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Copywriting sample: Conflex marketing materials

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Conflex Folder

  1. 1. Shrink Packaging Machinery Precision Engineered for World-Class Quality, Performance, and Reliability
  2. 2. Conflex Shrink Packaging Machinery: Ingenuity in Motion Conflex shrink packaging machinery incorporates the very best of leading-edge technology into designs that are straightforward, operator-friendly, and easy to maintain. Proudly made in the USA to exacting standards of precision and quality, there’s a Conflex shrink packaging machine ready to take on your toughest shrink packaging challenges! Conflex E-250 Conflex E-250 Automatic L-Sealer • Fully automatic package length adjustments • Hot tooled steel knife sealing system • Adjustable to accommodate your application • The most efficiency and precision for the price! Conflex E-250A Automatic L-Sealer • Larger seal dimensions; expanded jaw opening Conflex E-250A • Adjustable sealing height, self-centering center seal • PLC touch pad with recipe capabilities • Variable speeds of up to 100 feet of film per minute Conflex CW-160 Horizontal Wrapper • Continuous motion and rotary hot knife sealing system • Hand-wheel adjustable controls and electronic eye sensors • Fixed or adjustable height forming plows • Requires no air; operates on 120V household current Conflex CW-160 • Speeds up to 100 ppm Conflex ServoFlex™ 160 Horizontal Wrapper • Three-axis servo package for high-speed, continuous motion • Precision lap sealing capability • Processes up to 100 feet of film per minute • Simple product changeover Conflex AdvantEDGE™ 160 Side-Seal Wrapper Conflex ServoFlex 160 • Three-axis servo package for high-speed, continuous motion • Convenient tool-less changeover • Touch-screen display with recipe capability • Infinite length and 7-1/2quot; height capabilities • Adjustable seal height, self-centering center seal Conflex AdvantEDGE 160
  3. 3. The Conflex Commitment to You Conflex, Inc. has earned a reputation over the years for offering top-quality shrink packaging equipment backed by outstanding customer service. When you purchase Conflex equipment, you may rest assured that you will receive the same level of excellence in our after-sale support that we build into each of our superior shrink packaging machines. We maintain an extensive inventory of replacement parts and offer prompt technical support and customer service when needed, from telephone support and on-site maintenance to prompt turnaround on parts orders. BUSINESS CARD GOES HERE
  4. 4. Versatile, durable Conflex Shrink Tunnels are a perfect match for Conflex shrink packaging machinery. Contact your Conflex distributor to find out more. Conflex Shrink Tunnels: Built to Perform Conflex Shrink Tunnels are engineered to the highest benchmark of quality for unsurpassed performance and reliability. Conflex Shrink Tunnels are tough, versatile, work seamlessly with Conflex shrink packaging equipment…and even come with a two-year warranty as our assurance of your complete satisfaction! Conflex T-62 High Speed Shrink Tunnel Conflex T-71 High Speed Shrink Tunnel Designed for maximum performance with high-speed wrappers; Perfect for high-volume, heat absorptive surfaces and/or irregular features high-speed dual chamber tunnel for optimum shrink shaped packages; features a longer single chamber to increase capacity and your choice of varying tunnel passage dimensions. shrink capacity at higher speeds, fully controllable air temperature Available in stainless steel construction. and velocity. Conflex T-7XL Standard Shrink Tunnel Conflex T-7H Standard Shrink Tunnel The most powerful tunnel of its size in the industry! Features externally Heavy-duty performer; features a higher tunnel opening to accom- adjustable tunnel ceiling height and adjustable main air jet velocity, as modate difficult medium- to high-profile packages; easy access well as independently adjustable top air jets for running product such front-mounted control box standard in left- or right-hand options. as open top boxes. Available in stainless steel construction. Distributed by: Shrink Packaging Division Conflex Incorporated Manufacturing Facility: 6637 N. Sidney Place Milwaukee, WI 53209 Toll Free: 800-225-4296 Fax: 414-228-4088 ® Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. © Sealed Air Corporation 2002. Opti and the Opti logo are registered trademarks of the Sealed Air Corporation. All Rights Reserved.