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RSS Readers - Getting Started


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The slides from a short training session I did to prepare faculty assistants to help faculty start using RSS readers.

the rest of my training materials are available online at

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RSS Readers - Getting Started

  1. 1.    RSS:    What it is,    How to find it   How to use it
  2. 2. RSS in Plain English: A  CommonCraft Video find more great videos on technology at 
  3. 3. RSS quot;Definitionquot;: Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary or RDF Site Summary still want more?
  4. 4. RSS: Computers Talking to Computers 1. Find a link on a website (usually this button: ) some sites even have index pages for all their links: 2. The link has a quot;subscribequot; option & some messy code: 3. Feed readers use those links to track each update separately:
  5. 5. What do you need to get started? 1. Choose a feed reader  See handout for comparison chart     2. Set up an account   See handouts for step-by-step process We'll each set up a new account to practice with     3. Find feeds & organize them Librarians will help faculty with this We'll practice on our own accounts
  6. 6. Handout #1: Choosing A Feed Reader What do your faculty want?  A one-stop place to read updates    organize by topic organize by urgency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) customize views for faster browsing   An easy way to share information   e-mail to friends and/or colleagues update quot;widgetquot; on a course page   More flexible options for reading & sharing e-mail, web, mobile, etc.
  7. 7. Handouts - Setting up Accounts Quick Review:   Bloglines: You can change the username anytime Validate setup, new e-mail address or passwords Google Reader: E-mail address you set up with is the username. Validate setup, new e-mail address or password NewsGatorOnline: Username is permanent No validation for changing e-mail or password Remember: to validate you'll need access to their e-mail