Social Networking Workshop


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Presentation from the Staff Technology Workshop held October 21st, 2010

Social Networking Sites: facebook, LinkedIn, twitter

Topics we covered:
• privacy and security settings
• recent updates and how to use them
• power user tips & tricks

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  • early sites - designed for one purpose, audience moves, either go with audience or new site appears
    new tools often change us too, as much as they're changed by the audience
  • Designed for dating, Friendster soon was overtaken by music fans who used it to connect to each other and spread news about concerts and other events.
  • Etiquette: think about contacts carefully or limit your settings
  • Etiquette: lists, privacy settings, app settings
    Privacy: navigate the map, follow the blog
    Security: apps, likes, links, updates – all can be a threat
  • Etiquette: lists, privacy settings, app settings
    Privacy: navigate the map, follow the blog
    Security: apps, likes, links, updates – all can be a threat
  • Social Networking Workshop

    1. 1. Social Networking Sites: LinkedIn, Facebook, and twitter
    2. 2. A Brief History
    3. 3. Early Example deal-with-yahoo-southeast-asia/ Then: Dating site used for music fans, then general socializing Now: bought out by a Malaysian company in 2009, 90% of traffic these days comes from Southeast Asia.
    4. 4. Line, by Mandie
    5. 5. Photo by Rebecca Lader
    6. 6. MySpace: Teens Online Then: Designed for bands to connect with fans, it was overrun with teens who loved to customize their pages and build long lists of friends Now: Losing ground to Facebook, still has many useful features for music fans
    7. 7. Facebook: (screenshot from 2004)
    8. 8. Photo by Joel Carranza
    9. 9. Photo by “The eErin”
    10. 10. LinkedIn: Business Model (screenshot from August 2006) Then: Designed for personal, professional networking Now: Same, with more features – groups, Q&A tools, company profiles, and more coming soon.
    11. 11. Contacts by J. Aaron Farr Networking Event by Official GDC Rolodex by Ged Carroll Portfolio Mailer by Scott Kellum
    12. 12. Photographer´s gone wild!! by Sebastián Dario 07/2726271853/ Gradua by Uriel Akira Chay Castillo /25395345@N00/274144533 1/ The Big Family Portrait by Kristen Holden 3138083817/ Oxford Gospel Choir by Ed W Photo by Michelle Hello Oz by Lars Plougmann Who do you know?
    13. 13. What do you talk about?
    14. 14. Social Sites = Social Issues • Etiquette • Privacy • Security
    15. 15. Etiquette Annoying Noises Prohibitted [sic] by Patrick Fitzgerald / Dog Fouling Sign by Roy Stead
    16. 16. Privacy “Cone of Silence” from Get Smart:
    17. 17. Security
    18. 18. Etiquette Issues: TMI (too much information) Intrusiveness (spamming invites, etc.) Inconsiderate • public gossip • unflattering photos • etc.
    19. 19. Privacy Issues • Private information (phone numbers, etc.) • Private conversations (sensitive issues) • TMI – where you’ve been, what you’ve been doing (photos, especially)
    20. 20. Security Issues • Viruses • Stolen Passwords • Private Information
    21. 21. LinkedIn • Etiquette: prevention vs. cure • Privacy: content & settings • Security: be careful what you open
    22. 22. facebook • Etiquette: Know your options, know your friends • Privacy: Review settings, read updates • Security: be careful what you open
    23. 23. twitter • Etiquette: Think about timing & content • Privacy: Only 2 options (private vs. public) • Security: be careful with apps & link shorteners
    24. 24. Professional Use • Get updated information • Highlight your expertise • Networking opportunities • Q&A Services – find experts & answers • Look for activity, or start your own January 30, 2015 24
    25. 25. Power User Tips – Groups, Companies, Career Path – Lists, Pages, Groups – Lists, Hashtags, Apps
    26. 26. Marketing • Know your audience • Know your tools • Keep it interesting • Be flexible