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ShakeSpeare - Pravna kancelarija - Ernest Žejn


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ABBYY Effective Business Day 4, 23.05.2013.
ShakeSpeare - Pravna kancelarija
Ernest Žejn

Published in: Technology, Education
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ShakeSpeare - Pravna kancelarija - Ernest Žejn

  1. 1. doc.:Complete solution for law offices9491
  2. 2. Why ShakeSpeare™?Another 14 tasks forgotten?Those 20 documents, you had to review?Another 14 tasks forgotten?Those 20 documents, you had to review?But a good management is onlya ShakeSpeare™ away!But a good management is onlya ShakeSpeare™ away!
  3. 3. In the modern post-crisis world, the work of the legalpersonnel becomes more and more comprehensive andresponsible, they need to handle 150% of their work in thegiven dead lines;without good informationalsupport, legal personnelmay loose cases andendanger theircompanies corebusiness.Situation
  4. 4. Key benefits• increase the success rate of the legalmatters, including the Executions by12% and more;• ease the administrative work;• stability: be sure, that all the court‘shearings are being watched over andthat you and your coworkers are alwaysinformed of important events in youroffice;• instant overview: track the success of yourlegal office and track the indicators for yet abetter work!When efficiency is noticed!
  5. 5. Shakespeare ™ is a very powerful case management software,handling your tons of cases, documentation in a intuitive way!Instantly.
  6. 6. ShakeSpeare™ - legal usersFor legal users ShakeSpeare™:• manages all the cases’ documentation;• automatically generates contracts, letters, etc. (from templates) and suggests theusers, how to finish them up;• tracks tasks, which tasks needs to be done, their priority and dead lines;• track important events and signalizes users, when anext court hearing is, when are the meetingsregarding the case , helps to manage phone callsetc.;• when some task is over-due it alarms the users viavarious medias (internal messaging, e-mail, SMS,external screens…);• help tracking of case‘s financial part (court expenses,open invoices, half/closed invoices, interest ratesrecalculations etc.);• …
  7. 7. ShakeSpeare™ - managementShakeSpeare™ automatically tracks opened documents, times being open, phone calls, etc.and ShakeSpeare™ generates powerful reports about the project:• how many hours were employees working on that particular case?• which cases consume most of our legal personnel and work?• what kind of expenses we had with the case? Human costs, direct costs?• how many successful cases were in the given time interval and how successfulthey were?• were the cases enough successful in accordance with other similarcompanies?• who are the most/the least successful lawyers inside our organization?• …
  8. 8. ShakeSpeare™ - managementExamples of some management reports:Expense unit Work done 2010 Cases won 2010 Money gained 2010Procurement 18745 145 6.545.581,00 €Executive 8451 33 578.889,00 €Subcompany 5 3455 25 989.887,00 €Subcompany 3 1874 26 254.110,00 €Marketing 874 7 510.112,00 €IT 250 2 105.000,00 €other 2998 46 1.053.726,00 €
  9. 9. Our company offers high quality business software for legalindustry, with witch more than 500 lawyer companies inEurope drastically improve their overall quality andperformance of their services;It is not only in software, but also inthe way of using it! – that’s whywe have specially skilled lecturerswith legal knowledge of hundreds ofLegal offices world-wide.Consulting
  10. 10. ShakeSpeare™ - technical• TECHNOLOGYwe use only the cutting edge technologies, notonly to maintain the pace with your competition,but also to outrun them by miles!We use SOA servers, Native clients for a promptinput of data, Web clients for ease of access,mobile clients for those managerial needs…• METHODOLOGY:The integrations can endanger even the best ofthe solutions, if not properly managed. Foryears now, we use only the best World-standard’s methodologies.Each new version of the ShakeSpeare™ product has more than 1.000 hours of intensivetesting in a real-life environment, before we ship it to more than 17 countries!
  11. 11. ShakeSpeare™- integrationsComplete integration with all other major ERPs, ShakeSpeare™ provides acomplete solution for lawyers, where your information is always just aclick away.If it comes from e-mail, scanned document, FAX machine, browser, yoursmartphone or other, ShakeSpeare™ takes care, that it is FILED within thesame central file!
  12. 12. IntegrationsTo enable lawyers to work as smooth and as fast as possible with as little errorsas possible:• we integrate with financial back-end systems(Finances are key indicators for legalworkers, to work efficiently and with rightinformation in the right moment;• we integrate with ABBYY technologies, sowhen court, partner, company send aphysical document to the legal office, it iselectronically scanned, OCRed and analyzed,to eliminate typing and errors;
  13. 13. Law office in• Gorenjska banka d.d. had 408 employees in 2008 and 3.4%of Slovenian market share;• before ShakeSpeare™ their legal office was employing 7 lawyersplus 7 financial workers;• Gorenjska Banka d.d. implemented ShakeSpeare™ in 2010, allowing:– less errors;– faster work;– better overview over the cases;– more time for important cases;• In the 2011 the same team work and prepare on more than 17% of additional matters,lowering the costs of external lawyers;• After Q1/11 it is foreseen, that in 2011 they will increase the successful rate of theexecutions by 13.4%!
  14. 14. Workflow in law office
  15. 15. • Ministry of Justice - Republic of Slovenia (ShakeSpeare™ BPM: project Lukenda);• Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (project of analyzing of IKT systems);• Ministry of Culture - Republic of Slovenia; (ShakeSpeare™ BPM and DMS: on Archive RS);• Ministry of Health-care - Republic of Slovenia; (ShakeSpeare™ BPM: national Triage)• Student organization Universe in Ljubljana (ShakeSpeare BPM, DMS and ABBYY recognition);• Montenegro Telekom a.d. (ABBYY ID’s recognition)• ProCredit bank Serbia a.d. (ShakeSpeare™ BPM in DMS: credit process);• Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (ShakeSpeare™ legal office)• Hewlett-Packard d.o.o. (ShakeSpeare™ cloud)• Gorenje d.d. (ShakeSpeare™ BPM in DMS: legal office);• ABANKA VIPA d.d. (ShakeSpeare™ BPM in DMS: legal office);• Poštna Banka Slovenije d.d. (ShakeSpeare™ BPM in DMS: legal office);• Gorenjska banka d.d. (ShakeSpeare™ BPM in DMS: legal office);• Hypo Alpe Adria Bank d.d. (ShakeSpeare™ BPM in DMS: legal office);• Hypo Leasing d.d. (ShakeSpeare™ BPM in DMS: legal office);• ProBanka d.d. (ShakeSpeare™ BPM in DMS: legal office);• Mobitel d.d. (ShakeSpeare™ BPM and FlexiCapture);• Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (ShakeSpeare™ BPM in DMS: legal office);• Merkur d.d. (ShakeSpeare™ BPM in DMS: legal office);• Si.mobil d.d. (ShakeSpeare™ BPM in DMS and ABBYY FlexiCapture recognition of IDs);• Bambi banat a.d. (ShakeSpeare™ BPM in DMS- Serbia)• Crnogorski Telekom a.d. (ShakeSpeare ™ BPM in ABBYY FlexiCapture)• Mucić & Co. d.o.o.( ShakeSpeare™ BPM in DMS: informatisation of the whole company on 3 locations in Croatiain Bosnia in Herzegovina)• Clinical center Ljubljana(ShakeSpeare™ BPM – Slovenia: clinical paths in rheumatological clinic);• Clinical center Kiev (ShakeSpeare™ BPM - Ukraine : clinical paths in rheumatological clinic);• Clinical center Sofia (ShakeSpeare™ BPM - Bulgaria : clinical paths in rheumatological clinic);• Clinical center Tirana(ShakeSpeare™ BPM - Albania : clinical paths in rheumatological clinic);• Datalab d.d.;• Collegium Modial Travel Agency () d.o.o.;• Kolosej d.o.o.; CMT• Interseek d.o.o. (;• Hermes SoftLab d.d.;• …References of Žejn
  16. 16. Fact sheet• started in 1993 in Slovenia;• company has more than 60 professional engineers on two physical locations inSlovenia;• actively exporting:– Albania;– Bulgaria;– Croatia;– Bosnia And Herzegovina;– Republic of Serbia;– Republic of Montenegro;– Republic of Macedonia;– Ukraine;– …;• Some of our strongest partners:– ABBYY technology distributor for ex-Yu territory– IBM advanced partner– Fujitsu advanced partner– Datalab partner– ...
  17. 17. Žejn d.o.o., Cesta v kleče12, 1000 LjubljanaŽejn d.o.o., Cesta 1. maja 174270 JeseniceNext stepsWe will gladly present ourselves to you in person and all of theoffered services, if you would be interested.Žejn ErnestŽejn Ernest, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Executive Officertelephone: +386 1 565 33 46 N.C.telephone: +386 1 565 33 46 N.C.e-mail: ernest.zejn@zejn.sie-mail: ernest.zejn@zejn.siTadej DrmažTadej Drmaž, Chief Sales Officer, Chief Sales Officertelephone: +386 1 565 33 46 N.C.telephone: +386 1 565 33 46 N.C.e-mail: tadej.drmaz@zejn.sie-mail: