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Book Displays with LibraryAware


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Book displays are a great way to highlight underused collections, increase circulation, and to encourage discovery in your library. In this free webcast with Susan Brown, director of the Chapel Hill Public Library and Nancy Dowd, co-author of ALA’ s best-selling book, Bite-Sized Marketing: Realistic Solutions for Overworked Librarians, we'll show you how you can create book displays that will leave readers asking for more.

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Book Displays with LibraryAware

  1. 1. Nancy Dowd LibraryAware Product Manager #BookDisplays
  2. 2. Face-to-face In house, self- directed Book Oriented Programs Digital, self- directed Face-to-face In house, self-directed Book Oriented Programs Digital, self-directed Our RA priorities vs. reader priorities
  3. 3. STRATEGIES Avid Readers Photo Credit:
  4. 4. STRATEGIES Casual Readers
  5. 5. Provide A Self- Directed Pathway
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  13. 13. THANK YOU! Nancy Dowd, Product Manager LibraryAware I’ll be a guest speaker at: Oklahoma | Colorado, | Illinois | Oregon | New Hampshire | New York Register here: