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ADI have introduced isolated error amplifiers that provide power supply designers with a higher perfoming, single-chip alternative to isolation techniques based on auto couplers and shunt regulators. designed for linear feedback power supplies using primary side controllers, the ADuM3190 and ADum4190 isolated error amplifiers have a 400KHz bandwidth, with 0.5% typical initial accuracy at 25 C and 1% accuracy over extended temperature range of -40 C.

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Avnet electronics Analog Devices

  1. 1. AnalogAnalog DevicesMaxim IntegratedMicrochipMicrochipBournsDigiSamtecPhilipsTelitAVXPanasonicDiodes IncMurata-PSTexas InstrumentsIsolated Error Amplifiers Outperform Optocouplers andShunt Regulators in Power Supply ApplicationsMAX6070/1 - Low-Noise, High-Precision Series VoltageReferencesMCP2561/2 High Speed CAN TransceiverPIC32 VGA Camera SensorAMM20B : Non-Contacting Multiturn Rotary PositionSensorXBee® Wi-Fi (S6B) : Embedded Wi-Fi Module forOEMsScrew Down Options Available on Tiger Eye™InterconnectsLumileds LUXEON T : High-Efficacy, Illumination GradeLED Light SourceLE70-868 Unified Form FactorReleases New Automotive Sub pF AG Series VaristorERZ Series - MOV - “ZNR” Transient/Surge AbsorbersAL8807A : Wide Analog Control Voltage Extends LEDLamp Dimming RangeExtends Power Rating of 5.2 kV Isolation MiniatureDC/DC ConvertersCC430Fxxx Series : Compact Communications - SingleChip SolutionDev ToolsElectromechanicalEmbeddedInterconnectOpto / LightingModulesPassivesPowerRFIn This IssueIn This IssueIn This IssueCopyright © Avnet Kopp (Pty) Ltd.All rights reserved. [Issue # 145, 12 April 2013]23312223312323ADI’s Isolated Error AmplifiersOutperform Optocouplers andShunt Regulators in Power SupplyApplicationsADI have introduced isolated erroramplifiers that provide power supplydesigners with a higher performing,single-chip alternative to isolationtechniques based on optocouplersand shunt regulators. Designed forlinear feedback power supplies usingprimary side controllers, theADuM3190 and ADuM4190 isolatederror amplifiers have a 400-kHzbandwidth, with 0.5% typical initialaccuracy at 25°C and 1% totalaccuracy over the extendedtemperature range of -40˚C to+125˚C. This provides manufacturersof ac-to-dc and dc-to-dc powersupplies, including those that areDOSA (Distributed-power OpenStandards Alliance)-compliant, with asignificant upgrade in speed andoperating temperature range, as wellas a 5x improvement in transientresponse.FeaturesBandwidth: 400 kHz0.5% initial accuracy at 25°C1% total accuracy over -40˚C to+125˚CLow power operation: <7 mAIsolation voltage:- ADuM3190: 2.5 kVrms- ADuM4190: 5 kVrms (reinforced)!!!!!AnalogAnalogAnalogcontact :Erich.Nast@avnet.euErich NastMicrochips PIC32 VGACamera SensorThe PIC32 VGA Camera Sensor (VCS)PICTail™ Plus (AC164150) is ademonstration board for evaluatingMicrochip Technologys basicsurveillance and vision solutions using32-bit microcontrollers. It can capture& process 8-bit gray scale or colorimages with up to 640x480 resolution.It interfaces to the I/O expansionboard (DM320002) with PIC32 starterkits (DM320004 or DM320003-2),Graphics Controller PICTail™ PlusEpson S1D13517 Board (AC164127-7) and Graphics Display Truly 5.7”640x480 Board (AC164127-8).Features:640x480 VGA Color CMOS Sensoron our standard PICTail™ plus formfactorBased on the OmnivisionOVM7690 CameraCubeChip™Convenient test points for videosync and clock syncJumper configurable for display outor image transport over EthernetTypical Applications include Imagecapture, Processing andConnectivity!!!!!contact :MicrochipTeam@avnet.euThe Microchip TeamDev ToolsDev ToolsDev ToolsNATIONAL ELECTRONICSWestern CapeWednesday, 8 May 2013thCTICC (Cape Town Convention Centre)www.silica.comwww.avnet.co.za
  2. 2. Digi’s XBee® Wi-Fi (S6B) :Embedded Wi-Fi Module for OEMsEmbedded Wi-Fi modules provideultra low-power 802.11b/g/ncommunications in the flexible XBeehardware and software footprintFeature / BenefitsNative iDigi Device Cloudintegration for data acquisition anddevice managementHardware and software completemodule easily joins existing 802.11b/g/n (Wi-Fi) infrastructuresCommon XBee footprint allowsOEMs to support a variety ofwireless protocolsFlexible SPI and UART serialinterfacesAvailable in Surface Mount andThrough-Hole form factorsSupport for low-power sleepingapplications with <6 µA power-down currentOver-the-air data rates up to 72MbpsSimple provisioning methodsincluding Soft AP and Wi-FiProtected Setup (WPS)!!!!!!!!®contact :Petrus.Booyens@avnet.euPetrus BooyensAVX Releases New AutomotiveSub pF AG Series VaristorBased on reliable zinc-oxide varistortechnology, this Automotive Sub pFvaristors offers ultra-low capacitancebi-directional ESD protection with0.8pF type capacitance in 0402compact SMT package. This part hasbeen designed for use in automotivecircuits that are sensitive tocapacitance such as modernautomotive high-speed informationsystems, touch controls and displays,RF applications and other capacitancesensitive circuits.0402 Low Profile SizeCapacitance Value < 1pFAEC-Q200 QualifiedRoHS Compliant!!!!PassivesPassivesPassivescontact :Yolandi.deBeer@avnet.euYolandi de BeerMaxims MAX6070/1 - Low-Noise, High-Precision SeriesVoltage ReferencesFeaturesLow 150 µA Supply CurrentLow 4.8 µVP-P Noise (0.1 to 10 Hz)at 2.5 V10 mA Source/Sink Load CurrentNoise Filter OptionLow 1.5 ppm/°C (typ), 6 ppm/°C(max) Temperature DriftHigh ±0.04% Initial AccuracyLow 200 mV Dropout VoltageHigh 85 dB Ripple RejectionSmall 6-Pin SOT23 Package!!!!!!!!!AnalogAnalogAnalogcontact :Erich.Nast@avnet.euErich NastSamtecs Screw Down OptionsAvailable on Tiger Eye™InterconnectsSamtecs line of Tiger Eye interconnectsolutions has been expanded toinclude screw-down options for bothboard-to-board and cable-to-boardsystem on 1,27 mm and 2,00 mmpitch. These connector systemsfeature rugged Beryllium Coppercontacts for high reliability and highmating cycles.InterconnectInterconnectInterconnectcontact :Yolandi.deBeer@avnet.euYolandi de BeerMurata-PS Extends PowerRating of 5.2 kV Isolation MiniatureDC/DC ConvertersThe New safety approved MEJ2 is afully encapsulated compact through-hole 2 Watt DC/DC converter. Theseries provides a pin-compatibleupgrade path from Muratas NMJ,MEV1 and NMV series.In a compact SIP format, the MEJ2series has about twice the powerdensity of its predecessor, the NMJseries, while offering safety agencyrecognition according to UL60950 forbasic/supplementary insulation forvoltages up to 200 Vrms.The series maintains high levels ofefficiency of 79% typical at light loads,saving power, reducing temperaturerise and increasing product reliability.PowerPowerPowercontact :Robin.Scholes@avnet.euRobin Scholescontact :MicrochipTeam@avnet.euThe Microchip TeamMicrochips MCP2561/2 HighSpeed CAN Transceiver!!!!!!!!!!!!!Extremely low current consumption- MCP2561 = Split- MCP2562 = VioSupports 1 Mb/s operationMeets ISO 11898-5Suitable for 12V or 24V systemsPermanent dominant TXD and busdetectionExtremely low standby current typ< 5uAAutomatic thermal shutdownprotectionProtection against short circuitconditionsBus pin disconnect from bus whendevice is unpoweredVIO product option able to bias I/Opins to secondary railSupply voltage (VDD): 4.5V - 5.5V,Digital voltage (VIO): 1.8V - 5.5VESD (IEC6100-2) >14kV(MCP2561) & >8kV (MCP2562)Operating temp : -40°C to 150°CMeets major automotive OEMrequirementsAnalogAnalogAnalogEmbeddedEmbeddedEmbeddedwww.avnet.co.za
  3. 3. Panasonics ERZ Series -MOV - “ZNR” Transient/SurgeAbsorbersZNR Transient/Surge Absorber,Series V, Type D features large surgecurrent and energy handling capabilityfor absorbing transient overvoltage ina compact size.Features & BenefitsØ5mm - Ø20mmWide varistor voltage ranges(V1mA=18V~1800V)Large withstanding surge currentcapability in compact sizesLarge “Energy Handling Capability”absorbing transient over voltagesin compact sizesVaristor voltage: 82-150V : UL, VDEVaristor voltage: 200V over: UL,CSA, VDE!!!!!!PassivesPassivesPassivescontact :Yolandi.deBeer@avnet.euYolandi de BeerDiodes AL8807A : Wide AnalogControl Voltage Extends LED LampDimming Range1. Over-temperature condition2. Open-LEDs3. Short-LEDsThe AL8807A is an enhancement ofDiodes low EMI buck high brightnessLED driver AL8807. It extends theanalog dimming range in excess of10:1.The AL8807A provides protectionagainst a number of potential faultswithin a lamp:Switches itself offAutomatically stops switchingContinues switching but atreduced duty cycle minimizingpower dissipationThe AL8807A can operate at up to1MHz - reducing the size of externalcomponents. The small MSOP-8EPpackage size (same footprint asAL8806/7) coupled with the need foronly 4 external components producesa small solution footprint.The accuracy, temperature range, costand analog dimming range make itideally suited to dimmable LEDlighting applications.PowerPowerPowercontact :Robin.Scholes@avnet.euRobin ScholesTIs CC430Fxxx Series : CompactCommunications - Single ChipSolutionLow Power RF TransceiverWake On Radio andProgrammable Output Power Up to+12dBmLow current consumption wideFrequency Range (300MHz-900MHz)High Sensitivity and Excellentblocking performanceFlexible data rate & modulationformatOnboard CRC and 128BIT AESEncryption modulesMSP430 MCUUltra-low power designUART/SPI/I²C InterfacingAdvanced Debugging Using theEnhanced Emulation ModuleSegmented LCD drivingDMA and PORT Mapping!!!!!!!!!!contact :Mark.Coxen@avnet.euMark CoxenPhilips Lumileds LUXEON T :High-Efficacy, Illumination GradeLED Light SourceLUXEON® T emitters are illuminationgrade LEDs designed to deliver highefficacy with high flux density toenable tight beam control indirectional and high lumenapplications. With Freedom fromBinning™ and leading performance,LUXEON T emitters allow systemoptimization by blending the perfectcombination of high efficacy and lowsystem cost. With tight CorrelatedColor Temperature control, LUXEON Tensures consistency in system colorpoint.contact :Michael.Nel@avnet.euMichael NelLightingLightingLightingTelit’s LE70-868 Unified FormFactor!!!!!Ranges up to 10kmSerial Interface and setup via ATcommandRepeater Mode, Analogue RSSI,AES EncryptionPoint To Point, Star NetworkingUnified form factor to allow forforwards and backwardscompatibilityModulesModulesModulescontact :Mark.Coxen@avnet.euMark Coxen®contact :Yolandi.deBeer@avnet.euYolandi de BeerBourns’ AMM20B : Non-Contacting Multiturn RotaryPosition SensorDesigned to meet thespecifications of heavy-duty applicationsrequiring long cycle lifeand high reliability. Thismultiturn rotary sensorfeatures a 12-bitresolution and factoryprogrammableelectrical angle from1080° to 3600°. With arotational life of up to 50 million cycles,the AMM20B Sensor is a highlyversatile multiturn position sensingdevice.FeaturesNon-contacting magneticHighly resistant to vibration/shockHighly resistant to fluid/dustingressProgrammable at factory for zeropositionHighly repeatable!!!!!®ElectromechElectromechElectromechRFRFRFwww.avnet.co.za
  4. 4. R03/007P.O. Box 3853Rivonia, 2128South AfricaURLe-mailJhbCtnDbn:::011 319 8600021 689 4141031 266 8104www.avnet.co.zasales@avnet.co.za::®KoppEnclosuresEnclosuresEnclosuresAluminium Die-Cast EnclosuresAvailable in all standard industry sizes, from 50 to 330mm inlength, 45 to 230mm width and 30 to 113mm high, units areimpact resistant to 7 Nm, corrosion resistant and available toIP64, 65, 66, 67, 68 specifications.!!!!!!!!!Impact Resistance >7 Nm, as per EN50014Painted and Unpainted VersionOperating Temperature (-70 to 130°C) with Neoprene / SiliconGasketsCan be drilled and tapped to accommodate most thread formsCorrosion ResistantRoHS Compliant100% Free from Radioactive ContentAl Si 12, as per DIN 1725All enclosures confirms following Ingress Protection (IP)as per IEC 60529Features :Material :Protection Class :Standard Colours :!!!RAL 7035 and NaturalRAL 7001, 7031, 7032, 7038, Black RAL 9004, White RAL 9010(Available on special request, minimum quantities apply)CED Coating with Salt Spray life > 750 Hours (as perASTM B-117)Robust Aluminium Enclosures for Mechanical & Automation EngineeringHLW7512517515022026036080808010012016016057575781909090Size - External Dimensions Colour Certification AccessoriesCu EarthingScrewsNeopreneGasketIP66HeightWidthLengthRAL7035NaturalRAL7035NaturalRAL7035NaturalRAL7035NaturalRAL7035NaturalRAL7035NaturalRAL7035NaturalRAL7035 /NaturalAJ-075-080-057-RAL7035AJ-075-080-057-NaturalAJ-125-080-057-RAL7035AJ-125-080-057-NaturalAJ-175-080-057-RAL7035AJ-175-080-057-NaturalAJ-150-100-081-RAL7035AJ-150-100-081-NaturalAJ-220-120-090-RAL7035AJ-220-120-090-NaturalAJ-260-160-090-RAL7035AJ-260-160-090-NaturalAJ-360-160-090-RAL7035AJ-360-160-090-NaturalItem #P/N