338.1 (Rc 1 1/2") screw38.1 (Rc 1 1/2") screwAcrylic painted steel plate <MUNSELL 5Y 8/1 or similar>1,710 (without legs 1,650) × 1,978 × 75967.3 (without legs 65.0) × 77.9 × 29.9526 (1,160)Y strainer Rc 1 1/23.851.0KC94G268X01KC94G195X01stainless steal plate and copper brazingPlate fin and copper tubeInverter scroll hermetic compressorMITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATIONInverter7.5 × 20.045 × 2MEL32185 × 23,083 × 26,532 × 20Pa (0mmH²O)Propeller fan × 2Inverter-control, Direct-driven by motor0.46 × 2Copper pipeHigh pres.Sensor & High pres.Switch at 3.85MPa (643psi)Over-heat protection, Over current protectionOver-heat protectionThermal switchAuto-defrost mode (Reversed refrigerant circle)R407C × 5.5(kg) × 2LEV and HIC circuitSpecificationsPower inputCurrent inputCOP (kW / kW)Power inputCurrent inputCOP (kW / kW)Power inputCurrent inputCOP (kW / kW)Outlet water temp *5Outdoor temp *5InletOutletR407CWaterWiringExternalWater sideAir sideTypeManufactureStarting methodMotor outputCase heaterLubricantAir flow rateExternal static press.Type × QuantityControl, Driving mechanismMotor outputHigh pressure protectionInverter circuitCompressorFan motorType × original chargeControlkWkcal/hBTU/hkWAkWkcal/hBTU/hkWAkWkcal/hBTU/hkWAAD.BdB (A)dB (A)dB (A)mm (in)mm (in) (lb)MPaMPakWkWm³/minL/scfmkWModelPower SourceCapacity *1Capacity *2Capacity *3Maximum current input *4Water pressure drop *1Temp. rangeCirculating water volume rangeSound Pressure level (measured in anechoic room) *1 at 1mSound Pressure level (measured in anechoic room) *1 at 10mSound Pressure level (measured in anechoic room) *4Diameter of water pipeExternal finishExternal dimension H × W × DNet weightAccessoriesDesign PressureDrawingHeat exchangerCompressorFANHIC circuit (HIC:Heat inter-Changer)ProtectionDefrosting methodRefrigerant*1 Under Normal heating conditions at outdoor temp.7ºCDB/6ºCWB(44.6°FDB/42.8°FWB)/ outletwater temp 45ºC(113°F), inlet water temp40ºC(104°F).*2 Under Normal heating conditions at outdoor temp.7ºCDB/6ºCWB(44.6°FDB/42.8°FWB)/ outletwater temp 35ºC(95°F), inlet water temp30ºC(86°F).*3 Under Heating conditions at outdoor temp.7ºCDB/6ºCWB(44.6°FDB/42.8°FWB), outletwater temp 70ºC (158°F).*4 Under Heating conditions at outdoor temp.7ºCDB/6ºCWB(44.6°FDB/42.8°FWB) when thisunit is set to capacity priority mode bynon-voltage B contact.* Due to continuing improvement, the above specifications may be subject to change without notice.* Please dont use the steel material for the waterpiping material.* Please always make water circulate or pull outthe circulation water completely when not using it.* Please do not use groundwater and well water.* Install the unit in an environment where the wetbulb Temp. will not exceed 32ºC.* The water circuit must use the closed circuit.*5kcal =kW × 860BTU/h =kW × 3,412cfm =m³/min × 35.31lb =kg/0.4536Unit converterUp to 16 units can becontrolled with oneremote controller.<External input/output from the unit>*The unit can be operated and the operation statuscan be monitored with external input/outputterminals.<PAR-W21MAA>Outdoor temp -20°CDB/ Outlet water temp 40~65°C(Outdoor temp -4°FDB/ Outlet water temp 104°F~149°F)Outdoor temp -10°CDB/ Outlet water temp 33°C~70°C(Outdoor temp 14°FDB/ Outlet water temp 91°F~158°F)Outdoor temp 0°CDB/ Outlet water temp 25°C 70°C(Outdoor temp 32°FDB/ Outlet water temp 77°F 158°F)01020304050607080-30 -20 -10 0 10 20 30 40 50outdoor temp (°CDB)outletwatertemp(°C)32527292112132152172-22 -2 18 38 58 78 98 118outdoor temp (°FDB)outletwatertemp(°F)