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What you should know about online store hosting


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What you should know about online store hosting

  1. 1. What You Should KnowWhat You Should Know About Online StoreAbout Online Store HostingHosting Call Us: +1-347-770-5240 New Jersey, 07920
  2. 2. At EasyStoreHosting, we understand why hobbyists turn to the Internet to make money from their craft. There’s a market for almost everything on the World Wide Web, so it’s easy to find a profitable niche online. For instance, it may take a concrete boutique a few months or even years to build a solid client base, but an online fashion store can attract thousands to millions of shoppers in just a few weeks with a few simple clicks. But if online stores are in fact effective channels to earn money, why do many potentially successful entrepreneurs play it safe and stick to traditional selling? Common misconceptions about online store hosting 1: It’s for entrepreneurs with technological expertise. Many people interested in online selling don’t pursue it because they don’t have any e-commerce background. They assume that selling online requires knowledge of computer science (“How else will I learn how to set up an e-commerce website?”) or the ability to use website builder scripts (“How will I do everything by myself when I’m not a tech person?”). The truth is that e-commerce is for anyone who wants to take advantage of high sales from online retail. It’s for anyone who is serious about turning a hobby or an idea into a commercially viable product or service. You don’t have to know how to build a website from scratch in order to have a successful online business. That’s what we’re here for. EasyStoreHosting is a very convenient online store hosting service because after you sign up, you can sit back and relax as we work on your online store. Our technical support doesn’t stop there. We’ll be your own virtual technical assistant for as long as you develop your e-shop with us.
  3. 3. 2: It will be very expensive if I want to have the same features as popular retail giants. If you compare the costs of running an e-commerce website and managing an in-store business, an online store is way cheaper. At EasyStoreHosting, our highest monthly price doesn’t go beyond $200—and that includes tons of features that will level the playing field between small startups and large established companies. That’s not all. You’ll get an assigned technology expert to maintain your website—without any additional fees! If you’re a new business, we’ll waive the monthly fee just to give you a headstart. Features to consider in online store hosting Let’s begin with security. As an online business, you need a web hosting service that offers SSL Certified Security to ensure that all financial transactions are encrypted. We give you a secure platform to ward off anyone who wants to steal confidential merchant and customer details, extract financial information or intercept credit card payments. We also give you the tools you need to operate efficiently online such as software upgrading, Google Analytics, marketing management and 24/7 technical assistance. Online store hosting should also help you give your customers the best online shopping experience. This includes multi-language and multi-currency options for your website visitors, which we are able to provide along with multiple payment gateways, shipping vendor integration, swift search and filter options, and an easy-to-use shopping cart. The list of features to promote customer satisfaction goes on! Let’s talk! Visit our website to see why more and more people are entrusting their online business with us.
  4. 4. Thank You.....!!! Contact Address: 3540 Valley Rd, Basking Ridge, Bernards, New Jersey, 07920, USA Call Us: +1-347-770-5240