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EPAD 2017 - Ken Mastris


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Introduction on the role of patients and the importance of EPAD Ken Mastris, Chairman Europa Uomo

Published in: Health & Medicine
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EPAD 2017 - Ken Mastris

  1. 1. Europa Uomo The European Prostate Cancer Coalition Ken Mastris Chairman
  2. 2. • Patients alone cannot achieve the aims of Europa Uomo. • Working together with all stakeholders including the EU. • To give all European men access to innovative individualised treatment and personalised care. • Improve the QoL (survivorship). • Europa Uomo has to take its responsibility towards the 2 M+ men with PCa and 30 M+ BPH/LUTS.
  3. 3. Professionals alone cannot achieve the provision of holistic, multiprofessional, personalised care for 417.000 diagnoses and 92.000 deaths from PCa. Patients provide the expertise of the suffering, side-effects and patient-related outcomes to the overall PCa management in care.
  4. 4. It is vital to have an awareness campaign at European and at national, local level in respective languages and cultures. Europa Uomo and all cancer patient groups (ECPC) can sustain permanent awareness. With members in over 25 member states and working with all stakeholders we can achieve the main goals of Europa Uomo and the EAU at the best cost/efficacy in care. Last but not least equity for all European patients is not negotiable in treatment and a goal for care.
  5. 5. In our member states the same issues apply: Awareness of the total problem Optimal treatment and holistic care of men with Prostate Cancer We are asking the EU to: - Sustain awareness Pca - Provide means to improve both diagnosis and treatment - Equity of management for all
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