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Bradley BSB Brand Identity Project


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Brand Identity Project for venue Ebeezie created by Erin Bradley

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Bradley BSB Brand Identity Project

  1. 1. By: Erin Bradley
  2. 2. Brand Name• Unique name • Electrifying• Catchy • Tell me more My venue will convey its company brand through its unique name. Ebeezie is a rare and distinctive name coinciding with my one-of-a-kind venue. It’s electrifying and catchy, making consumers want to know more about the brand.
  3. 3. Why Ebeezie?• I selected Ebeezie because it was a nickname I had growing up and still have today.• The E from Erin and the B from Bradley made EB and then came the Z creating the final product Ebeezie.• It’s fun and diverse but most importantly stands out amongst other venue names.
  4. 4. Strengths? Concerns?• The strengths with the name Ebeezie is that no one owns the rights to it, it’s completely free.• My concerns are people saying ‘what’s a Ebeezie’ and not What’s a wanting to go. Ebeezie?• However many venues have names people don’t understand yet they still attend.
  5. 5.• The name Ebeezie is protectable by the • When I typed the abbreviation of Ebeezie which is EBZ, I found another company holds• Nothing showed up when it was searched the rights to it. further proving its uniqueness. • EBZ is owned by the Educated Beauty Zone. • Also the name ebeezy is owned by ebay, and is a business template service they offer. • I am protected because Ebeezie is completely different from both in meaning, industry, spelling, location and service.
  6. 6. Fanciful & Descriptive• The category Ebeezie falls into is FANCIFUL because it is an uncommon and distinctive name.• It is also strongly protected and can be immediately registered.• Another category Ebeezie may fall into is DESCRIPTIVE because the name makes no direct reference to a venue.
  7. 7. Ebeezie’s logo• Ebeezie’s logo obeys the laws of shape and color. The logo is horizontal in size and clearly legible. The colors used are red, blue, green and black.• The red in the flowers represents passion, energy and power.• The blue in Ebeezie represents leadership attributes that as the CEO I possess in order to create a successful venue. It also represents the leadership position my venue will aim to someday have. • The green in the leaves represent the venues eco-friendly environment. Also growth within the company and the venues healthy lifestyle. • Last but not least the black stands for Ebeezies mystery which will draw in the crowd.
  8. 8. Effective Logo• I do believe the Ebeezie logo will be effective for it expresses a tattoo-like feel which greatly exemplifies my target market.• It’s trendy and unique coinciding with the venues brand.• The logo showcases fingers wrapped around a microphone representing live music.
  9. 9. Type of Logo• The type of logo Ebeezie displays is a pictorial mark.• The logo is picture oriented by obtaining a microphone with roses, which is also a recognizable image. • The logo includes the company name, Ebeezie. • It also symbolizes the brand by showcasing one of the most needed and recognizable pieces of equipment for a performance.
  10. 10. Reflects UNique Brand• My logo reflects my unique brand by creating an artistic vibe.• The microphone represents live performances and Ebeezies love for music. • The flowers represent art and creativity which greatly corresponds with the brand. • The logo also reflects Ebeezies rock n’ roll atmosphere by applying a tattoo- like design.
  11. 11. Hard Rock Live Logo• Hard Rock Lives logo is simple yet recognizable.• Most everyone especially those in entertainment know what Hard Rock is.• This logo falls into the word mark category, because it is a legible word with distinctive font characteristics. • Based on the law of color, Hard Rock uses the colors blue and black which definitely contribute to the brand. • Black meaning mystery and luxury translating to multiple venues around the world. Blue meaning leadership, because they hold the majority market share for live performance. • Hard Rock obeys the law of shape by creating a horizontal and legible logo.
  12. 12. Sailor Jerry• I received the most inspiration for the Ebeezie logo from the Sailor Jerry brand.• Sailor Jerry was a tattoo artist and the brand is known for displaying tattoo designs on its products. • I would like Ebeezie to have the same feel when looking at Sailor Jerry’s artwork. • The brand clearly displays an old school feel while incorporating a tattoo look which is the direction I want to take Ebeezies logo.
  13. 13. Ebeezie logo• Ebeezies logo will display an old school tattoo feel while also indicating live performance through a microphone.• This picture is a logo I have created for Ebeezie. Currently I have a designer working on it to make it even better.• The shape will be more horizontal than it presently is in order to obey the law of shape. The Ebeezie name will be clearly legible as well.• The colors will be red, green, blue and black to showcase passion, leadership, mystery and an eco-friendly environment.• I feel this design is creative, fun, and exciting which displays the essence of the brand.
  14. 14. Corporate Culture• Ebeezie will carry out the company’s values and beliefs by keeping employees upbeat and motivated.• Also by staying up-to-date on trends and music.• By focusing on customer satisfaction and expressing uniqueness.• Most importantly by showcasing passion and love for the music industry.
  15. 15. Strong culture• To develop a strong culture within Ebeezie, I will be providing my main employees with benefits in order to maintain good relationships.• I will also host contests for my staff to win trips or prizes.• Great service is a top priority for success and if my employees are happy so are my consumers.
  16. 16. Mission StatementEbeezie promises to deliver customer satisfaction through our rockin’ performances and trendy atmosphere by serving audiences with customer loyalty, excellent quality and an upmost passion for the music industry.
  17. 17. Communication• Ebeezies mission statement will be communicated in the venue in a frame on the wall and on the back of the menu.• The statement will also be displayed on our Ebeezie website on the about the venue page.• Our social networking sites will also carry out the mission statement in the about me sections.
  18. 18. Direction• Ebeezie’s mission statement is directed towards both employees and consumers. • The employees promise to deliver customer satisfaction. • The consumers will receive customer loyalty, excellent quality and a shared love for music.
  19. 19. Mission Incorporation The venues mission statement incorporates direction, focus, policy, meaning, challenge and passion.• Ebeezie’s main focus is on customer satisfaction.• The direction the venue is leading in is rock and a trendy, artistic atmosphere.• Our policy is to serve audiences with loyalty and quality.• We are passionate about the music industry.• We show meaning by putting heart into our work and creativity.• Last but not least, we challenge our employees to be great and work to the best of their ability.
  20. 20. Concise, unique & memorable• My mission statement is concise by getting right to the point yet expresses the scope of the venues meaning by including its values and beliefs. • The statement is unique by incorporating rockin performances and a trendy atmosphere. • It is also memorable because it is only one sentence and uses impactful words.
  21. 21. Tells the story • The mission statement tells the company story in less than 30 seconds. • It provides incite to the performance type and environment. • While also displaying the venues purpose, which is customer satisfaction, quality, loyalty and passion.
  22. 22. Competition• Hard Rock Live’s mission statement is different from Ebeezie’s in that it aims more towards employees rather than their consumers.• Ebeezie’s mission statement aims towards both the employees and consumers.• My statement also includes performance and atmosphere type as well as the service consumers are guaranteed.
  23. 23. Tagline • Ebeezie’s tagline is lose yourself in the music. • I believe this is an effective tagline because it showcases the venues love for music. • It also displays its appreciation for music and the importance.
  24. 24. Tagline speaks• The tagline for my venue speaks to consumers by telling them to lose themselves in the music.• To become worry-free and that it’s okay to let their guard down and be free.• No one is judged at Ebeezie and everyones treated equally.• The meaning translates to staying positive and happy because music has the power to change your mood.
  25. 25. TYpe of Tagline • The type of tagline ‘lose yourself in the music’ represents is descriptive. • It describes the main service and passion of the venue which is music. • It could also fall into the imperative category in that it demands a sense of action. To let go and be free.
  26. 26. Reinforce Brand Message• The ‘lose yourself in the music’ tagline reinforces the brand message by expressing Ebeezie’s passion for the music industry.• It also keeps its promise to consumers that music can make everything better.
  27. 27. Distinguish from Hard Rock• Ebeezie’s tagline definitely distinguishes itself from Hard Rock Live.• Hard Rocks tagline is “Love all, Serve all”.• This mainly states not to discriminate and to treat everyone fairly. • Ebeezies tagline displays love for music and how music can better a mood or person. • To lose yourself in the essence of the music.
  28. 28. tagline Traits• The tagline does command action by telling our audience to lose themselves in the music.• Also to live worry-free and maintain a positive lifestyle.• It’s unique and catchy allowing consumers to let go and let the music take control.
  29. 29. Thank you